Elena Armas understands what the young generation goes gaga over. After years of devouring stories and posting about books on her social handles, she finally took the leap and introduced the world to her debut novel, The Spanish Love Deception.

The novel became an instant hit, striking the chords of the youth at the right places and paving the way for more of her writings over the years.

This post will walk you through a book review for The Spanish Love Deception. How two opposite people turn from enemies to lovers filled with heated stares and magical chemistry. Let’s read on.


Introduction to the Author: Elena Armas

Elena Armas is a Spanish romance writer, a self-confessed believer in love, and a proud book hoarder. Her literary career took flight with her debut novel, The Spanish Deception (2021), and became a number one New York Times Bestseller. Not only the book acquired 100 million views on Book Tok, but also it received the 2021 Goodreads Choice Award for the Best Debut Novel and accepted a bid from BCDF Picture for motion picture rights.

Elena’s second novel, The American Roommate Experiment: A Novel, was published in September 2022, while her third novel, The Long Game, is due to publish in September 2023. Her books are being translated into more than thirty languages to explore a wider audience.

Elena hopes her stories touch young souls and make their hearts skip a beat or two, with cheeks flush in rosy pink to make their surroundings peep at what they are reading. Elena holds a degree in Chemical engineering and qualifies as the most thrilling yet terrifying project she has ever taken on.

Summary of The Spanish Love Deception

The Spanish Love Deception Book

The plot of The Spanish Love Deception revolves around Catalina Lina Martin, who speaks to her friend and colleague, Rosie, about the desperate need for an American boyfriend to accompany her to her Spanish hometown for her sister’s wedding.

Her little white lie about her American boyfriend has spiraled out of control, and everyone she knows or ever has been in touch with, including her ex and his fiancéé, is eager to meet him. But Lina doesn’t know whom to approach. But New York to Spain is a long flight, and it might not be easy for her to bluff her family.

Lina has only a month’s time for some magic to happen and to bump into a person who’s willing to aid her in her deception.

Aaron Blackford, a tall, handsome, and Lina’s condescending colleague who had a rife relationship with her at their New York City engineering firm for 20 months, overhears her conversation and, surprisingly, offers to step in and be a part of her game. But Lina knows how problematic and insufferable Aaron is. She would instead prefer to refuse her proposal to join her.

But with the wedding date nearing and no possible option in hand, Lina is left with no choice but to be overcome by her desperation for an American man, and Aaron fits the best description. Sooner, she begins to realize that Aaron may not be as bad in person in the real world as aggravating and blood-boiling as he is in the corporate setup.

Will Lina have a change of heart for Aaron? Will they have a happy ending? We are not in the mood to spill the beans, but you can read on to find out whether they found their soulmate in each other and had a happy ending.

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The Bottom Line

The Spanish Love Deception portrays a slow-burn enemies-to-lovers storyline with a romance angle. Though many readers loved it and cherished Elena’s writing, others found it simple and turn-off. Anyway, you can download the free PDF version of the novel and give it a try with the SwifDoo PDF. Whether you like the writing and plot or not, you may end up falling for Aaron for sure.


Q:Can a 14-year-old read The Spanish Love Deception?

No. Elena Armas’ The Spanish Love Deception is recommended for mature readers of 18 years and above due to graphic sexual scenes.

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