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Great Ways to Compress PDF to 50KB Offline and Online

By Charlotte | Follow twitter | Updated on December 12, 2023
Many times you may need to make a PDF size smaller so you can share it anywhere or store it without trouble. The top way to reduce the PDF file size is by compression. If you wish to compress PDFs to 50KB, you will surely require a powerful PDF compressor tool. As a result, you can get things done quickly, and easily and even do more to the file. Some compressors may support batch compression.

Whether you like to work with or without software installation, this post teaches the effortless methods. Check how to use the 4 introduced PDF compressors to compress PDFs to 50KB or below 50KB offline and online.

Compress PDF to 50KB Offline

If you want to keep your files private and love to use offline software, the two PDF compressors in this part will meet your needs. Learn about their features, performance and more and how they compress a PDF file.

SwifDoo PDF

SwifDoo PDF is a productive PDF compressor that can help compress PDFs to 50KB or below 50KB in seconds. The desktop application is lightweight, fast and simple to use. It allows you to add and compress multiple files at once and you can customize the compression options to reach your desired file size. The compression process takes you just a few clicks thanks to the intuitive interface.

Refer to the steps below to compress PDFs to 50KB or under 50KB.

Step 1: Open SwifDoo PDF and import the PDF you need to compress to 50KB into the program;

Step 2: Click the Edit tab on the top and choose Compress;

Compress PDF to 50KB offline with SwifDoo PDF step 2

Step 3: Add other PDFs to be compressed, pick your wanted compression level, or set the image resolution;

Compress PDF to 50KB offline with SwifDoo PDF step 3

Step 4: Specify the saving location and click Compress to start compressing the file.

The PDF size compressor allows you to compress PDFs to 50KB, 100KB, 150KB, etc. for free with a free trial. The 7-day free trial lets you access most of the SwifDoo PDF features without limitations, without credit card info asked. The software is also a Word, Excel and image compressor. It allows you to compress images to 50KB if needed. Besides, there are tools to split and edit PDF documents.

Adobe Acrobat Pro

A PDF compressor to compress PDFs to 50KB or less than 50KB on a Mac computer is Adobe Acrobat Pro. From the inventor of the PDF format, the software encompasses a complete set of features to modify, sign and collaborate on PDF files. That’s so good but also makes the program a bit heavy to install and slow to run. If you would like to use Adobe, read the following guide to access its PDF compressor and compress PDFs to 50KB or under 50KB.

Step 1: Open your PDF with the software;

Step 2: Go to File, choose Save as Other and select Reduced Size PDF;

Compress PDF to 50KB offline with Adobe Acrobat Pro

Step 3: Pick your preferred Acrobat Version Compatibility option and hit OK;

Step 4: Name the output file and click Save to compress the images and reduce the PDF file size.

Using the software, you can also increase the PDF size with its page setup tool.

Compress PDF to 50KB Online

Using an online PDF compressor to compress PDFs to 50KB is convenient if you don’t want to download or install software. Online tools usually offer free services for users to try. Jump right into the two online methods.


Online2PDF.com contains an online image and PDF file compressor that lets you compress a PDF file to 50KB or nearly 50KB for free with ad support. It’s accessible from both desktop and phone browsers and doesn’t require registration. The software allows you to choose an image quality value for the compressed file. You can also convert image formats with it.

Compress PDF to 50KB online with Online2PDF.com

Take the best PDF compressor to compress PDFs to 50KB online for free according to the next tutorial.

Step 1: Open the PDF compressor of the online software and upload your PDF;

Step 2: Set the quality and resolution of images in the output file;

Step 3: Click Convert and in a moment, the tool will compress the PDF file size to 50KB.

Please note that the resulting PDF size is not guaranteed to be the same as or smaller than what you expected.


11zon provides a great way to compress PDFs to 50KB. This is another online PDF compressor that’s designed to be used in any web browser. It not only compresses a PDF to a PDF but also compresses a PDF to a JPG to 50KB or below 50KB. It also allows you to combine multiple images into one PDF. The website claims that the uploaded files will be removed from it within 2 hours.

Here we explain to you how to compress PDFs to 50KB using the online service.

Step 1: Choose the Compress PDF tool on the site and click Select PDF to upload the PDF file you wish to compress to 50KB;

Compress PDF to 50KB online with 11zon

Step 2: Change the compression level to the percentage value you like;

Step 3: Hit the Compress button and download the resized PDF after processing.

Wrapping Up

It’s time for you to decide which method to choose, offline or online way. Here are some pro tips for your consideration.

To compress PDFs to 50KB without losing quality, the PDF compressor you use doesn’t matter a lot but you should select the lower compression level for higher quality. The online software is best at the ability to compress both PDFs and images. If you hope to compress multiple PDF files to 50KB or less than 50KB in a short time and make further edits to the files, the SwifDoo PDF offline app is your ideal option.

Note: You should be aware that not all PDF files can be compressed to 50KB or below 50KB, regardless of the compressor you use. If you fail to reduce the PDF size with all the introduced methods, it’s probably there is nothing to compress anymore.

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