Practice Makes Perfect book by Sarah Adams highlights the rhyme widely known and recited for generations as "sugar and spice and everything nice!" wherein the ideal characteristics of a young girl being sweet, gentle, and well-behaved has become famous by the phrase "sugar and spice." It is a perfect novel for fans of small towns; opposites attract romance tropes to make them feel warm and mushy.

Let's delve into the offerings of the book by exploring the intriguing storyline, the main characters performing their fascinating banter and interactions together, and practicing fake dating, who were instantly hooked by each other.

Introduction to the Author: Sarah Adams

Sarah Adams, born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, is a New York Times bestselling romance author of many books, including Cheat Sheet, When In Rome, Practice Makes Perfect, and so on. She is a well-known author and the master of writing sweet and happy-ending romance stories. She has written over ten novels so far.

Sarah is married to her best friend, whom she loves to call an indecisive, introverted partner. She loves her family, warm days, and making people smile. Sarah wanted to be a great writer well before being married. However, she could finally write her first novel, "To Con A Gentleman," in 2019, only after she became a mother of two daughters.

Sarah is a British history nerd and a coffee addict who writes books that genuinely make people smile. Her novels are kind and hopeful, playful and feel-good. Sarah has quite an experience in writing and is known to set her characters brilliantly. She expects her books to make her readers happier.

Summary of Practice Makes Perfect

Practice Makes Perfect Book Cover

Practice Makes Perfect follows the story of a young florist and small-town sweetheart, Annie Walker, who firmly decides to find someone who perfects her life. But, as she learned her most recent date described her as unbelievably boring, she speculated if the embarrassing situation might be her mistake. Annie wonders if maybe she only needs some dating practice from a sexy and tatted perfect tutor, Will Griffin in mind, who is temporarily back in Rome, Kentucky, to provide security for pop star Amelia Rose in the preparations before her wedding to Annie's brother.

As Will Griffin's childhood was not good, he avoids any intimate relationships. He is determined to keep his distance from Annie and any feeling of love or strong connections for this sleepy town, Kentucky, that is not filled with many activities or excitement.

But Annie definitely doesn't think like Will. She wants to become flirtatious and have fun like the leading actresses in her favorite romantic movies. Now, it becomes difficult for Will to keep distance from Annie when she makes a questionable agreement with him and employs him to assist her in fixing her love life. Will does not keep his normal distance from Annie either. He officially agrees to coach her on becoming the subsequent leading lady of Rome, Kentucky, and help her find the dream guy of her life.

Annie's practice dates involved steamy love scenes and strictly practical educational tutoring lessons that convinced her to add more passion to the list of essential qualities in her dream soulmate. Soon, the lines of their friendship blurred after Annie and Will mashed together into a wonderful but somewhat complicated situation, and Annie started reconsidering what her dream love might look like. She wondered if maybe her love life needed to be real instead of perfect.

Key Takeaways from The Practice Makes Perfect

Practice Makes Perfect is a closed-door romance that manages to capture the reader's interest instantly. It is a fictional novel beautifully depicting a small town, and opposites attract romance tropes.

Annie has social anxiety and finds herself 'boring' for dates until Will enters her life and helps her overcome her shyness around dating, teaching her all her firsts. The novel is based on the theme of opposites attract, where the shy and sweet Annie is drawn to the bad boy Will.

Sarah has a flair for writing brilliant romances. Her main characters, Annie and Will, have much more to their personalities than known to their family and friends. What's commendable about Annie's character is how her growth is showcased and how she realizes what she actually wanted out of life may not live up to other people's expectations of her.

Annie has always felt like a wallflower and ignored, and it's refreshing to see a female lead think for herself and check what she wants rather than pleasing others. The book teaches how one must not fit in the molds that people cut for them just to make them feel comfortable; instead, one must take full charge of one's life and do things that make one happy.

Sarah's Practice Makes Perfect is a genius book that actually deals with the 'practice dating' in the romance genre. It's rare to find a female main character's anxiety around dating, but Sarah has portrayed that beautifully.

You can read Practice Makes Perfect book, if you like:

  • Opposites attract
  • Small town romances
  • Closed door romances
  • Mysterious bad boys in book boyfriends
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