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Convert PMD to PDF in 4 Online & Offline Ways (No Formatting Lost)

By Lydia | Follow twitter | Updated on May 15, 2024
The limited compatibility of PMD makes it hard to view and share PageMaker files. Converting PMD to PDF is one of the solutions. This page features four quick fixes to convert a PageMaker file to a PDF document without losing formatting.

As PageMaker was discontinued, it poses challenges to read, edit, and print PMD documents. on the other hand, PDF is widely accepted and popular for its printability and the ability to preserve layout. Hence, you can transform a PMD file into a PDF to make it compatible with most devices. The following introduces how to convert PageMaker files to PDFs with online and offline tools, together with a PDF editor – SwifDoo PDF, to edit the converted file.

1. Convert PMD Files to PDF in Adobe Indesign

As one of the Adobe products, Indesign allows its users to open files generated by other Adobe applications, such as PageMaker and Adobe Acrobat. You can open old PMD files or import PDFs into Indesign easily without additional steps. Since Indesign was created to streamline the process of page layout design, it can maintain the formatting of a PMD file to the greatest extent.

Now, Indesign provides several formats as output options: PDF, EPUB, HTML, JPEG, PNG, and XML. This capability enables you to achieve simple PMD to PDF conversion.

Take a look at how to convert PageMaker files to PDF documents in Indesign:

Step 1: Run the page layout designing software and navigate to File;

Step 2: Choose Open from the list, select your PMD file, and hit Open;

Step 3: Tab on the File button again and click Export;

Step 4: Set the output format as PDF. Press Save > Export to convert the PMD file to a PDF.
Convert PMD to PDF in Indesign

2. Change PageMaker Files to PDFs with Filestar

Filestar is an AI-based document-converting application compatible with PMD, PDF, and other formats. As its name suggests, its primary goal is to deal with documents with advanced tools, including realizing the transformation of various formats. This program allows you to convert PMD to PDF straightforwardly without sacrificing the layout.

It is the best PDF converter that smartly answers the conversion request once users enter the requirements, reducing the time to locate the feature they want. However, during the test, the processing speed of this offline program is slow. It takes almost 30 seconds to complete the task for a 16 KB PMD file. If you need to handle a large document, it is better to use other solutions for efficiency.

Learn the easy steps to transform a PageMaker file to a PDF in Filestar:

Step 1: Launch the smart PageMaker to PDF converter;

Step 2: Drag and drop your target file to the workstation;

Step 3: Enter Convert to PDF in the search box and hit the Enter key;
Convert PMD to PDF in Filstar

Step 4: Click on the Convert button to export the PMD file as a PDF.
Convert PMD to PDF in Filestar

3. Convert PageMaker to PDF in AConvert

AConvert is a proficient PageMaker to PDF converter online. It is a free site to process different documents without task limits. This tool is one of the best choices for users who are struggling with device storage. AConvert smoothly saves PMD, HTML, and even JPG as PDFs while preserving the layout.

The strong software swiftly converts PageMaker files to PDFs in the blink of an eye. The stable performance makes it stand out from other web-based converters when converting large documents. Additionally, the site collaborates with Google Drive and Dropbox, allowing you to upload files from the cloud.

Follow the instructions to change a PageMaker file to a PDF online in AConvert:

Step 1: Open this online converter;

Step 2: Click on the Choose File tab to add your document;

Step 3: Select the Trage format as PDF and hit Convert Now to convert PageMaker to PDF;
Convert PMD to PDF in AConvert

Step 4: Press the download button to save the results.

4. Transform a PMD File to PDF in Tom’s Editor Converter

Tom’s Editor is a web-based platform compatible with over 500 formats, allowing you to convert PMD to PDF online for free. A highlight of this website is the batch conversion functionality. You can upload multiple files at once to the workstation and start the conversion task simultaneously.

When the transformation finishes, Tom’s Editor packs all files into a ZIP file to help you download them effectively.

Let’s convert a PMD file to a PDF in Tom’s Editor:

Step 1: On the converting page of this online tool, tap the CHANGE FORMAT button and choose PDF as the output format;

Step 2: Drag and drop the PMD file to the indicated area for uploading;

Step 3: Scroll down and hit CONVERT NOW to perform the transformation. Click Download to save the file.
Convert PMD to PDF in Tom's Editor

Extract Part: Best PDF Editor to Edit a Converted PMD File

After converting PMD to PDF PageMaker files to PDFs, a comprehensive PDF editor can be necessary to make adjustments to these documents. SwifDoo PDF is one of the optimal choices to facilitate your PDF editing process. It is equipped with advanced tools to make sure the layout of the PDF graphic has no changes.

PDFs are not easy to edit. SwifDoo PDF provides tools to edit the PDF text, insert or replace images, crop the margins, and change the background. These capabilities enable you to enrich the page layout easily without the help of Adobe products.

Edit converted PMD file in SwifDoo PDF

⭐ Major features:

  • Adjust page layout;
  • Add stickers for holidays;
  • Share the PDF online with others;
  • Insert new text boxes;
  • Translate text to any language;


Final Thought

Although PMD files are not widely compatible with most programs, there are still ways to help you view and edit them seamlessly. Converting PageMaker files to PDF documents is a practical way. This article offers four solutions to simplify the conversion process.

Of course, conversion is not enough. A PDF editor is required to view, make changes, and share the converted file with others. SwifDoo PDF can be the top horse to let you edit a PDF with easy-to-use tools. Just give it a try!


Q:How to convert PMD files into Word?

Microsoft Word can directly convert a PageMaker file to a Word document. The application automatically carries out format transformation when you open a file that is not compatible with the DOC format. However, the layout might change after the conversion.

Here are the steps to finish the task:

Step 1: Right-click on the PMD file and choose Open with;

Step 2: Select Word from the drop-down list;

Step 3: A File Conversion window will jump out. Choose the text encoding it provides and click OK to convert the PMD file to a Word document.

Lydia is an English columnist for AWZware. She is familiar with different technology products such as office software, location changers, and video software applications. Focused on tech blog writing, she is willing to solve your problems with up-to-date information.

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