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Professional Marathi to Hindi Translation for PDF Files | Best 5 Tools

By Lydia | Follow twitter | Updated on November 28, 2023 | Deutsch
The need for PDF translators is increasing to help you comprehend a Marathi PDF in Hindi. As a linguistically diverse country, not all people speaking Hindi can understand Marathi or other Indian languages. Hence, when working with Marathi PDFs, you need to carry out Marathi to Hindi translation for PDF documents.

Looking for an exceptional translator to understand the Marathi PDF? Check out this post. It highlights 5 handy tools to convert Marathi PDFs to Hindi offline and online.

Best 5 Applications to Carry Out Marathi to Hindi Translation for PDF

Follow the introductions in this part to find the ideal Marathi to Hindi converter for PDFs to begin your translation with accuracy.

SwifDoo PDF (Offline)

Conduct Marathi to Hindi translation for PDF in SwifDoo PDF

As an expert PDF suite, SwifDoo PDF is loaded with features that give you unlimited access to convert a PDF to any language you want. It allows you to conduct accurate Marathi to Hindi translations for PDF documents or vice versa efficiently. In addition, the tool can automatically recognize the input language and the number of pages.


⭐ Translate a complete PDF into the language you want;

⭐ Understand the text sentence by sentence with Quick Translation;

⭐ Search and replace text in one click;

Edit PDF text to add text, reduce file size, make PDF editable, etc.


✘ Not available on Mac

Discover how to convert Marathi to Hindi for PDF files on Windows with a few clicks:

Step 1: Activate the Document Translation tool

Double-click the PDF translator to run it on your laptop or PC. Under the Home tab, click “Document Translation” to enable the feature.

Step 2: Select the target language

Conduct Marathi to Hindi translation for PDF in SwifDoo PDF

The translating tool can automatically detect the original language during the conversion. To set the target language, tap on the drop-down arrow shown on the search box on the right and choose “Hindi”.

Step 3:Translate Marathi PDF to Hindi

Conduct Marathi to Hindi translation for PDF in SwifDoo PDF

Press “Open File” to upload your PDF to the workspace. Then hit “Translate to Hindi” to get the Marathi PDF translated to Hindi.

Sakari Kendra (Online)

Conduct Marathi to Hindi translation for PDF in Sakari Kendra

Sakari Kendra is an Indian-running platform designed to provide job information, admit form templates, and even translation services for all languages spoken in India. Linked with Google Translate API, the Marathi to Hindi converter enables you to convert Marathi text to Hindi in seconds and comprehend the meaning. Without word limits, it can translate a long piece of text and save the translated results as a Word document or a text file.

However, this tool doesn’t directly get a Marathi PDF translated to Hindi. If your PDF is not long, you can copy the text from the PDF and paste it into the indicated area with the help of other tools. Then start the translation.


⭐ Total free services with accurate results;

⭐ Translation for all Indian spoken languages is supported;

⭐ No limit to the number of characters or words.


✘ Cannot straightforwardly convert a Marathi PDF to Hindi;

✘ Extra programs are needed to convert the PDF to a TXT file.

SmartCat (Online)

Conduct Marathi to Hindi translation for PDF in SmartCat

SmartCat is a paid online translating site to carry out Marathi to Hindi translation for PDF files. It is a collaborative platform to work with your teammates or clients in real time. Two translation methods are available: automatic translation and manual translation.

The first translation tool enables you to convert Marathi PDFs to Hindi immediately without corrupting the layout. It is capable of translating PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, images, and even videos into another language. The translation is performed based on the database created by Google, Deepl, and Bing engines to ensure accuracy. The manual translation lets you cooperate with your teammates or a professional translator to finish the tasks online.


⭐ Flexible methods to translate Marathi PDFs to Hindi;

⭐ Choose a specific database you want as the source of the translation engine;

⭐ Over 100 languages are selectable.


✘ Expensive to purchase;

✘ No free trial.

Protranslate (Online)

Conduct Marathi to Hindi translation for PDF in Protranslate

Protranslate is another online platform that makes it possible to perform Marathi to Hindi translation for PDF documents. It offers a variety of languages as the available options and translators specialized in Marathi and Hindi are ready to conduct the task. The website is one of the best translation services if you need to convey the meaning of a PDF file precisely in the fields of legal and technology.

It allows you to choose the service level of your desired translator with experience from 1-3 years to over 5 years. When it comes to the charge, the fee is based on the total number of words and languages.


⭐ Multiple fields of expertise are offered: legal, medical, academic, technical, and general;

⭐ Proofreading is provided to ensure the translation quality.


✘ It could be time-consuming for large PDF files;

✘ More expensive than machine translation.

Fiverr (Online)

Conduct Marathi to Hindi translation for PDF in Fiverr

Fiverr also supports Marathi to Hindi translation for PDF documents with the help of professional translators for legal and technical topics. After all, machine translation still needs to enhance its accuracy in these areas. This website has lots of freelancers fluent in Marathi and Hindi who can perform professional and natural translations.


⭐ The price is more affordable to convert Marathi PDFs to Hindi;

⭐ Easy and user-friendly to help you find the ideal translator.


✘ The communication between you and the translator can be a little difficult;

✘ Cannot ensure reliability for quality.

To Sum Up

After reading this article, we believe you must find the optimal Marathi to Hindi converter to help you translate Marathi PDFs to Hindi with accuracy. Many online websites now enable you to complete the job easily at an affordable price.

However, they don’t provide other PDF-related services if you want to make edits or add annotations. In this case, SwifDoo PDF tops the list to conduct Marathi to Hindi translation for PDF files and make other edits or changes to update the content.


Q:How to convert a Marathi Word document into Hindi?

Microsoft Word has a built-in translator that supports various languages, including Marathi and Hindi so there is no need to use other text translators. Follow the steps below to convert a Marathi Word document to Hindi:

Step 1: Open the Word document and click Review;

Step 2: Tap on the drop-down list under Translate and choose Translate Document;

Step 3: Set the target language as Hindi and hit Translate to get the Marathi file translated to Hindi.

Lydia is an English columnist for AWZware. She is familiar with different technology products such as office software, location changers, and video software applications. Focused on tech blog writing, she is willing to solve your problems with up-to-date information.

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