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Top 7 Paragraph Rewriters to Rewrite Text Effortlessly [Free]

By Lydia | Follow twitter | Updated on March 29, 2024
Often, we are stuck in the chaos of daily chores, and our minds cannot generate new ideas. Well, you can use a paragraph rewriter to present your content in a fresh and new manner. Paraphrasing can help you improve search engine rankings and boost your marketing campaigns with many more benefits.

Thankfully, various tools are available to increase your own capabilities. They can repurpose paragraphs and sentence structure to make something new and better. Check this post with competent AI rewriter free tools, including the SwifDoo AI designed by SwifDoo PDF. Find your best pick to boost your productivity.

Here’s a list of 7 recommended paragraph rewriters to reword your paragraph. Let’s take a quick look at all of them.

Paragraph Rewriters Price Best For
SwifDoo AI


Paid version starts from $7.9/month

New and advanced writers to summarize, translate, rewrite, proofread, and analyze PDF documents


Paid version starts from $8.33/month

Writers and content marketers looking for the most accurate paraphrasing tool that produces quality content
Spintax Generator


Content creators who need a free and simple article rewriter that doesn’t offer many distracting features


Paid version starts from $19.99/month

Content creators looking to paraphrase text and generate text based on source material
Copy AI


Paid version starts from $49/month

Better for Automating Sales Team Processes


Paid version starts from $19/month

New writers looking to boost content production without spending money. More Focused on Paraphrasing and Grammar Check
SmallSEOTools Rewriter


Beginners and new writers to rewrite basic content with fewer features

The Best 7 Paragraph Rewriters for All Documents

Finding the best AI rewriters can be complex, but using some factors, you can easily pick the best one. For instance, when choosing one, you must look for editing features, artificial intelligence, a plagiarism checker, supported formats, price, advanced databases and technology, supported languages, and user reviews.

These critical factors will assist you in making an informed decision. We have introduced the seven best tools to assist you in rewriting paragraphs for all documents to ease the job. Find the most appropriate one to meet your requirements, as mentioned hereunder.

1. SwifDoo AI – The Top Paragraph Rewriter for PDF

Paragraph rewritter - SwifDoo AI

SwifDoo PDF is a user-friendly PDF editor and paragraph rewriter tool compatible with the Windows system. Its SwifDoo AI feature is an efficient AI assistant for working on PDFs. With this AI rewrite tool, you can summarize critical information from long PDF documents, explain complicated concepts from PDFs in plain words, purposefully rewrite PDF files to optimize the content, intelligently proofread PDF files to augment writing quality, and analyze PDF documents like a human being.

  • Briskly translate a PDF document in multiple languages
  • Helps rewrite text using AI
  • Assists in summarizing and proofreading PDF files
  • It enables you to explain complex concepts in simple terms


  • Works only on Windows computer


2. Quillbot

Paragraph rewritter - Quillbot

Quillbot is the leading AI rewriter and article generator tool because it produces human-readable content. With AI algorithms and machine learning, it can quickly analyze and rewrite your work.

Its user-friendly features let you control the formal or informal tone and either expand or shorten sentences. Additionally, you can control the number of synonyms you include in Quillbot. It is not merely a paraphrasing and rewriting tool but also has other features, including a grammar checker and a plagiarism checker.

  • Provides helpful writing modes such as Creative and Expand
  • It has a readily available interface to reword your paragraph
  • Freeze Words gives better outputs when rewriting content
  • The monthly subscription is reasonable
  • Integrates a rewriter with a useful plagiarism checker and grammar checker


  • It's free version has a limit on characters
  • Its Grammar checker isn't as recently developed as Grammarly or ProWritingAid

3. Spintax Generator

Paragraph rewritter - Spintax Generator

Spintax Generator is the best AI rewriting and paraphrasing tool for content writers who want a free, straightforward article rewriter. This tool has two different modes. First, Spintax with Title Case lets you keep your original formatting and the same letter case you use. The second one is the Title Case Converter, which is helpful when changing various headings from sentence case to title case.

However, Spintax Generator doesn't provide additional features such as tone adjustments, plagiarism checkers, and writing assistants when used to rewrite paragraphs.

  • It's free and permits you to spin an unlimited amount of words
  • The dashboard is distraction-free and straightforward
  • It keeps the original formatting of your work unchained
  • Allows keeping original formatting and letter case


  • It's too basic a rewriter. Therefore, it's not a good option for advanced writers
  • It doesn't combine with other tools


4. Speedwrite

Paragraph rewritter - Speedwrite

Speedwrite is the most popular paraphrasing tool and a text generator that helps to rewrite text. It's really not even article rewriter software in the ordinary sense; instead, it creates new copy based on your source material.

However, better article rewriters may be out there, especially if you require bulk spinning. Sadly, the inputs outside the content you put into the Speedwrite can't be controlled. Furthermore, it is only available in English.

  • A free paragraph rewriter with a simple and straightforward interface
  • Offers free trial with limited free predictions
  • The output texts have good grammar and spelling
  • Offers 6000 predictions per month


  • It produces pretty basic and low-quality output
  • This tool is not very configurable or customizable


5. Copy AI

Paragraph rewritter - Copy AI

Copy AI is an efficient AI rewriter tool that permits you to input text and automatically rewrite it. This tool also offers a fill-in-the-blank template system with the content generation feature. So, if you need assistance in writing an introduction for your blog article, you just have to input some keywords related to your topic to replace text in the PDF, and Copy AI will create an introduction for you.

  • Provides a "content generation" feature that assists you in writing blog posts, introductions, and more
  • It can be used in multiple languages
  • Uses artificial intelligence to create many different types of copy, including course content spinning
  • Includes a decent text editor


  • The free version of Copy AI is super limited in its functionality, so you may need to upgrade it.
  • The 'content generation' feature lacks accuracy compared to other article generator tools.


6. Spinbot

Paragraph rewritter - Spinbot

Spinbot is a free and basic paragraph rewriter and an auto-article spinner that helps rewrite human-readable text into added, intelligent, readable text. It allows you to rewrite text with unlimited content, even on the free plan.

  • Offers a simple and straightforward system
  • It's a free and automatic article spinner that will rewrite unlimited human-readable text
  • It's a paraphrasing tool with a solid reputation
  • Allows choosing longer or shorter versions of the paraphrased texts


  • It doesn't provide tone adjustments
  • Spinbot does not let you improve your content as you write


7. SmallSEOTools Rewriter

Paragraph rewritter - SmallSEOTools Rerwiter

SmallSEOTools Rewriter is one of the best article spinner tools to rewrite paragraphs, mainly because it is available for free. They not only produce original content but also have a free plagiarism checker so you can double-check the content that it produces.

  • It's a free AI rewriter that supports multiple languages
  • Accepts files and texts as input
  • Allows uploading files from Google Drive and Dropbox
  • It is equipped with a built-in plagiarism checker so you can double-check the produced content.


  • It offers only one spinning mode in the free version
  • It displays ads all over the place
  • Requires at least 15 words to function with a maximum of 2000 words


The Final Words

Paragraph rewriters are powerful tools that enable you to generate and rewrite content with a few clicks. However, the wide range of AI rewriting tools may make you overwhelmed and don't know which one to choose from. This post discusses seven useful paragraph rewriting assistants to help you regenerate paragraphs in the most natural way. 

SwifDoo AI is the most recommended one for its quick response to all your rewording tasks. It can improve the entire article's quality with simple clicks.


Q:How can I rewrite a PDF for free online?

DocHub is an AI word rewriter that helps you rewrite PDF documents hassle-free. Let us see how to reword your paragraph with DocHub in a few steps.

Step 1: Open DocHub in your web browser and use the drag-and-drop area to add your file.

Step 2: Use the toolbar to rewrite PDF documents and make other changes to your document.

Step 3: Click the Download or Export icon in the top right area.

Step 4: Select a storage location for your document.

Step 5: Click Download or Export, depending on your selected storage location.

Lydia is an English columnist for AWZware. She is familiar with different technology products such as office software, location changers, and video software applications. Focused on tech blog writing, she is willing to solve your problems with up-to-date information.

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