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The 7 Best AI Translators to Suit Your Needs [2024 Latest]

By Charlotte | Follow twitter | Updated on April 3, 2024
AI language translation is widely used in all walks of life. It accurately and efficiently translates conversations, text, documents, voice, and images. However, choosing the best AI translator can be tough as many translation services have merged. Therefore, you should evaluate them based on accuracy, cost, speed, and ease of use. 

Read this article to find out the seven best AI translation tools that have been tested for you.

What Is AI Translation and the Types?

Before checking out the best AI translators, you should get a rough understanding of AI translation. Artificial Intelligence translation is a more contextual, on-brand, and reliable than general machine translation. It uses vast datasets and leverages deep learning algorithms to produce quality translation results.

The most popular AI translation is Neural Machine Translation (NMT). Other translation technologies include Statistical Machine Translation, Adaptive Translation, Generative AI (GenAI) Translation, and Brand Adaptive NMTs.

Let's start by identifying the best AI translators you can try.

1. SwifDoo AI

Type: Generative AI Translation

SwifDoo AI is fast and cost-effective AI translation software for Windows. It allows you to translate text between dozens of languages, including Spanish, Arabic, Italian, French, and more. It is more of an AI PDF translator. Po, designed for processing PDF fileswered by ChatGPT, the AI document translator delivers accurate translations faster.

best AI translator SwifDoo PDF

The best AI translator allows free users to chat with a PDF 10 times and work with 3 PDF files. You can summarize, rephrase, rewrite, proofread PDF content, and translate. The annual plan only charges $59.9. Moreover, SwifDoo PDF has a dedicated document translation tool, a quick translation tool for the entire file, and instant selected text translation.

To generate a translation using the best AI translator, select a specific text to choose AI > Translate or copy the text into the message box to give a prompt.

Download the SwifDoo PDF translator with an integrated AI service to get your job done easily.

2. ChatGPT

Type: Generative AI translation

ChatGPT provides the best AI translation for the text you send to it and lets you experience seamless conversations with a chatbot. It took the world by storm by generating human-like text to your prompts. The best AI translator outstands thanks to its ability to modify translations according to the context and requests offered by users.

best AI translator ChatGPT

Pro users can take the GPT-4 as an AI translator for PDFs. However, it might be less accurate than professional translation tools. 

3. DeepL

Type: AI Neural Machine Translation

Do you want to avoid some translators' word-for-word translations? Never fear, as DeepL creates translations naturally and fluently. Known for grabbing the context from text, this best AI translator is preferred by layers and many professionals. It translates texts and documents based on artificial neural networks trained on millions of translations.

best AI translator DeepL

As one of the best translation tools, DeepL supports 30+ languages, including English, Spanish, Dutch, Korean, French, and German. It’s also an AI voice translator.

4. Google Translate

Type: Neural Machine Translation

Google Translate is listed as the best free AI translator, though it has limitations on the free plan. It is released very early by AI Spanish, French, and over 130 language translators. Lots of individuals and businesses benefit from its swift and non-critical translations.

best AI translator Google Translate

The best AI translator is accessible for free online and easy to use. It’s driven by machine learning algorithms and neural networks, which learn patterns from many multilingual data. In addition, Google Translate contains an AI speech translator and an AI image translator and offers API service.

5. Copy.ai

Type: GenAI translation

If you need contextual, speedy, and on-brand translations, Copy.AI might be your best bet. The best translator powered by AI is initially designed for content creation and improvement. With a ChatGPT-like UI, you just enter or paste your query or prompt, and ask the service to do translation. You have to tell it what the original and target languages you need.

best AI translator Copy.ai

The best AI translator, based on advanced language models, helps translate English to Spanish, Arabic, and other 20+ languages and vice versa in the tone and style of your brand.

6. Wordvice AI

Type: Neural Machine Translation

Wordvice AI is the best translation tool for students and researchers to translate between more than 30 language pairs. It uses translation memory (TM) to deliver more localized translations online for free. Among the numerous AI translation services, it doesn’t have ads or pop-ups and runs on computers and phones. Regarding how to use the best AI translator, select the source and output languages, input the text, and click the Translate button.

best AI translator Wordvice AI

7. Smartcat

Type: Neural Machine Translation

Another best AI language translator you may like is Smartcat. It can translate your image, Word, and PDF files into over 280 languages using neural network models and AI-based human workflows. The translation service can learn from your edits and optimize the translation next time.

best AI translator Smartcat


This post has explored AI-powered chat, text, and file translators to cater to your different needs. These choices are relatively simple to use and economical and provide exceptional translations. Some, like SwifDoo PDF, are multi-featured, allowing you to deal with your office work with more productivity. Give them a try.

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Q:What translator is 100% accurate?

Strictly speaking, there is no 100% accurate translator, and even humans sometimes make mistakes. Compared with most other competitors on the market, DeepL is considered the best AI translation tool for best-in-class translation quality. However, this translation tool has few languages and is more specialized in European languages.

Q:Is ChatGPT better than Google Translate?

Both ChatGPT and Google Translate have their strengths and shortcomings. However, ChatGPT Plus comes closer to the original text's meaning. You can combine and switch between multiple translators to fulfill your tasks and requirements.

Charlotte has been in the software industry for 8+ years. She works for AWZWARE now as a passionate writer. She is good at providing simple guides to use various video, office and entertainment software. Charlotte also recommends many other useful tools to make your work and life easier. A food lover too.

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