When you need to review or update a password-locked PDF document, unlocking the PDF is a must. For easier access and editing of the file later or due to the loss of a password, you may prefer to remove the password to get rid of the protection. So, do you know the way to unlock a PDF without a password?

Whether or not you have kept the correct password for your locked PDF file, a powerful PDF unlocker is a path to accessing and editing this PDF. For those who don’t know how to unlock PDF files without passwords, read this article to find out 4 PDF unlockers and viable ways that may give you the answer.

Unlock PDF without Password in SwifDoo PDF

SwifDoo PDF is a fast, space-saving, and versatile PDF software application that can unlock PDF files. The software offers an extensive selection of PDF managing and editing features. You can use it to change or add text and images in PDFs, convert, annotate, compress PDF files, and more. If you want to unlock PDFs without passwords for editing, printing, or copying, free download and install the desktop application as PDF password remover software.

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Take a deep dive into the method to unlock a PDF without a password using the offline software.

Step 1: Open a password-protected PDF with SwifDoo PDF, choose Protect on the top, and select Decryption in the drop-down menu;


Step 2: Enter the permission password or not in the pop-up PDF Decryption dialogue box and click OK;


Step 3: When the window saying Successfully decrypted. appears, you have unlocked the PDF.


The unlocked PDF will overwrite the original by default. If you want to save the unprotected PDF as a new copy, remember to uncheck “Overlay Original File” in the “PDF Decryption” box. To unlock and open a user password-protected PDF file, you need to enter the correct password in the prompt box when opening.

After viewing or making adjustments to the unsecured PDF, you may wish to password-protect it again to prevent the content from being seen or edited by the wrong person. SwifDoo PDF empowers you to protect PDF files with both an open and a permission password. The PDF editor also allows you to add watermarks and signatures to a PDF for a higher level of security.

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Unlock PDF without Password by iSeePassword Dr.PDF

When you have to unlock a PDF document but don’t know or forget the open or owner password, it’s recommended to resort to the dedicated PDF unlocker, iSeePassword Dr.PDF. This tool works by helping you retrieve a forgotten password. Discover how to unlock a PDF without a password using the PDF tool on Mac or Windows.

Step 1: Launch the application and choose an option on the home interface for recovering your open or owner password;


Step 2: Click Add File to import a locked PDF into the tool and select an attack type, such as Brute-Force with Mask Attack;

Step 3: Provide details you remember about the forgotten password by filling blank boxes and ticking options in the pop-up dialogue box, then hit OK;


Step 4: Change settings as needed and press the Start button to retrieve the password. After that, copy the recovered password in the new window to unlock your PDF.


Regardless of an open or owner password, you can turn to the PDF unlocker to find your lost PDF password.

How to Unlock a PDF without a Password using iLovePDF

iLovePDF is a web application that enables all Windows, Mac, and Linux users to unlock PDF files. It also has tools for users to edit and do a lot more with PDF documents online. With its PDF password remover, you can unlock password-protected PDF files even without knowing the passwords. The best thing about the software is that the service is free of charge.

To unlock a PDF without a password online for free with iLovePDF, check the following guide.

Step 1: Get onto the online PDF unlocker’s website and choose the Unlock PDF tool on the home page;


Step 2: Click Select PDF file to upload your encrypted PDF to the new page or drag and drop it there;

Step 3: Press the red Unlock PDF button in the lower right corner to unlock your PDF without typing a password. Then download and save the decrypted file.


Unlock PDF with Google Chrome

When you face the challenge of unlocking a PDF, get the Google Chrome browser as a free PDF unlocker. With an in-built PDF viewer, Chrome enables you to open and view PDF files as web pages. It also allows you to save a web page as a PDF. These features make it possible for you to remove an owner password from a PDF without using a password remover. 

Get to know how to unlock a secured PDF without a password in Google Chrome from the following three steps.

Step 1: Locate and right-click on your protected PDF file in File Explorer, choose Open with and select Google Chrome to open it as a web page;

Step 2: Press the Ctrl + P shortcut key on Windows or Command + P on Mac to open the Print dialogue box;


Step 3: Pick the Save as PDF option from the Destination menu, then save the PDF as an unlocked version. This is how you can unlock a PDF without offering the owner password.

Rename the unlocked PDF when saving it if you don’t want to overlay the original file. When you open the newly created PDF file, you can edit it without restriction. 

Wrapping Up

Each PDF unlocker in this post provides a way to unlock PDF files without open or owner passwords. The best one depends on what you need to do with your PDF files. If you just unlock an encrypted PDF for viewing, a dedicated password remover like iSeePassword DR.PDF is enough. iLovePDF might be the best PDF password remover available online. However, to make further edits on your PDF, a budget-friendly PDF editor with a PDF unlocking tool is the way to go.

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Common FAQs about How to Unlock PDF without Password

How can I unlock my PDF without a password on iPhone?

The iLovePDF online tool helps you unlock a PDF without giving the password on your iPhone. It can be downloaded as a mobile app from the Apple Store or used via your mobile browser.  

How do I remove password protection from a PDF without Adobe Pro?

Mac users can remove password protection from a PDF without Adobe Acrobat Pro by utilizing the pre-installed app on macOS, Preview. The process is to open the locked PDF in Preview, go to “File” > “Export as PDF”, enter the correct owner password, hit “Unlock”, uncheck the “Encrypt” box, and save the PDF as a new one. Or, you can try the methods in this article to unlock your PDF on all platforms. 



Susy has worked with PDF tools for more than 5 years. During the past time, PDF software is of huge assistance in increasing her productivity. She joined SwifDoo PDF one year ago and works as an editor now. Based on a lot of research and tests, Susy can offer users professional and practical solutions to PDF issues.

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