PDF files are reputed for being uneditable and highly compatible with operating systems and software. But they can also cause a lot of trouble. When you lost the original editable document, modifying the content in a PDF will be challenging. In such cases, PDF to DOC conversion is helpful.

DOC is the older version of DOCX and both of them are the native file formats used by Microsoft Word. A DOC file is easy to edit, allowing you to handle the images, text, and formatting in the file. This post will walk you through 6 offline and online PDF to DOC converters as well as step-by-step guides to converting PDF files to Doc documents.

  • SwifDoo PDF (Windows)
  • Calibre (Windows, Mac, and Linux)
  • Adobe Acrobat Pro DC (Windows and Mac)
  • Doxillion Document Converter (Windows and Mac)
  • Google Docs (Online)
  • CloudConvert (Online)

Convert PDF to DOC on Windows

SwifDoo PDF

When it comes to converting PDF files to other types of documents and vice versa, SwifDoo PDF is worth trying. To maximize the layout and formatting consistency, it integrates powerful Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology for recognizing text and images in a PDF. That means you can convert both text-based and scanned PDFs to Word DOC files with reliable results. Here is a quick look at how SwifDoo PDF helps PDF to DOC conversion.

Step 1: Launch the downloaded program and choose PDF to Word in the home interface;


Step 2: Click Add Files to import your PDF file into the pop-up SwifDoo PDF Converter dialogue box, then select the output file format as Word(.doc);


Step 3: Choose where to save the resulting DOC file and hit Start to complete the PDF to DOC conversion.

SwifDoo PDF - PDF converter
  • Convert PDF to Word DOC/DOCX, Excel, PowerPoint, JPG, PNG, and vice versa
  • High-quality and batch conversion
  • Lightweight application
Free Download
Windows 11/10/8.1/7/XP
Tips: To convert just several pages of a PDF to a DOC file, enter the start and end page numbers in the “Page Range” fields within the “SwifDoo PDF Converter”.

SwifDoo PDF can convert a PDF containing hundreds of pages smoothly. OCR is enabled by default during conversion. In the same interface, you can select the output format as DOCX or RTF to convert your PDF to a DOCX or rich text document. Moreover, SwifDoo PDF has the ability to turn DOC/DOCX into PDF, combine images into one PDF, split a large PDF into smaller ones, etc. 

How do I batch convert PDFs to DOC files?

SwifDoo PDF makes it simple to convert PDFs in batches. Once the “SwifDoo PDF Converter” comes out, add all the PDF documents you need to convert in the dialogue box, change the settings as needed, and then start the PDF to DOC conversion.

How do I convert a PDF to a DOC file for free?

You can convert PDFs to DOC files for free by registering a SwifDoo PDF account or using the online file converter. Every user can convert up to 3 files for free every day with the online converter. 


Why can't I convert a file from PDF to Word DOC?

The reason why you can't convert a PDF to a DOC file might be the PDF is protected with permission passwords from any manipulation. Use a PDF password remover to get rid of the restriction and then convert the PDF again.

Free Download

PDF to DOC Converter for Mac


Calibre is a cross-platform, open-source, and free ebook manager that lets you convert files from PDF to DOCX, EPUB, AZW3, TXT, and many other formats. Because of the conversion ability and compatibility, the software makes it possible to convert PDF to DOC on Mac, Windows, and Linux. Specifically, you can turn your PDF into a DOCX file first, and then change the filename extension from .docx to .doc.

Let’s see how the free PDF converter works on PDF to DOC conversion.

Step 1: Open the software and click Add books on the top left corner to import the PDF you need to convert to a DOC file;


Step 2: Select the PDF and choose Convert books;


Step 3: Choose DOCX from the output format drop-down menu and click OK.


When the conversion is finished, open the exported DOCX file and re-save it as a DOC file. What’s the best about the freeware is it allows you to convert multiple documents at once. To do that, select all the PDFs you wish to convert, tap the “Convert books” drop-down button, and choose “Bulk convert”. You can also set the page margins, size, and other options for the output document using the conversion tool.

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is a good software product for PDF to DOC conversion on Mac and Windows. The program enables you to do almost everything with PDF documents including editing, replacing, adding text in PDFs, converting PDFs to Word DOCX, Excel, and image files, and vice versa. The top conversion technology and reliable conversion results are its advantages.

The following steps explain how the Acrobat PDF to DOC converter gets your job done easier.

Step 1: Open a PDF file with Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, then go to Tools > Export PDF;


Step 2: Choose Microsoft Word > Word Document in the new window;


Step 3: Click Export at the bottom, select a folder and the exported file format as DOC, then tap Save to convert PDF to DOC format. 

Tips: There are two alternative ways to convert a PDF to a DOC document with Adobe Acrobat in addition to the above method. One is to choose "File" > "Export To" > "Microsoft Word" > "Word Document" and the other is to go to "File" > "Save As" and select the output format as DOC.

It's easier than ever to convert PDF documents to DOC files with Adobe Acrobat. It allows you to process a batch of files in one go by creating an action. Here is the simple guide:

Open a PDF in Acrobat, go to "Tools" > "Action Wizard" > "New Action" > "Save & Export", choose the "Save" option in the drop-down list, hit the plus icon in the middle, click "Specify Settings", select the exported format, and hit "OK" to back to the "Create New Action" box. Then, click "Add Files" to add all the PDFs you need to convert and tap "Save" at the bottom. In the right "ACTIONS LIST" pane, choose this action and hit "Start" to convert multiple PDFs to DOC files.

While this software is powerful, the batch conversion process is complicated and the subscription cost is high after a free trial. Read on to find another PDF to DOC converter to convert your PDF files on Mac.

Doxillion Document Converter

Doxillion is a small and easy-to-use file converter for both Windows and Mac devices. It comes with a free version allowing you to convert a few formats without a subscription. The document converter converts PDF, DOCX, DOC, RTF HTML, TXT, and other documents. It can convert one document at a time or batch convert many files at once. The PDF to DOC conversion process is broken down below.

Step 1: Click Add File(s) to import your PDF files into the converter after launching it;


Step 2: Select all the PDFs and choose .doc from the Output Format drop-down menuļ¼›

Step 3: Choose the output folder and tap Convert.

Just a moment, the PDF to DOC converter turns your PDFs into DOC files and saves them to the specified file folder. This program also helps compress and merge PDFs.

Convert PDF to Word DOC Online for Free

Google Docs

Google Docs is a free online word processor offered by Google as a part of Google Drive, which works a similar way to Microsoft Word. It can open PDF documents and save them in different formats, making it a handy tool for PDF to DOC conversion. The method to convert a PDF file to a DOC document is to save the PDF as a DOCX file and then replace the .docx extension with .doc. Google Docs also allows you to export a file as a PDF, RTF, TXT,  EPUB, HTML, and ODT file. 

Step 1: Register and log into your Google Docs account in Google Chrome, then navigate to the file folder icon to upload a PDF file. The PDF will be opened automatically in Google Drive;


Step 2: Select Open with > Google Docs;


Step 3: Choose File on the upper left corner and select Download > Microsoft Word (.docx);


Step 4: Open the file folder where the downloaded Word file is saved and change the .docx extension to .doc.

This way you can convert your PDF to a DOC file online for free. Before downloading the PDF in the DOCX format, the web-based word processor lets you edit text and adjust formatting just like in Word. Similarly, you can achieve the PDF to DOC conversion using Microsoft Word, but it requires a premium account to run after the free trial.


CloudConvert is a web-based comprehensive document conversion tool which converts nearly all types of files such as PDFs, Word DOC/DOCX, Excel, image, Ebook, and video files. As a free online PDF to DOC converter, it works for a PDF containing hundreds of pages and lets you fast convert PDFs to DOC files and vice versa effortlessly. The free and batch conversion service makes it stand out from competitors. 

Step 1: Go to the tool's website and click Select File to upload all the PDFs you wish to convert to DOC files;

Step 2: Tap the Convert to drop-down menu to select .doc as the target format;


Step 3: Hit Convert to convert PDF to DOC format.

The converter allows users to convert up to 25 files per day.

Final Words

This post covers both desktop offline and free online PDF to DOC converters for you. The desktop applications are equipped with basic features you need and some advanced options for doing more with PDF documents. Choose the one that fits you best or combine the offline and online tools to address the changing needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best PDF to Word DOC converter?

When judging a product, we should consider many factors. Comprehensively, the PDF to DOC converters listed in this article can be the top choices.



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