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Hindi to Marathi PDF Translation: 4 Simple Solutions

By Lydia | Follow twitter | Updated on March 29, 2024
If your businesses are operated in areas where Hindi and Marathi are spoken, the need for accurate and efficient translation is particularly crucial. However, translating Hindi to Marathi for PDF documents might pose unique challenges, considering the difficulty of PDF editing while preserving the formatting.

This post takes you through a complete guide on how to carry out Hindi PDF to Marathi translation. Whether you are a business worker, a student, or an individual who wants to break the language barrier, it is no longer a problem.

Sol. 1: Hindi to Marathi PDF Translation with a PDF Translator

SwifDoo PDF is a reliable toolbox for all things related to PDF. It is equipped with a standalone Document Translation feature to translate a PDF file to another language as you wish. This tool is designed to perform the conversion straightforwardly, allowing you to access the PDF in the target language without corrupting the layout. Thanks to its wide range of language options, the program can smoothly convert Hindi to Marathi for PDF files.

The capabilities of quick analyzing and accurate translation aid in saving time and enhancing readability. For those who need to read PDFs with long pages, SwifDoo PDF is undoubtedly captivating.

Take a look at the following guide to convert your Hindi PDF to Marathi in SwifDoo PDF:

Step 1: Upload your file

Convert Hindi to Marathi PDF on SwifDoo PDF

Click twice on the PDF translator to launch it. Under the “Home” tab from the top menu bar, tap the “Document Translation” button. In the dialogue, click “Open File” to add your file to the workspace.

Step 2: Decide the target language

Convert Hindi to Marathi PDF on SwifDoo PDF

Click on the drop-down button in the target language box. Scroll down and locate “Marathi” from the list.

Step 3: Carry out Hindi to Marathi translation for the PDF

Convert Hindi to Marathi PDF on SwifDoo PDF

Specify the PDF pages that need to be translated. Hit “Translate to Marathi” to convert the Hindi PDF to Marathi.

Sol. 2: Hindi to Marathi PDF Translation with AI Technology

AI-assisted reading of PDF files is nothing new. If you are looking for such an artificial intelligence technology, SwifDoo AI is the optimal choice. It is an AI-driven assistant to streamline the process of reading PDF files. Working with ChaGPT 4.0, SwifDoo AI can translate, analyze, proofread, and summarize a PDF file. The excellent feature lets you convert Hindi PDFs to Marathi while viewing, helping you understand a Hindi PDF at a faster pace and more efficiently.

We provide step-by-step instructions to translate Hindi to Marathi for PDF documents with SwifDoo AI:

Step 1: Open the PDF

Run SwifDoo PDF, and drag and drop your Hindi PDF to its main screen. The file is ready for viewing and editing. Alternatively, tap “Open” and select the desired file to open it.

Step 2: Enable SwifDoo AI

Convert Hindi to Marathi PDF on SwifDoo AI

Head to the “Home” button and click “SwifDoo AI” to open the chatbox.

Tips: Make sure you select the “Chat with AI” option.

Step 3: Convert the Hindi text to Marathi for the book in PDF

Convert Hindi to Marathi PDF on SwifDoo AI

Move your cursor to select the text you need to translate. Hit “Copy” from the floating mini toolbar and paste the text to the chatbox. Ask SwifDoo AI to translate the Hindi PDF text to Marathi.

If you want to rewrite part of the PDF text in Marathi, here are several useful paragraph rewriters:

Top 7 Paragraph Rewriters to Rewrite Text Effortlessly [Free]

Top 7 Paragraph Rewriters to Rewrite Text Effortlessly [Free]

Explore seven free paragraph rewriters for effortless text rewriting. Upgrade your content with these user-friendly tools!


Sol. 3: Hindi to Marathi PDF Translation with Online Translation Service

There is only one free translation platform available during our test: Online Doc Translator. This website offers online PDF translation services for languages such as Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, and other Indian languages. It translates a whole Hindi PDF into Marathi or any other language while retaining the formatting.

However, the site is not stable, so you need to retry several times to get the results. Moreover, ads are quite pesky. Sensitive PDF documents are not recommended to be translated by this tool.

Find out how to perform online Hindi to Marathi translation for books in PDF:

Step 1: Navigate to the online Hindi PDF to Marathi converter;

Step 2: Scroll down and hit Upload file to import your PDF;
Convert Hindi to Marathi PDF online

Step 3: Go down to adjust the languages catering to your needs. Click Translate to convert the Hindi PDF to Marathi.

Tips: The Download button is under the Convert my PDF to Word option.

Sol. 4: Hindi to Marathi PDF Translation with Language Translation Tool

Despite the security issue of online translation tools, if you still want to use a free Hindi PDF to Marathi converter, then a text translation website is your option. Easy Hindi Typing is a language translation platform that shines in translating various Indian languages. The site can convert a piece of text (no more than 500 characters) to another language at a time for free.

Read on to see how to translate Hindi to Marathi for PDFs using Easy Hindi Typing:

Step 1: Open the site via your browser;

Step 2: Paste the copied Hindi text to the designated area on the left;

Step 3: Press Translate to convert the Hindi text to Marathi.
Convert Hindi to Marathi PDF online

Bottom Line

We have provided several simple solutions to help you translate Hindi to Marathi for your PDF documents based on different needs and preferences. For those who need to comprehend the PDF content while making edits or annotations, SwifDoo PDF offers the best tool to help you collaborate in an international group leveraging AI technology. 

Additionally, online translation services like Online Doc Translator offer convenient options for translating Hindi PDFs to Marathi and overcoming the language barrier.


Q:Why can't I translate a PDF file?

If you cannot translate a PDF file, it might be because it is a scanned file. A scanned PDF consists of images instead of text. The PDF OCRing process is needed to make the scanned file editable so that your PDF translator can recognize the text. If you want to convert scanned Hindi PDF to Marathi, follow the guide below to make it editable first:

Step 1: Go to i2OCR and scroll down to select the original language as Hindi;

Step 2: Click Select Image to upload your file;

Step 3: Tap Extract Text to OCR the PDF.

Lydia is an English columnist for AWZware. She is familiar with different technology products such as office software, location changers, and video software applications. Focused on tech blog writing, she is willing to solve your problems with up-to-date information.

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