PDF and CSV are both the go-to formats used by many businesses to store digital files, and the latter is particularly used for exchanging tabular data. As an accounting manager or officer, you may oftentimes need to import CSV files into a database program, but sometimes it's possible to receive a bank statement in PDF format, then how do you make it a CSV file for importing? The easiest and fastest workaround is to convert PDF to CSV format.

In terms of converting a file between two different formats, there are a wide range of tools to choose. In this post, we’ve rounded up top 4 PDF to CSV converters that are quick, easy, and secure to use.

What is CSV and a CSV File?

CSV, also known as comma-separated values, is a type of plain text file format defined by RFC 4180 standard for storing tabular data. As the name suggests, it uses commas to separate the values in a file.

A CSV file (file with .csv extension) , also called a flat file, looks similar to an Excel file but doesn't contain any formatting, or formulas, except for text. It's used to transfer table data between two different programs, and can be opened in text editors and spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel and Google Docs.

Convert PDF to CSV with SwifDoo PDF on Windows

The primary benefit of using SwifDoo PDF for converting PDFs lies in its security and reliability. Compared with online converters storing your data in the cloud, the desktop SwifDoo PDF application running via a dedicated server can better guarantee your privacy. Instead of directly creating a comma-separated values file from a PDF, it’s a viable way to convert the PDF to an Excel file and then save Excel as CSV.

Check how to convert a document from PDF to CSV format with SwifDoo PDF. 

Step 1: Right-click on your PDF file in the file folder to choose Open with, and select SwifDoo PDF;   

Step 2: Click the Convert tab on the top and select PDF to Excel in the secondary toolbar;


Step 3: In SwifDoo PDF Converter dialog box, specify the page range you want to apply the conversion to, choose an output path, and tap the Start button;


Step 4: Open the converted Excel file with Microsoft Excel or some other Excel software, then save it as a CSV document.

Tip: Alternatively, you can copy and paste the tables you need in the Excel file to a CSV file to meet your goal.

SwifDoo PDF is an all-around PDF application that integrates PDF editing, converting, compressing, watermarking, and many more features into a small package. The program can run on all Windows devices (Windows 10/11/8.1/7/XP) and its web version allows you to convert PDFs online.

Convert PDF to CSV Online


To directly convert your PDF bank statement to a CSV file, you can turn to an online converter. The reason of putting Zamzar in the post boils down to its free service and high speed conversion capability. This tool is designed to convert all types of files from audios, videos, and ebooks to Excel files, Word files, and images. Here is the simple guide to convert PDF to CSV online for free.

Step 1: Click Choose Files on the home page of the web tool to upload your PDF;


Step 2: Tap Convert To to choose the exported format as CSV;


Step 3: Press Convert Now and download the comma-separated values file.

The maximum file size should not exceed 50MB, otherwise you will need to register for a paid account to download it. In terms of file security, the web tool provider promises that all the free converted files will be automatically permanently deleted in 7 days. To delete them sooner, you can send a form on the website to the support to write your request.


Convertio is another online converter that we recommend for converting PDF documents to CSV files. Similar to the above-mentioned tool, it is also multi-purpose, enabling you to convert documents, audios, videos and some other types of files. The advantages of using the web app include the fast response and quality conversion results. The steps to convert PDF to CSV are as follows.

Step 1: Select and upload your PDF file by clicking Choose Files, Dropbox or Google Drive icon;

Step 2: Tap to drop-down button to choose Document and select CSV as the output format;


Step 3: Hit Convert to change your file from PDF to CSV format.

The PDF converter supports converting up to 10 files for free, each of which should be smaller than 100MB. The processed files will be deleted automatically after 24 hours and can be deleted earlier as needed by clicking "My Files" on the site and a cross icon. With respect to the data protection, the software adopts TLS encryption technology and HSTS web security policy to secure the communication channel.


Along with the aforementioned two web converters, AnyConv can work on all operating systems including Mac OS, Linux, and Windows. It has capabilities to convert MOBI, DOC, HEIC, DWG, and many other formats completely for free. Find out how to convert the tables in a PDF bank statement to a CSV file online using the tool.

Step 1: Open the right web page, click CHOOSE FILE to upload the PDF document;


Step 2: Select CSV as the exported format;


Step 3: Tap CONVERT to change PDF to CSV.

You can use the conversion software to batch convert multiple PDF documents to comma-separated values text files but a single file size must be less than 100MB. The downside about the website you should know is that there are some annoying ads around the workplace.  

What's the Best PDF to CSV Converter?

All roads lead to Rome. For convenience and reliable output results, both Zamzar and Convertio are professional. But from the perspective of data security, using SwifDoo PDF for creating plain text files (.csv) from Excel files is a good idea. Anyway, just try the methods and find which most fits your need.

Common FAQ about 4 Methods to Convert PDF to CSV (Desktop & Free Online)

Q:How do I convert PDF to CSV in Google Sheets?

You can extract the tables from a PDF document to a Google Sheets file and download it as a comma-separated values (.csv) file. Here is the tutorial to do that.

Step 1: Log into your Drive account in a browser, go to New, and File upload to upload your PDF, then open it;

Step 2: Click Open with on the top and choose Google Docs;

Step 3: Locate and copy the tables you need, and paste them into a new Google Sheets file;

Step 4: Tap File, Download, and select comma-separated values (.csv) in Google Sheets to export the spreadsheet to your target CSV file.



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