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5 Best Translators to Translate PDF to English from Any Language

By Charlotte | Follow twitter | Updated on June 27, 2023

If the people you work with are English native speakers but you speak another language, you may often need to translate your language to English. When you share a PDF document with these people, you will probably have to translate PDF to English. Translating by yourself is time-consuming and utilizing a PDF translator to do the work can improve your efficiency.

There are surely some PDF language translators that may live up to your expectations, like SwifDoo PDF. Whenever you want to translate PDF to English from any other language, go and get instant and high-quality translation results with them. Learn about the 5 best translators offering free services from this post and how to do the PDF translation with each.

Translate PDF to English with the Best Translator: SwifDoo PDF

SwifDoo PDF is a feature-rich PDF viewer that makes it no longer challenging to translate PDF to English. It can translate Kannada, German, Gujarati, Hindi, and all the other languages you may think of to English for your PDFs. The PDF translator available for Windows supports over 100 languages. The PDF reader also allows you to edit the text in a PDF. So after the PDF to English translation, you can copy the translation to replace the original text.

Translate PDF to English with SwifDoo PDF

Regarding how to translate PDF to English, open your PDF file with SwifDoo PDF, select PDF text, choose the source and target languages, and the PDF is translated to English automatically. The process is so simple and you don’t need to upload your PDF or copy the text to a translator. After translation, click the Copy icon in the “Quick Translation” small window to paste and share the result anywhere.

SwifDoo PDF provides another workaround to translate PDF to English if you want to get a human being to translate. It can convert PDF to Word or another editable file format to make the text ready for manual translating. Moreover, the software enables you to translate scanned PDFs with its OCR tool to make the PDFs editable.

Key features:

Translate PDF to English from a wide range of languages and vice versa.

As you translate, highlight, add notes, and do a word count on a PDF.

Edit, replace, add, and delete text and images in PDFs.

Translate PDF to English with 4 Free Online Tools

Online translators let you translate PDF to English from various languages conveniently if you don’t mind the file privacy issue. The introduced 4 online tools stand out from others thanks to their clean interfaces and reliable translation results.

1. Google Translate

With Google Translate, you will know how easy it is to translate PDF to English or any different language. Perhaps you’ve used the translator before for quick text translation but are not aware of its PDF translation ability. You can translate PDF into English from 100+ languages with it. Offered for free, the translator also allows you to translate other types of office documents, websites, and images.

Translate PDF to English with Google Translate

To translate PDF to English with Google Translate, go to “translate.google.com”, choose “Documents”, upload your PDF, select the PDF language and the output language, and then click “Translate”. You can translate Arabic, French, Marathi, Chinese, Tamil, Polish or any widely used language to English online for free for a PDF. The translator comes as an app to help with PDF to English translation on your iPhone, iPad, or Android.

2. Reverso

Reverso is one of the most advanced translators to translate PDF to English. It can translate PDF from Japanese, Telugu, Russian and more than 20 languages to English. Better than lots of online counterparts, it performs well in translating a PDF without losing formatting or layout. The PDF translator allows you to download the translated file in Word format.

Translate PDF to English with Reverso

The software not only helps translate PDF to English but also lets you review the translation online. To translate a PDF to English, simply click the “Translate documents” button on the site, add your PDF, set the languages to translate to and from, and click “Translate”. The PDF translator from a language to English enables you to translate limited words for free. If your file is too large, split the PDF into smaller files.

3. DeepL

Another translator to translate PDF to English online for free is DeepL. When you wish to translate a language into English for your book in PDF format and download the translation for free, the translator is a good option. The PDF file translator enables you to translate PDF from 29 languages to English, including Czech, Dutch, Bulgarian, and Italian. The method you can use to translate PDF to English is similar to that using other online tools.

Translate PDF to English with DeepL

Besides the translation of PDF language to English, the PDF translator can deal with text translating as well. You can translate up to 3000 characters with the free version.

4. Multilizer Document Translator

Multilizer Document Translator is a fast tool to translate PDF to English. It has 40+ translated languages to choose from and is capable of translating DOCX, PPTX and TXT documents. Everyone with an internet connection can access the PDF translator. To translate PDF to English, drag and drop the PDF to the online translator, choose the language you need, and start translating.

Translate PDF to English with Multilizer Document Translator

When you upload a PDF to translate to English, you will be noted that you can only translate the PDF’s 1-2 pages. To translate more, a license will be required. Translating PDF to English can be done in Chrome or any other browser on Mac, Windows, and a mobile.


Choose a way you like in this article to translate PDF to English online or offline with a desktop app. For more accurate translation results and document safety, SwifDoo PDF is strongly recommended. It enables you to translate a PDF document to English or any your familiar language while reading it. In addition to the ability to translate a PDF file to English, it contains a set of PDF editing and conversion tools to simplify your workflow.

Charlotte has been in the software industry for 8+ years. She works for AWZWARE now as a passionate writer. She is good at providing simple guides to use various video, office and entertainment software. Charlotte also recommends many other useful tools to make your work and life easier. A food lover too.

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