You may often seek a break from the monotone life to switch to a parallel world, and books are the best medium to help you with your plans. Olivie Blake's, The Atlas Six can do justice to your cravings and satisfy them in the most magical manner. The fantasy book offers pretentious and self-indulgent prose for an immersive reading experience. It understands what the readers want with impeccable vibes, aesthetics, and morally grey characters.

The Atlas Six manages to play with your heart and deliver fun. So let's see what this adult-fantasy novel beholds for you. Let's get started with its specifications, plot, review, and more. You can get the The Atlas Six PDF to read and annotate joyfully using the SwifDoo PDF annotator

General Info about The Atlas Six

The Atlas Six is for readers who love the dark academia genre and heavier content. Its author, Alexene Farol Follmuth (pen name: Olivie Blake), published the book on 30th January 2020 and released the revised version with new illustrations on 1st March 2022. TikTok users praised the characters by making videos, sharing their artwork, and discussing its plot making the book go viral. 

The Atlas Six Characters

#1. Libby Rhodes: Ambitious, determined, strong-willed Medeian who can bend the matter to her own will.

#2. Nico de Varona: Blessed with all the charms and pleasantness, magic is just an extension of his natural being. 

#3. Tristan Caine: Has a unique ability to see through illusions and sets out to pursue a world of his own making.

#4. Reina Mori: A naturalist who perceives and understands the flow of life, loves classic books. 

#5. Parisa Kamali: A telepath who unravels anyone's dark secrets and wields desire like a weapon against her unsuspecting victims. 

#6. Callum Nova: An insanely rich boy, an empath with the ability to reads the depths of people's emotions, moves to Alexandrian Society for entertainment. 

The Book Series

You can read The Atlas Six series’s three books in order:

Book 1: The Atlas Six (2020) 

Book 2: The Atlas Paradox (2022) 

Book 3: The Atlas Complex (2024)

Age Rating

The Atlas Six is recommended and appropriate strictly for new adults due to its mature content and varying degrees of strong language. However, many teens can be found reading it. 


The Atlas Six caters to readers who love fantasy, fantasy fiction, dark and contemporary fantasy, and paranormal fiction.

The Atlas Six Summary

Read the following summary to know what The Atlas Six is about.

The book introduces The Alexandrian Society of Magical Academicians, with members who are caretakers and keepers of lost knowledge from the greatest civilizations of antiquity. Each decade, six unique and talented magicians are selected for initiation worldwide, and the ones who earn a place secure a life of wealth, prestige, and power beyond their dreams. This year, the main characters of The Atlas Six, Libby, Reina, Parisa, Tristan, Nico, and Callum are chosen. 

The mysterious Atlas Blakely recruits the magicians and tells them to spend a year together to qualify for initiation. During their stay, they can access the Society's archives and be judged on their contributions in their area of specific knowledge. But the book has a twist: one candidate will be eliminated, and only five will be initiated. Now the challenge is who will survive. 

The Atlas Six 1

The Atlas Six Review

The Atlas Six book was filled with a cast of brilliant characters, each entangled with one another in a torturous yet delicious way. It is bound to grip you by the throat and refuse to let go with world-building, compelling characters, and relatable writing that's definitely fun to read. As a YA novel, it explores the themes of LGBTQ+, morality, ambitions, power, and relationships with a dreamy combination to satisfy readers' interest.

The synopsis of The Atlas Six delves you into the plot of six potential magicians who enter the Alexandrian Society to fight to survive and prove themselves. 

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The Atlas Six

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To Sum Up

If you are a fan of Magical characters and fantasy fiction, The Atlas Six by Olivie Blake is bound to satisfy your craving for magical personalities. The writing style and character setup of fascinating queer characters delight readers. You can download or read the The Atlas Six PDF online for free or open it offline and add comments or annotations with SwifDoo PDF. Download the SwifDoo PDF app today to meet all your PDF needs in one place. 


Q: Is there romance in The Atlas Six?

A: The book features a romance between characters, but it's messy and gets steamy in parts.

Q: What is The Atlas Six sequel?

A: The Atlas Paradox (2022) is the sequel to The Atlas Six. 

Q: Is The Atlas Six LGBT?

A: The fantasy hit cast has LGBTQIA+ characters who are morally grey, brilliant, and intellectual, making the plot and reading more enjoyable.

Q: Is The Atlas Six spicy?

A: The book does have one spice scene in particular, but it is not graphic. 

Q: Which The Atlas Six quotes are there?

A: These are the three best quotes from the book.

“The problem with knowledge is its inexhaustible craving. The more of it you have, the less you feel you know.”

“Knowledge is carnage. You can't have it without sacrifice.”

“Really, there was nothing more dangerous than a woman who knew her own worth.”

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