Whether you are an avid Emily Henry fan or new to her novels, her writing is clever and engaging, making the story entertaining and thought-provoking. We are talking about her romance novel, Beach Read, infused with humor and wit, adding fun and charm to the narrative.

This blog aims to provide an overview of the Beach Read book's plot and review before diving in for a seamless reading experience. You can even download and read the Beach Read PDF offline on your device at your convenience. Undoubtedly, PDFs are convenient during travels and commutes and help you explore the plot on your terms anywhere. 

About the Book Author, Characters and More

Emily Henry's Beach Read follows the story of a broken romance writer who no longer believes in love and a literary writer stuck in a rut. It offers valuable insights into personal growth and the importance of facing one's past. 

Let us quickly learn about the book highlights of Beach Read by Emily Henry for a quick overview. 

Author: Emily Henry

Characters: January Andrews and Augustus Everett (Gus)

Publication: May 19, 2020, by Berkley

Age Rating: 17 years and up

Genres: Romance, Contemporary, Fiction, Adult, Chick Lit

Page Count: 400 pages, Paperback

Beach Read Summary: What the Book is About

Beach Read synopsis revolves around January Andrews, a romance and chick-lit novelist following the death of her father, whom she loved very much. But at his funeral, she meets his mistress, Sonya, revealing that he had been cheating on her mother, shattering her idea of a happy marriage. After writing three books, losing her father, and being dumped by her boyfriend, Jacques, January finds herself without any money and moving into the beach house of her cheating father.

Soon, January finds out that her neighbor is Augustus Everett (Gus), her archnemesis from college, a successful dark literary fiction author she still despises. They are both going through writer's block, January more than Augustus Everett. They decide to help each other by making a deal where Augustus will write a happily-ever-after, and January will try her hands at literary fiction, and whoever sells their book first wins. Little does she know she's into way more than she bargained for.

A Quick Book Review

The book Beach Read is a fun read and follows the journey of two writers swapping their genres and competing to sell their books first. Where January was shown as a deep, insecure and deep character, Gus is the definition of a man written by a woman, with depth and structure to his personality.

Beach Read by Emily is soft and sweet, with lots of flirty banter mixed with family drama/discussions and research about CULTS. There was a good amount of purse-wine drinking and a killer second-chance romance that you may like. The book has clever humor, crackling chemistry between the two main characters, and a tenderness with which heavy topics are discussed.

How to Download or Read Beach Read

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The Beach Read novel by Emily Henry, discusses the themes of healing, self-discovery, grief, and loss where the main characters confront their pasts and learn to navigate their emotions and relationships, making the story emotionally resonant and relatable. It is a sunshine and grump romance where the hero is the grump who doesn't believe in happy endings, and the heroine is the sunshine who believes in happily ever after and how their life takes a 180-degree turn. As the book has some spice scenes, be careful of the age rating. 


1. Is Beach Read spicy?

It is an open-door romance novel. Yes, there are spicy and steamy scenes, and the spicy scenes are explicit. It's a slow-burn novel, getting to the steamy scenes.

2. Is Beach Read a series?

Beach Read is a standalone novel. However, other adult books (standalone) by Emily Henry, in order, include;

  • People We Meet on Vacation (2021)
  • Book Lovers (2022)
  • Happy Place (2023)
  • Funny Story (2024)

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