Several awards and nominations have been held for the book Lessons in Chemistry, a fictional story of a woman's struggle in the early years of 1960. However, her challenges are very much relatable to the contemporary context in today's so-called progressive society. However, this book shows the universal truth of life and success by saying, " Courage is the root of change—and change is what we’re chemically designed to do."

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Introduction to Lessons in Chemistry

2022 bestseller Lessons in Chemistry was a revolutionary book about a woman chemist who tried to establish her potential as a chemist in this male-dominated profession in the 1950s & 60s. This book is written by American novelist, copywriter & creative director Bonnie Garmus, who has extensive work experience in medicine, technology, and education. The story covers feminism, women empowerment, history, romance, and many other aspects of human life.

Even though Elizabeth Zott, Madeline, Calvin Evans, & Walter Pine are the main characters of this story, it evolves with other supportive characters. As the books involve serious issues of sexual abuse, suicide, anti-gay attitudes, etc., it's not suitable for children. This young adult book is suitable for 18 years and above. The 400-page Lessons in Chemistry has been adopted for a web series that will be aired on 13th October 2023 on Apple TV+.

Lessons in Chemistry Book Club Questions

To evaluate this book from its inside out with your own introspection, you must glance at the most thoughtful Lessons in Chemistry book club questions.

  • Why did Elizabeth choose to be a Chemist?
  • What was Elizabeth's overall impression of the story as a protagonist?
  • Is Elizabeth's journey & struggle relatable to the contemporary social context?
  • Did Elizabeth's disturbing & dysfunctional family background & childhood impact her attitude toward her adult relationship?

Lessons in Chemistry Summary

When it comes to the Lessons in Chemistry summary, you will see that Elizabeth, a dedicated chemist scholar, was pursuing her doctorate in Hestings Research Organization. She was dismissed from her work because she stabbed her advisor with a pencil as he sexually assaulted her. Here, she met with another scholar, Calvin Evans, a world-famous chemist.

Eventually, they fell in love, got married, and decided never to have a baby. Elizabeth and Calvin both shared their pasts. Elizabeth's father was a con man, and a gay brother who committed suicideand Calvin was an adopted child and raised in a home after his foster parent's death. One day, Calvin died in an accident, and Elizabeth found herself pregnant with Clavin's child.

Elizabeth was expelled from her research work because of a scam that involved her name as a male researcher by one of her superiors without her awareness. After that, she gave birth to her daughter and earned money by helping other researchers at her home, where she made a small lab in her kitchen to continue her research work. During her financial struggle, she was offered a reality cooking show on television by Walter, who was the father of her daughter's friend.

She reluctantly joined the show named "Supper at Six," where she did several scientific discussions during her cooking events, and the show was an instant hit. Now, to know whether Elizabeth would ever fulfill her dream of becoming a chemist, you should go through her rollercoaster ride in Lessons in Chemistry PDF on your smart device at a convenient time.

Lessons in Chemistry Review

Now, we are going to talk about the Lessons in Chemistry review. This book shows a depressed single mother struggling for money to survive. While getting expelled from her research work to join a television show, Elizabeth's struggles and fighting symbolize women's never-ending battle to live on their own terms in our male-dominated society.

Despite being a strong, honest, intelligent, and dedicated woman, she faced several challenges in her ambition of being a chemist because she was a woman. She always accepts what comes her way with her strong judgment of righteousness. This is a story to establish women's rights, freedom, and empowerment in male-dominated professions and social standards.

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Lessons in Chemistry Review: The Most Delightful Novel

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Last Word

If you love to read books with substance and essence, Lessons in Chemistry is phenomenal with its realistic approach. However, to get motivated and inspired by the fighting spirit of this story, Lessons in Chemistry PDF would be your best companion on your compatible device.

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