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Top 4 Best AI PDF Summarizer You Must Know in 2024

By Monica | Follow twitter | Updated on February 22, 2024

It’s never too much to say that 2023 is the year of AI technology. Many AI-powered products have gained much popularity all over the world, and greatly boosted the productivity in all industries. In this article, we'll focus on exploring AI tools and helping you work more efficiently with PDF documents. 

An AI PDF summarizer can analyze PDFs and accurately generate a summary of the PDF in seconds automatically. With this feature, you can understand a large PDF file without spending time viewing it word by word.

AI PDF Summarizer

In this post, we’ll select 4 popular AI PDF summarizers and list their pros and cons for you to choose. Read on and make a pick!

What Is an AI PDF Summarizer?

An AI PDF summarizer is an AI-powered tool that helps you conclude PDF files, especially large PDF files, with essential information effortlessly. Image that there's a 50-page PDF file waiting to be checked, but you're busy with other stuff. What if you can utilize a tool that helps summarize large PDF files with a short paragraph? AI PDF summarizers play such an important role. It can identify the most important information, main topics, and sentences in a PDF file and then generate a condensed summary of your PDF file, making you more productive and efficient than ever before.

A Comparison Chart of the 4 AI PDF Summarizers

  Overall Rating User Interface Processing Speed Customization Features Document Organization Capabilities Language Support
SwifDoo AI ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Intuitive and
Fast Summarize, translate, rewrite, proofread, explain, and analyze PDF, images, Office documents, etc. 100+ languages
ChatGPT ⭐⭐⭐ Advanced with a learning curve Medium Chat with PDFs Pure text English and versatile in various tasks
QuillBot ⭐⭐⭐ User-friendly & straightforward Slow Summarize, translate, proofread Pure text Multilingual support for diverse languages
AskYourPDF ⭐⭐⭐⭐ User-friendly & straightforward Fast Chat with PDFs PDF, Office documents Multilingual support for diverse languages

SwifDoo AI: Smart and Efficient AI Assistant

SwifDoo PDF is a comprehensive PDF editor, that providing with all-around functionalities to help you edit PDF files without breaking a sweat. It's available on Windows, Android, and iOS, enabling you to manipulate PDFs anytime, anywhere. With the help of SwifDoo PDF, you can edit all the text and images in a PDF file, convert PDFs to/from other editable formats without losing quality, annotate PDF files with shapes and highlight tools, protect PDFs with watermarks/passwords, etc., all become effortless.

SwifDoo PDF: The Best AI PDF Summarizer
  • Smart and efficient AI assistant to work on PDFs
  • Summarize key information from lengthy PDF files
  • Translate PDFs in multiple languages
  • Proofread PDF content for enhancing
Free Download
Windows 11/10/8.1/7/XP

SwifDoo AI is a newly published feature that is compact in SwifDoo PDF. It allows you to summarize, translate, rewrite, proofread, explain, and analyze PDF documents accurately and quickly, speeding up your workflow and boosting your productivity obviously. This AI PDF tool allows you to chat with your PDF files. You can understand a PDF file through a conversation between you and the SwifDoo AI. Moreover, it offers attractive free plans as long as you've logged in, with which you can enjoy all the features of SwifDoo AI without spending a penny.

Check the following content to learn how you can use SwifDoo AI to summarize PDF documents for free:

Step 1. Free download SwifDoo PDF. Then finish the installation and launch it.

Step 2. Open the PDF file you want to summarize with AI technology.

Step 3. Select Home > SwifDoo AI.

Step 4. Select #Summarize in #Prompt and copy & paste the text content in the PDF you need to summarize.

SwifDoo AI Summarize PDF

Step 5. SwifDoo AI will generate a short summarize paragraph of your pasted content.


  • High accuracy in PDF content summarization
  • Comprehensive solutions available
  • User-friendly interface


  • Free users face some limits

ChatGPT: Free-to-Use AI System

ChatGPT Icon

ChatGPT suddenly became an overnight sensation since its inception and is undoubtedly the most popular word in this year. It is an advanced language model with an impressive skill set, offering a conversation mode that interacts with users with real-time chatting. You can type any problems by starting a chat with ChatGPT, it can follow your instructions and return an answer. No matter what questions you ask, ChatGPT can reply to you professionally & immediately.

ChatGPT is able to understand all your prompts and finish tasks without much hassle. It requires no effort to learn how to use ChatGPT because all you need to do is type your questions.

One of ChatGPT’s standout features is the ability to effortlessly summarize PDF documents. It can help distill lengthy reports and articles into key insights, and quickly grasp the main points with time saved.


  • It excels in contextual understanding and versatility


  • Learning curve and resource-intensive
  • Advanced features may pose a challenge for some users

QuillBot: Text Summarizer Powered by AI

QuillBot Summarizer Icon

When it comes to AI PDF summarization, QuillBot stands out as another powerful tool that seamlessly blends advanced artificial intelligence with a user-friendly interface. QuillBot offers a comprehensive solution for users seeking a reliable and efficient summarization tool. With the advanced NLP algorithms, QuillBot summarizer can help condense articles and documents to key points, efficiently locating critical information while maintaining the original context. Beyond that. QuillBot supports multiple languages, ensuring that users can summarize PDFs in the language of their choice, broadening its appeal to a diverse user base.

However, for free users, QuillBot Summarizer has a limit of 1,200 words, and custom instructions for creating unique summaries are also closed, as well as a slow processing speed offered. Only by upgrading to the Premium can break these limits.


  • Excellent paraphrasing capability
  • Supports multiple languages


  • Inaccuracies occur when summarizing PDF
  • Advanced features are restricted to premium subscribers

AskYourPDF: Excellent PDF AI Chat App

AskYourPDF Logo

AskYourPDF is a popular online AI tool and can also be downloaded from Google Play as well as the App Store. It's tailored to empower users to effortlessly distill key information from complex documents. You can upload files in PDF, PPT, TXT, EPUB, and RTF for analyzing and getting summaries effortlessly.

AskYourPDF seamlessly combines artificial intelligence with user-centric features to redefine the way we interact with PDF content. It allows you to customize the summary length and refine the output. Besides, AskYourPDF boasts an intuitive design, making it accessible to users of all backgrounds.

In addition, AskYourPDF isn't just about summarization; it's also designed to enhance your document management. The tool offers features for organizing and categorizing summarized PDFs, making it a holistic solution for users aiming to streamline their workflow.


  • Fast process speed
  • A chrome extenstion offered


  • Limited compatibility
  • Lack of advanced features

Final Verdict

The advent of AI PDF summarizers has proven to be a game-changer. As we explored four leading tools – SwifDoo PDF, ChatGPT, QuillBot, and AskYourPDF – it's evident that the synergy of artificial intelligence and user-centric design is reshaping how we extract insights from lengthy PDF documents.

As we embrace the future of document analysis, fueled by artificial intelligence, these tools pave the way for more efficient, accurate, and user-friendly summarization processes. Explore the possibilities, enhance your workflow, and elevate your document analysis with the power of AI PDF summarizers!

Monica has accumulated more than three years of experience in writing tech products. Now she works as an English columnist for this website. With her extensive experience, Monica has offered many helpful and feasible recommendations.

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