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4 Best Ways to Compress PDF to 150KB or Less: Easy and Quick

By Charlotte | Follow twitter | Updated on December 5, 2023 | Français
It is incredibly useful to compress a large PDF file to a smaller size. So you can email or upload the file somewhere instantly. With the best PDF compressor, you can compress PDFs to 150KB or below 150KB in a short time without taking much effort. The problem that may bother you is usually the choice of compressors. Also, you might run into a bit of a snag when you step into using the compression feature.

Check out how to take a native utility on your computer or dedicated offline and online PDF compressors to compress PDFs to 150KB or less.

Compress PDF to 150KB or Less Using SwifDoo PDF

SwifDoo PDF is a Windows-based PDF compressor that you can leverage to compress PDFs to 150KB or under 150KB. It enables you to choose from different compression levels and customize the output quality. The application supports bulk adding and compressing multiple PDF files. It features a small installation size and fast response. After a compression task, the resulting file size will be shown for you to view.

Here we detail the steps to compress PDFs to 150KB using SwifDoo PDF.

Step 1: Launch the PDF compressor software and choose the Compress PDF option;

Compress PDF to 150KB using SwifDoo PDF step 1

Step 2: Add your PDF file to the dialogue box that appears and select a proper compression level;

Compress PDF to 150KB using SwifDoo PDF step 2

Click Custom to set the image quality and resolution if you want;

Step 3: Specify the saving location and hit Start to reduce the PDF size to 150KB or below 150KB in seconds.

SwifDoo PDF allows you to compress PDFs to 150KB or below 150KB for free using a free trial. No credit card info is required. No limitation on the number or size of files you can process. The software also encompasses a set of PDF converters, a PDF splitter, a page organizer and more tools.

Compress PDF to 150KB or Less with ColorSync

On a Mac, you can always use the built-in ColorSync as a PDF size reducer to convert and compress PDFs to 150KB or below 150KB. This is a utility app that includes Quartz filters to help modify PDF documents in many ways. It allows you to add effects, compress images in PDFs, and change the color space.

Below we will demonstrate how you should take this PDF size compressor to compress PDFs to 150KB.

Step 1: Open the native app, go to File and choose Open to open your heavy PDF;

Step 2: Click the Filter drop-down menu in the pop-up window and select Reduce File Size;

Compress PDF to 150KB with ColorSync

Step 3: Hit Apply to compress the PDF file to 150KB or less. Then use the Save as option to save the compressed PDF.

Online PDF Compressor to Resize PDF File to 150KB: 11zon

An easy way to compress PDFs to 150KB and download and share the files is to access 11zon. This online software is available in any browser from any operating system. It allows you to quickly convert and merge images to a PDF file as well. The online PDF compressor can compress several PDF files to 150KB or less than 150KB at once for free. The uploaded files will be automatically deleted from the server.

The method to compress PDFs to 150KB online for free is as follows.

Step 1: Choose the Compress PDF tool on the website to open the PDF file compressor and resizer;

Compress PDF to 150KB with 11zon

Step 2: Upload a PDF from your device and drag the slider to set the compression level in percentage;

Step 3: Click Compress to resize the PDF file to 150KB online and download the smaller file.

Compress PDF to 150KB or Less with iLovePDF

Another trick to compress PDFs to 150KB is to count on iLovePDF, which is an online PDF compressor and converter. The online service is designed with an intuitive and relatively clean interface. There is also a tool provided to delete pages from a PDF on the site. Most of the time you can work with the online software for free with certain limits.

Learn how to compress PDFs to 150KB using the online file compressor.

Step 1: Navigate to COMPRESS PDF on the top of the website, and upload your PDFs;

Compress PDF to 150KB with iLovePDF

Free users can upload up to 2 PDF files for compression;

Step 2: Choose your preferred option from extreme, recommended and less compression levels;

Step 3: Hit the Compress PDF button, then the software will compress the PDF file size to 150KB or less online in a few moments.

Final Thoughts

With the 4 great methods introduced, you might ask which one is the best to compress PDFs to 150KB or less without losing quality.

For a reliable compression result, SwifDoo PDF reviewed by PCWorld and the inbuilt ColorSync that lets you set the image quality are your first choices. Those who need to compress a PDF massively should go with the highest compression level and sacrifice some image or file quality. For non-confidential PDF files and infrequent compression needs, it’s good to use the mentioned online PDF compressors to reduce the PDF file size to 150KB.

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Charlotte has been in the software industry for 8+ years. She works for AWZWARE now as a passionate writer. She is good at providing simple guides to use various video, office and entertainment software. Charlotte also recommends many other useful tools to make your work and life easier. A food lover too.

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