A watermark logo is typically used to specify the nature of the current document as well as to personalize or label the PDF. It is a good way to protect confidential information within a digital document, but it may bother some users in reading as a watermark may cover the whole page.

How do we remove a watermark from a PDF document with ease? This post will center on several practical watermark removers. Keep reading to figure out how to hide watermarks from your PDFs in a few steps.


Remove Watermarks from PDFs Offline

In this section, three offline PDF programs will be introduced to delete watermarks from PDF files on Windows. Also, we will look into how to erase watermarks on MacOS.

SwifDoo PDF

SwifDoo PDF is an all-in-one desktop program. Even though it is not the biggest name in the document management industry, it offers more than 30 features to meet diversified needs. To eliminate watermarks from PDFs for a better reading experience, SwifDoo PDF acts as an easy-to-use watermark remover. Here are the steps to hide watermarks from PDFs:

Step 1: Download and install SwifDoo PDF on your computer;

Step 2: Open the software and import the watermarked PDF to the workstation;

Step 3: Click Watermark in the Advanced tab, and then select Delete Watermark to erase all the watermarks from your PDF.


This PDF program can remove both text watermark and image watermark from a PDF. If you want to know how to remove a CamScanner watermark from the PDF, open the watermarked PDF with SwifDoo PDF, and right click on the watermark to choose "Delete Image". That's all that is needed to deal with a watermark created by CamScanner.

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Apart from removing watermarks from PDF documents, this rising star enables users to add commonly-used watermarks to PDFs, such as “Confidential”, “Office Use Only”, and “Do Not Copy”.

Soda PDF

As a powerful PDF product, Soda PDF allows you to edit PDF, annotate PDF, protect PDF, and sign PDF. When it comes to removing watermarks from PDFs, Soda provides easy solution as well to quickly erase all marks on your PDF documents.

Step 1: Download Soda PDF from the official website;

Step 2: Install the PDF program on your PC;

Step 3: Upload the watermark-protected PDF document;

Step 4: Click Remove Page Marks in the tab Edit;

Step 5: Choose Watermark to delete all watermarks made on the PDF.


Different from SwifDoo PDF, Soda PDF allows its users to custom what to delete, meaning users can decide which pages to remove watermarks from.

Nitro PDF

Nitro PDF is a suitable alternative to Adobe Acrobat. With a similar user interface to Office, Nitro PDF is a qualified PDF viewer, creator, editor, and signer. In terms of removing watermarks from PDFs, Nitro PDF can help you delete all marks within several clicks:

Step 1: Download Nitro PDF and install the program on your device;

Step 2: Start the program and import your watermarked PDF to the workplace;

Step 3: Choose Watermark in the Page Layout;

Step 4: Select Delete Watermark in the drop-down menu.


Tip:Nitro PDF is comprehensive in its features, but the installation process sometimes lets you down as it automatically crashes and asks you to retry again and again.

The above-mentioned approaches to eliminate watermarks from PDF is mainly for Windows users. The next part will talk about how to deal with watermarked PDF documents on Mac.  

Remove Watermarks from PDFs on Mac


PDFelement by Wondershare is a versatile PDF program which enables users to create, view, edit, convert, and sign PDFs. It is available on both Windows and Mac. To remove watermarks from PDF on Mac, PDFelement is capable of quickly erasing all marks on the pages:

Step 1: Drag your watermarked PDF to the PDFelement;

Step 2: Select Tool and then choose Add or Edit Watermark;

Step 3: Click Edit Watermark and hit the Delete button at your right side;

Step 4: Choose Yes to remove all watermarks from PDFs.

This easy-to-use PDF program allows users to perform batch processing, such as batch removal of text, image, and watermarks. If you need to add watermarks in bulk, PDFelement is a trusted product.


Preview is the Apple’s built-in PDF reader and image viewer. This application lets users to view, edit, and print digital images and documents. As to watermark removal, Preview can remove the background from an image:

Step 1: Open a watermarked PDF with Preview, and click Show Markup Toolbar button;

Step 2: Click Instant Alpha to drag over the selected area;

Step 3: Press the Delete button to delete the selected area;

This method applies to image files. Therefore, if you need to erase the watermark background from your PDFs, you need to convert your PDFs into images. For converting PDF to image, this article may be helpful: Solutions: Convert PDF to JPG on Windows 10 [Online & Offline].

Remove Watermarks Online

The author has selected 7 commonly used web-based PDF tools to test how to easily remove watermarks from PDFs online, and it’s surprising to find that most Internet-based application don’t allow users to DIRECTLY delete watermarks from PDFs. Luckily, we still have Google Drive to help erase watermarks from PDFs.

Google Drive

Google Drive is actually a cloud storage platform where users can store files. Users don’t have to download any software to access and process documents. With regard to erasing watermarks on the PDF, Google Drive should rely on Google Docs to deal with watermarked PDFs:

Step 1: Import the watermarked PDF to Google Drive;

Step 2: Right click the PDF and choose Google Docs in Open with;

Step 3: Click the watermark to remove it.


Although Google Drive (actually Google Docs), can help remove watermarks from PDFs for free, Google Docs works by initially converting PDF to an editable Word format so that users can make changes on the document.

The conversion result is far from satisfying because some images are lost and the original formatting is altered. Therefore, it is the least ideal solution to eliminate watermarks from PDFs.


All things considered, desktop PDF programs can better assist in hiding all watermarks from PDFs. Most online PDF tools have the ability to add watermarks but removing them from PDFs seems to be a tough task. Among all desktop software, SwifDoo PDF is a reliable watermark remover, and it provides a longer free trial for registered users.

Common FAQ about Top 6 PDF Watermark Removers in 2022

Q:How do I remove watermarks from PDFs with Adobe Acrobat?

Adobe Acrobat, as a leader in document management industry, has simplified the process of removing watermarks from PDFs:

Step 1: Import a watermarked PDF or multiple PDFs to the Adobe workstation;

Step 2: Choose Tools, and select Edit PDF;

Step 3: Click Remove in the tab Watermark.

To batch remove watermarks from multiple PDFs, follow these steps:

Step 1: Launch Adobe Acrobat and repeat stepsb and c above;

Step 2: Click Add Files in the pop-up box and upload the watermarked PDFs;

Step 3: Choose OK and determine where to output location in the Output Options.

Q:Can I remove watermarks from encrypted PDFs ?

This depends on which type of password is used to encrypt the PDF. If this locked PDF has an open password, you cannot open and view the PDF. if your PDF is secured by a permission password, you can utilize external software to remove the password and access the PDF.

Only under this circumstance can you erase watermarks from an encrypted PDF. SwifDoo can help you with removing passwords from a PDF so that you can hide the watermarks.

Q:What is the easiest way to remove a watermark from PDF?

Some online tools can hide the watermarks but it requires users to convert a PDF file to an editable Word. Obviously, this is not the easiest method to erase watermarks. As we mentioned previously, desktop PDF programs can help with eliminating watermarks from PDFs in a few steps. Apart from the listed PDF programs, such products include ApowerPDF, Foxit PDF, and Adobe Acrobat.



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