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How to Make Interactive PDF with Easy-to-Follow Steps in 2023

By Kevin | Follow twitter | Updated on January 5, 2023

Originally, PDFs were just documents with plain text for printing. As time goes by, multimedia arises and becomes part of PDFs’ content too. GIFs, images, videos, links, etc. can make a PDF more vivid, illustrative, and persuasive. And people called PDFs with those interactive content interactive PDFs. This blog is going to show you how to make an interactive PDF by yourself. Great interactive PDFs can be created by easy-to-get tools, follow the guide!

Interactive PDF

Make Interactive PDF by SwifDoo PDF

SwifDoo PDF is a professional PDF editor for users to create or edit interactive PDFs. Using this tool to add links, images, videos, etc. is effortless. A perfect interactive PDF can be created by it within a few steps and a detailed guide on that is also prepared for you. Steps for making interactive PDFs are listed below:

1. Add Clickable Links to PDF

Only 4 steps are necessary for adding links to a PDF:
Step 1. Download SwifDoo PDF and install it.

Free Download
Step 2. Open or create a PDF with it.
Step 3. In the header, choose Edit > Link > Add or edit link.
Step 4. Choose the texts that you need to add a link to.
Step 5. Enter the hyperlink in the pop-up window to finish.

Make interactive PDF by SwifDoo PDF - add links

More settings for adding links can be found in the pop-up window.
That’s all for adding links in an interactive PDF, viewers can visit the links that you put in the PDF now. This would make your PDF more persuasive and authoritative when citing content from other sources.

2. Add Images to PDF

Adding images is also easy. Only 2 steps to make it.
Step 1. Still in the Edit > Image.
Step 2. Choose an image and add it to your PDF.
You can adjust the size, transparency, location, etc. after adding.

3. Add Videos to PDF

Videos need to be added by attachment.
Step 1. In the header, find Annotate > Attachment.
Step 2. Add the video you need to the PDF.
You can find the Attachment in the sidebar too. Click the paper clip icon to add is also fine.

Make interactive PDF by SwifDoo PDF - add videos

Besides the 3 things mentioned above, SwifDoo PDF can also help you make a PDF fillable, remove watermarks, change font size in PDF form, etc. Anything you can come up with editing PDFs, you can turn to SwifDoo PDF for help.

SwifDoo PDF: All-in-One PDF Software
  • Annotate PDFs by adding notes, bookmarks, etc.
  • Convert PDFs to Word, Excel, and other editable files
  • Edit, compress, organize, and split PDFs
Free Download
Windows 11/10/8.1/7/XP

Make Interactive PDF by Adobe Indesign

Adobe Indesign is developed for you to “Create layout designs. Publish printed books, brochures, digital magazines, flyers, and interactive online documents with Adobe InDesign desktop publishing software.” It can add links and interactive buttons to PDFs. Detailed steps to use this software to make interactive PDFs can be found on its website. So, no more introduction can be drawn here.
Adobe Indesign can only be acquired in the Adobe Creative Cloud, that is to say, you have to download the creative cloud to get this software. Then you’ll need a subscription for it and only a 7-day free trial is available. Plans would be US$20.99/mo for individuals and US$19.99 for students and teachers.
This tool is not made for PDF editing, so it cannot provide you with many PDF editing features when you want to adjust your Interactive PDF. You can only add links or buttons to PDFs but cannot edit the original documents like Adobe Acrobat Pro or the software above - SwifDoo PDF.

Make interactive PDF by Adobe Indesign

Comparison Between Adobe Indesign & SwifDoo PDF

Check the table below to see the conclusions of 2 apps.

  Free Trial Availability Plans Pros Cons
Adobe Indesign 7-day free trial



  • $20.99/mo
  • $19.00/mo
Add interactive buttons to PDFs
  • Subscribe to use
  • No PDF editing features
SwifDoo PDF 15-day free trial Windows
  • $2.91 or $5.17/mo 
  • $20/mo
  • Comprehensive PDF editing
  • No-login to use
No macOS version

After reading all the introductions and comparisons above, you can make your decision now.

The Bottom Line

The methods for making interactive PDFs have been presented to you above. You can use them to create your interactive PDFs now. Adobe Indesign and SwifDoo PDF are compared in this blog for making interactive PDFs, and SwifDoo PDF stands out for its powerful features in PDF editing, which deserve your choice. Download this PDF editor for your PC now! Windows 11, 10, and 7 are all supported.



Kevin is an experienced editor for SwifDoo focused on tech blog writing. Familiar with all kinds of PDF editing software on the market, specializes in composing posts about PDFs. All the topics he chooses are aimed at bringing more benefits to users.

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