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50 Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Friend: Happy Anniversary Quotes

By Charlotte | Follow twitter | Updated on June 4, 2024
Commemorating your friend's joyous wedding anniversary is a heartfelt way to express Love and admiration for their enduring dedication. On this particular day, if you are stuck on what to say for a friend's Anniversary, convey your warm wedding anniversary wishes for friends with our beautiful collection of happy anniversary quotes and messages. Let your friends know that their marriage is a source of motivation. Your heartfelt words will add more happiness to their memorable day.

10 Happy Anniversary Wishes for Friends

Are you looking for a unique way to wish a happy wedding anniversary? Try these ten best wedding anniversary wishes to friends to leave them feeling extra loved and appreciated.

  1. Your love story will always be my favorite love story in the universe. I wish you a happy wedding anniversary, sweet love birds!
  2. It's incredible to witness a beautiful marriage between two lovely people. I wish you hearty congratulations on your Anniversary.
  3. Congratulations on your fifth Anniversary! I'm sending you lovely messages and heartfelt wishes.
  4. Sending best wishes and heartfelt Love to my favorite couple on their tenth wedding anniversary. Cheers!
  5. Happy marriage anniversary to you. You are the best couple of friends I could have!
  6. May you have a pleasant married life forever! Happy Anniversary!
  7. I hope every day is as wonderful as your wedding day. Have a memorable wedding anniversary celebration.
  8. Happy Anniversary to the two most wonderful people on the planet. Because you share the same talent, wit, and intellect, you are bound for a lifetime of greatness.
  9. Congratulations, dear friends, on the next year of being a nice couple. Happy Anniversary!
  10. My favorite couple is jubilating their wedding anniversary! Your Love is my most significant source of inspiration.

10 Happy Anniversary Wishes for Friends

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You can use the SwifDoo PDF to download the anniversary card PDF or download the free wedding anniversary wishes for friends with photos. You can also use SwifDoo PDF to change the original text in the PDF anniversary card to your favorite quotes and messages.

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10 Marriage Anniversary Wishes to Friend

Friends are a crucial part of our lives. If your friend's marriage anniversary is coming up, these ten heartfelt wedding anniversary wishes for best friends will help put a smile on their faces and give you an even deeper bond of friendship.

  1. Happy Anniversary, my dear friends! I am wishing you another year of Love and togetherness.
  2. I'm sending you heartfelt wishes on your Anniversary. I hope your Love continues to flourish and create beautiful memories.
  3. Happy Anniversary, my dear friends! I hope your Love continues to light up your days and nights.
  4. I wish you both a joyful anniversary. May the coming years bring even more Love and happiness.
  5. Congratulations on your Anniversary! May your Love be a shining example for all fortunate to witness it.
  6. I hope your Love continues to be filled with beautiful moments and shared dreams on your Anniversary.
  7. Happy Anniversary to a fantastic couple. I hope your Love continues to bloom and creates a garden of beautiful memories.
  8. Happy Anniversary, dear friends! May your Love bloom, creating a garden of beautiful memories for you both.
  9. Congratulations on another year of togetherness! I wish you endless joy, laughter, and a lifetime filled with shared dreams.
  10. Heartfelt wishes on your Anniversary! I hope the bond you share grows stronger with each passing year, creating a love that withstands the test of time.

10 Marriage Anniversary Wishes to Friend

Download the Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Friend Card PDF or Image

You can send heartfelt happy Anniversary wishes to your friend on a PDF anniversary card. You can also add many text boxes to the PDF anniversary card to add your favorite wishes text.

First Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Friend

Completing a year with your loved one is a significant achievement, and one should jubilate it. These ten first happy wedding anniversary wishes for your best friend will help you write a heartfelt anniversary message to honor the Love that continues to grow with each passing year and the bond you share.

  1. Happy first Anniversary. May the Love between you last a lifetime.
  2. It is unbelievable that one year of your marriage has passed so quickly. Happiest wishes.
  3. Happy first Anniversary! May this start many incredible years filled with pleasure, Love, and priceless memories.
  4. Congratulations on your first wedding anniversary to the most amazing couple on the planet.
  5. Congratulations on enduring your first year of marriage! We look forward to many more years of Love and humor.
  6. Cherish one another, the king and queen of faithful Love. Heartfelt congratulations!
  7. There is far more to go after just one year! May your relationship blossom through the years and your journey remain amazing.
  8. Happy one-year of your journey together! Your first year together is like the first few pages of a beautiful love story. Here's to many more!
  9. Best wishes as you begin a new year of journey together. Happy Anniversary!
  10. They say the first year of marriage is the best, but all your years of marriage will be unbelievably good. Happy Anniversary!

First Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Friend

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Using the SwifDoo PDF, you can design and create your personalized anniversary greeting card PDF to share heartfelt wedding anniversary wishes for friends on WhatsApp Status, Facebook, Instagram, and other social handles. You can also use SwifDoo PDF to convert PDF to image format within the app to post the anniversary wish card on social media.

2nd Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Friend

Marking significant milestones in our friendships is invaluable and adds to the bonding experience. Whether it's their first, second, or tenth Anniversary, these ten handpicked best wedding anniversary wishes for a friend can express heartfelt messages about how much we care about the precious relationship.

  1. Happy Anniversary, dear friends! May your Love blossom endlessly.
  2. To another year of shared dreams – Cheers and best wishes for your Anniversary!
  3. May your love story ignite inspiration. Anniversary bliss to you!
  4. Celebrating your enduring bond. Happy Anniversary, cherished couple!
  5. Wishing you a day as splendid as your Love. Happy Anniversary to you both!
  6. To the beautiful couple providing fairy tales, actually – Cheers to your Anniversary!
  7. Here's to the laughs, tears, and countless memories. Happy Anniversary Day!
  8. I hope your journey is filled with perpetual joy. Happy Anniversary celebration!
  9. Cheers to perfect harmony! Here's to your Anniversary and more to come!
  10. I am wishing you a day as enchanting as your Love. Happy Anniversary, celebrate!

2nd Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Friend

Use the Card Template to Write Your Anniversary Wishes>>

Jubilate the magic of enduring Love with our ten best friend wedding wishes quotes on a friend's wedding anniversary. Whether they're marking their second year or golden jubilee, explore the perfect words to express your happiness and warm wishes.

10 Happy Anniversary Quotes for Friend

When you are confused about what to write on an anniversary card, sometimes it's good to borrow a phrase from a famous wordsmith, such as an actor, author, or songwriter. These ten happy wedding anniversary wishes for friends quotes will help you express your feelings, impart wisdom, or send a more sentimental anniversary message.

  1. When you don't want to fall asleep, you know you are in Love because reality is finally better than your dreams.
  2. A true lover always feels owing to the one he loves.
  3. A wedding anniversary celebrates Love, trust, partnership, tolerance, and tenacity. The order varies from year to year.
  4. There is no greater joy for a man than proceeding towards a doorway at the end of the day, realizing someone on the other side of that door is waiting for the sound of his footsteps.
  5. Love one another, and you'll be happy. It's as simple and as complex as that.
  6. You don't marry one person; you marry three: the person you think they are, the person they are, and the person they will become due to marriage.
  7. Shackles do not hold a marriage together. Marriage is threaded, hundreds of tiny threads, which sew people together through the years.
  8. Your Anniversary reminds you that you are blessed enough to have found your soulmate.
  9. The secret to having a perfect marriage is to knowing that marriage must be total, it must be permanent, and it must be equal.
  10. I think enduring, healthy relationships are more significant than the idea of being married. At the base of every successful marriage is a strong partnership.

10 Happy Anniversary Quotes for Friend

When it comes to picking anniversary quotes for friends, how about sending wedding anniversary quotes for your friend in a text message or social media post? These anniversary quotes remind you of the happiness and gratitude of sharing your life with someone special.

How to Make and Personalize an Anniversary Card

Using SwifDoo PDF, the best PDF creator, and editor, you can create an accessible PDF anniversary greeting card for free. You can also download the wedding anniversary wishes for friends, images, and PDFs of your liking in the PDF card template, readily available with this page.

Let's check how to use the SwifDoo PDF to type your wedding anniversary wishes for a friend with your name on the anniversary greeting card for your friend.

Step 1: Download, install, and open the SwifDoo PDF software on your device. Then, download the readily available PDF anniversary greeting card template with the software;

Step 2: Tap the Edit button and find the Insert Text section;

Step 3: Download the wedding anniversary wishes for friends, images and PDFs of your choice and add them to the text bar in the PDF;

how to make and personalize an anniversary card

Step 4: Click the Image button to add an image of your PDF anniversary wish card. Alternatively, search the Annotate section and pick up stickers to make your card more inviting and appealing.

How to Write Wishes for Your Friend’s Anniversary with AI

SwifDoo AI allows new users to chat with its built-in AI bot for free. It enables you to generate many unique wedding anniversary wishes intelligently in the blink of an eye. You can use the AI tool to translate your English wishes into Hindi, Tamil, or any other language or vice versa. 

The AI service lets you chat with a PDF to quickly summarize, proofread, rewrite, or translate the content. 

how to write anniversary wishes for friend with AI

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