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How to Hyper Compress PDF without Losing Quality [5 Offline & Online Methods]

By Lydia | Follow twitter | Updated on October 20, 2023 | Deutsch Français
PDF files can easily be oversized for emailing or sharing. However, the maximum file size for email platforms is around 20 MB. To reduce your file size, you might need to hyper compress PDF documents to make them easy to transfer.

This post features a detailed guide to hyper compress PDF files with the 5 best PDF compressors. Both offline and online tools are mentioned to help you reduce the file size while preserving the file quality.

What Is Hyper Compress PDF

Hyper PDF compression can greatly reduce the file size of a PDF to its extreme. This can save more storage space on your device and make it faster for sharing and downloading. The compression removes duplicate codes or data to optimize the file.

The action is especially helpful when your PDF surpasses the attachment limit of an email or you are struggling with limited storage space. Hence, you need to highly compress PDF files.

How to Hyper Compress PDF Offline

Desktop applications provide stable services when processing large and multiple files. For Windows and Mac, we map out two handy hyper PDF compressors to deal with your overlarge PDF files: SwifDoo PDF and Preview. The two excels in performing high compression for PDF documents.

Extreme Compress PDF in SwifDoo PDF (Windows)

SwifDoo PDF is a Windows-based PDF toolkit that can apply up to 90% compression ratio based on your PDF file. The high PDF compression tool can quickly reduce the file size to the greatest extent and ensure its quality. A highlight of this software is that it can conduct extreme compression for multiple PDF documents in a batch. This removes the hassle of dealing with PDF files one by one and increases efficiency.

Click the button above to download and install the PDF compressor first. Follow the easy steps to hyper compress PDF files on Windows with the PDF size reducer:

Step 1: Launch this hyper compressing software and choose Compress PDF;

Hyper compress PDF on Windows

Step 2: Click Add Files to import your PDF files;

Step 3: Select the compression level as High and tap Start to extremely compress the PDFs.

Hyper compress PDF on Windows 1

After the high compression for PDFs, you can send your PDF to email via SwifDoo PDF or save it to Dropbox and Google Drive.


  • Hyper compress PDF files without losing quality;
  • Increase your efficiency with batch compression when handling multiple large PDF files;
  • Flexibly customize the compression level.


  • Not available on Macbook.

Extreme Compress PDF in Preview (Mac)

As the innate PDF editor on Macbook, Preview is equipped with a simple tool to perform extreme compression for PDF files in seconds. High readability is ensured after the conversion so that you can view the text as clearly as you do in the original file. The only drawback is that Preview doesn’t allow you to customize the compression ratio.

Here is how to hyper compress PDF documents on Mac:

Step 1: Open the PDF in Preview and go over to File. Choose Export from the drop-down list;

Hyper compress PDF on Mac

Step 2: Select the format as PDF. Click the drop-down arrow next to Quartz Filter and press Reduce File Size;

Hyper compress PDF on Mac1

Step 3: For the last step, tap Save to highly compress the PDF without losing its quality.


  • Preinstalled PDF software to extremely compress PDF documents for free;
  • No need to install another PDF program;
  • Effortlessly to decrease a PDF size to even 100KB with easy steps.


  • Offer limited PDF compression options.

How to Hyper Compress PDF Online

Online hyper PDF compressors are more flexible regardless of the device or operating system you use. In addition, most of them are free to use. We are going to present how to high-compress PDF files with 3 online sites. Let’s dive into them!

Highly Compress PDF with Online File Compressor

Online File Compressor is a free platform capable of highly compressing PDF documents with multiple options. You can choose different presets to cater to other needs; including eBooks, printers, and Prepress. What’s more, the site allows you to convert a PDF to black and white to further compress your PDF to the hyperlevel. It lets you know how much the file has been compressed. You can share the file by uploading it to the cloud or through the generated QR code.

Check out how to hyper compress PDF files online with this PDF software:

Step 1: Tap Choose File to add your file to the workspace;

Step 2: Scroll down to select Strong Compression. Then press START to extreme compress the PDF.

Hyper compress PDF online


  • Compress multiple PDFs to an extreme at once;
  • Easy to check the file information before reducing;
  • No file size limit.


  • The processing speed can be a little slow when hyper compressing large PDF files;
  • The action can be interrupted by unstable network connections.

Highly Compress PDF with ZonePDF

ZonePDF is a web-based PDF management solution with an easy-to-use hyper PDF compressor. It can swiftly decrease the PDF file size without losing the quality. One feature makes it stand out: you can directly save the compressed PDF files to Google Drive or Dropbox without downloading them. However, it doesn’t display the file size after hyper compressing the PDF.

The following is the detailed walkaround to hyper compress PDF files online for free in ZonePDF:

Step 1: Drag and drop your PDF to the indicated area;

Step 2: To perform high compression for a PDF, choose Best Compression. Click COMPRESS to reduce the file size.

Hyper compress PDF online 1


  • Work with Google Drive and Dropbox to import PDFs online;
  • One-click to preview the PDF content before processing;
  • Extreme compress PDF files to even 100 KB.


  • It has limits to free tasks.

Highly Compress PDF with 11zon

11zon is an online PDF toolkit to handle various PDF-related tasks. The PDF compressing tool enables you to manually adjust the compression level. Speaking of extremely compressing PDF files, the site can greatly reduce the PDF file size with over 90% compression ratio while retaining its quality. compression is supported to hyper compress PDF documents online. You can download all the compressed files at once in a zip file to save time.

Gear up to compress a PDF to the hyper level in 11zon:

Step 1: Visit the site of this hyper PDF compressor and tap Select PDF to upload your file;

Step 2: Drag the slider to make the compression level at 100%. Then hit COMPRESS to highly compress the PDF;

Hyper compress PDF online 2

Step 3: Click on the Download button to save the compressed file.


  • Hyperly compress PDFs to 100kb online for free;
  • No free tak limits;
  • No registration and ads.


  • It takes time to upload and extreme compress large PDF files.

Final Thoughts

5 practical methods are elaborated to hyper compress PDF files with a desktop or online application. You can effortlessly reduce the PDF file size to an extreme extent while preserving the quality. It is never a problem to compress a PDF to the hyperlevel. Last but not least, if you need to compress multiple PDFs efficiently, give SwifDoo PDF a try.


Q:How do I reduce the size of a PDF to 250kb?

To reduce the size of a PDF to 250KB, you can easily capitalize SwifDoo PDF, a handy hyper PDF compressor to achieve the task. Just open the program and tap “Compress PDF”. Drag and drop your file to the workspace and choose “High” compression level. Click “Start” and the job is done.

However, if your PDF is massive, this might not be enough. Extra images, transparency, hyperlinks, and other interactive elements should be deleted using the PDF editing tools of this software.

Q:How to use iLovePDF to hyper compress PDFs?

As one of the most popular online PDF management solutions, iLovePDF provides a compression feature that offers extreme compression for PDF files. This option allows you to decrease PDF size by up to 50% and more. Besides,

Now, let’s see how to hyper compress a PDF in iLovePDF:

Step 1: Visit its website and navigate to Compress PDF;

Step 2: Click Select PDF files to upload your document;

Step 3: Choose EXTREM COMPRESSION from the right and hit Compress PDF to reduce the file size of the PDF.

Lydia is an English columnist for AWZware. She is familiar with different technology products such as office software, location changers, and video software applications. Focused on tech blog writing, she is willing to solve your problems with up-to-date information.

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