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Top 6 Odia PDF to Word Converters in 2024 [Efficient & Accurate]

By Charlotte | Follow twitter | Updated on May 11, 2024
PDF to Word conversion is one of the most common tasks in the business world. If your working language is Odia (formerly Oriya), you may inevitably need to convert a PDF to a Word document in Odia with OCR. This post lets you quickly learn about the best six Odia PDF to Word converters, including desktop and online tools and services. Use them to extract the text for editing or formatting.

1. SwifDoo PDF

SwifDoo PDF is an all-inclusive conversion software that enables you to effortlessly convert Odia PDF documents to editable Word files using OCR. It offers a batch conversion function for multiple file processing. The Odia PDF to Word converter delivers top-quality and precise output results with the layout preserved at most. It supports DOCX and DOC formats. You can also choose "Edit" > "Edit All" and copy the text into Word. 

SwifDoo PDF Odia PDF to Word converter

The SwifDoo PDF app makes converting a PDF file to Word format straightforward. Just choose the “PDF to Word” option, add your PDF, and click the "Start" button. You can also use the same method to convert an Odia image to text. Now, download the SwifDoo Odia PDF to Word converter for 7-day free services. No limitation or payment information is required.

In addition, you can get a complete set of PDF editing, PDF to other formats converting, and other tools. The software contains a few outstanding features below:

  • OCR recognize scanned images or documents
  • Translate a complete PDF or selected text block between English, Odia, and over 100 different languages.
  • AI tools to analyze PDFs for content summarizing, proofreading, translating, and rewriting

2. OCR2Edit

One Odia PDF to Word converter available on the web is OCR2Edit. As the name suggests, it has a series of OCR tools to extract text from various scans and image files. The generated files can be DOCX, DOC, Excel, PowerPoint, TXT, etc. Premium users can upload a group of files to deal with. When you convert an Odia PDF to Word using this tool, you can choose to focus on text accuracy or layout integrity.

OCR2Edit Odia PDF to Word converter

3. i2OCR

i2OCR is another online Odia PDF to Word converter that doesn’t require software installation or registration. It allows you to upload your Oriya PDF from your local computer or a URL and convert it to Word format page by page. For a multi-page file, you should convert multiple times. The PDF to text converter tool first changes the PDF to an image and then extracts the text from the image. One downside is that the ads are almost everywhere on the website.

i2OCR Odia PDF to Word converter

4. Canva

Acting as an Odia PDF file to Word converter, Canva is initially an image design and editing tool. It text recognizes your PDF to let users be able to reformat and make further edits without losing quality. It doesn't create a Word file but allows you to copy what’s extracted and paste it anywhere. You can share the editable file as a link or download it in JPG or, again, a PDF. The online tool not only helps convert Odia PDFs to Word but also converts files like Word to PDFs.

Canva Odia PDF to Word converter

5. SwifDoo PDF Online Converter

The web version of SwifDoo PDF provides one of the free Odia PDF to Word converters. Without signing up or downloading software, you can access the online PDF to Word converter tool and upload your file. The conversion will automatically begin and complete with the download button clickable. The UI is entirely ad-free and easy for beginners. The browser-based app can also convert PDFs to other Office documents, drawings, and images.

SwifDoo PDF Online version Odia PDF to Word converter

6. Oriya Typing – India Typing

Oriya Typing – India Typing is basically an image to text converter that enables you to achieve the goal of converting Odia PDF files to Word documents. It extracts Odia text from photos so you can convert PDF pages to images in nearly any format in advance and upload them to the converter. After conversion, you can edit, copy, and download the extracted text to make your Word document and start quick touch-ups.

Oriya Typing - India Typing Odia PDF to Word converter

Summary of the 6 Odia PDF to Word Converters for Fast Pick

The following table gives a simple comparison of all the introduced software tools. It takes just a minute to figure out which suits you best or you like most. The factors include the operating system, the power of the conversion features, and extra-valued tools. 



Conversion Ability


More Features

SwifDoo PDF


  • Batch Conversion
  • Convert scanned PDFs using OCR

Clean, intuitive

  • Edit PDF text and images directly
  • Translate PDF
  • Annotate PDF
  • Organize PDF pages
  • Encrypt and decrypt PDFs



  • Bulk conversion
  • Scanned document conversion


No, except for file conversion



  • Single file and single page conversion


No, except for the OCR conversion



  • Single file conversion

Clean, less user-friendly

  • Graphic design
  • PDF translation
  • Make PDFs editable

SwifDoo PDF Online Converter


  • Convert one file per time

Clean, easy-to-navigate

  • Convert PDFs to/from all the common files

Oriya Typing – India Typing


  • Convert one file at a time

Many ads

  • Text translation

Final Thoughts

From what's been talked and the chart above, it's not difficult to find that SwifDoo PDF offline and online apps are more secure to use. The software has been trusted and reviewed by millions of users with its generous free trial and affordable pro versions. If you only need OCR for images and documents, a dedicated tool like i2OCR is a good option. 

Note: Please note that you may fail to convert some special Odia PDF documents to Word using these converters, and the converted content may be unreadable or garbled. 

Charlotte has been in the software industry for 8+ years. She works for AWZWARE now as a passionate writer. She is good at providing simple guides to use various video, office and entertainment software. Charlotte also recommends many other useful tools to make your work and life easier. A food lover too.

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