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40 Religious Easter Wishes, Messages and Greetings [With Images]

By Charlotte | Follow twitter | Updated on March 12, 2024
Religious Easter wishes remind us of the hope, happiness, and spiritual rejuvenation that Easter brings. If you are stuck on what to write in an Easter card, here are some of our most cherished religious Easter greetings, blessings, and quotes to help you find the perfect words.

In this article, we have beautifully compiled these 40 Happy Easter wishes, messages, and greetings for religious people. Entrenched in faith and embellished with sentiments of renewal, they personify the profound belief in the victory of life over death, encouraging us to reflect on the blessings of salvation and the promise of immortal life.

10 Happy Religious Easter Wishes and Messages

If you struggle with what to say on an Easter card, here are 10 Happy religious Easter wishes and messages to help you celebrate Easter despite age, relation, and other odds.

  1. I hope Jesus Christ's risen life motivates you throughout the year and all the years to come. I wish you and your family a happy Easter.
  2. I pray to the Lord to guide you through every hurdle. I am sending heartfelt Easter blessings on your way. Happy and blessed Easter!
  3. I pray that the almighty God leads you to wealth and welfare. I am sending my warm Easter greetings. Have a blessed Easter!
  4. Happy Easter! I wish you and your family a unique Easter celebration today. God bless you, dear!
  5. I am sending my wholehearted Easter greetings to my family and friends. May God bless you always. Happy Easter!
  6. I hope Jesus Christ will remove all your sorrow and fill your life with happiness this Easter. Happy Easter!
  7. I wish for your trust in God to strengthen on this day of rebirth. Happy Easter to you.
  8. Faith in God's will like Jesus Christ did, and you will be blessed with His kindness. Have a delighted Easter.
  9. I wish Jesus Christ's life to inspire you and encourage you to connect with the Easter spirit. Happy Easter to you and your family.
  10. May the happiness of Easter fill your heart with hope, love, and everlasting blessings. Happy Easter!

10 Happy Religious Easter Wishes and Messages

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You can save religious Easter wishes images online. Using the readily available PDF card template provided here, you can use the SwifDoo PDF to edit the text content in the PDF card to your liking. You can also print your personalized card to send it physically or share the card image online.

10 Christian Easter Card Messages

Sending  Easter card sayings is a beautiful way to wish a Happy Easter. It reminds everyone of the season's spirit, new beginnings, hope, and immortal love. Here are the ten best Christian Easter wishes, messages, and greetings to inspire you.

  1. Jubilating the miracle of Easter, the beauty of the Lord's creation, and the blessing of having you in my life.Happy and blessed Easter greetings!
  2. In this season of heartwarming Easter time, may you feel your trust renewed and your heart made brand new with the hope Easter brings.
  3. Whatever boosts your spirits, brings you hope, and charges you with the miracle of Easter— that's what I'm hoping for you.
  4. Cheers to new life unfolding all around us and new happiness in our hearts. Happy Easter.
  5. In the flowers blossoming, in the trees germinating…, I hope you look for something to smile about everywhere you look this Easter.
  6. Recalling all those years of matching Easter garments, egg hunts, and candy barter and contemplating how good it still is having you for my sister. Happy Easter!
  7. Grandma, it's impossible for me to think of Easter without thinking of your prayers, kisses, hugs, dinners…, and every fantastic way you've shared your love. I love you, too.
  8. At the end of our winter, I wish you to feel as glad as I am to welcome and say hello to Easter and springtime.
  9. Dear Mom, you're at the heart of all my best Easter remembrances. Thank you for always making it such an enjoyable and colorful time in our family.
  10. Commemorating the happiness of Easter, the promise of spring, and the lifetime's blessing of having parents like you.

10 Christian Easter Card Messages

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You can write down Happy Easter wishes and messages for religious persons, such as Christians, online using the SwifDoo PDF. You can easily change the original Easter wishes text in your wish card PDF using the SwifDoo PDF's editing tool and create a personalized card with your preferred design.

10 Religious Easter Wishes for Family and Friends

Easter plays a crucial role in Christians' lives. Send these ten best religious Happy Easter wishes and blessings for 2024 to everyone Jubilating and make them remember how blessed they are as Christians.

  1. To my highly admired family, I hope the peace and happiness of Easter will fill our hearts, minds, and homes with love and joy. Cheers to a day of togetherness, gratefulness, and Easter egg hunts!
  2. Happy Easter, my dear family! I wish this special day to be a reminder of the hope and renewal that accompanies the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Let's adore each other and jubilate the blessings of family bonds.
  3. I wish my amazing family a happy Easter filled with giggles, happiness, and the warmth of our love for each other. I hope God's blessings are abundant in our lives today and always!
  4. Happy Easter to my incredible family! I wish our hearts to be filled with gratitude for the gift of Jesus Christ's resurrection and our love as a family. Cheers to creating beautiful memories together!
  5. I wish you a very Happy Easter, dear friend! I hope your day will be filled with love, laughter, and the sweet promise of fresh beginnings. Here's to our friendship and the happiness it brings to my life!
  6. Happy Easter to my wonderful family! This day will remind us of our unbreakable bond and our everlasting hope in Jesus Christ. Cheers to many more joyful Easter celebrations together!
  7. To my beloved family, I wish the spirit of Easter to fill our hearts with love, peace, and thankfulness. Let's celebrate the blessings of family and the promise of resumption. I wish you a very happy Easter!
  8. Happy Easter, my precious family! The happiness of this season will bring us closer to each other and the Lord. Let's adore every moment together and thank Him for the blessings of family.
  9. I wish my dear family a Happy Easter filled with faith, hope, and love. This day will be a time of reflection and renewal as we gather to commemorate the blessings of family and the grace of the Lord.
  10. Happy Easter to my valuable family! Let's celebrate the miracle of Jesus Christ's resurrection and rejoice in the gift of family that brings warmth and meaning to our lives. Love you all!

10 Religious Easter Wishes for Family and Friends

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You can make a personalized PDF card with your selected Easter wishes for religious families and friends. You can edit it and convert it into an image to send it physically or share it online.

10 Religious Easter Wishes for Kids

Easter is the most significant festival for Christians. Children should be educated about why Easter is commemorated. Send your kids these ten free religious Easter wishes and quotes, making them laugh and smile from ear to ear.

  1. Get ready for the endeavor of the year this Easter! I'm so exhilarated for you to find all the fun treats I've cloaked for you! - From Easter Bunny Bob.
  2. A little chick told me you were becoming egg-cited for Easter! I can't wait to bring you many colorful eggs and chocolate bunnies! Be quality eggs for your parents, and I'll secrete an extra shock for you! Love, The Easter Bunny.
  3. Thank you for my delicious carrots! I hope you will be fond of your Easter baskets. You are both some pretty beautiful kiddos! Enjoy yourself on your Easter egg hunt! Bunny kisses & Easter wishes, The Easter Bunny.
  4. You are my universal favorite girl, and I love you more than the Easter Bunny loves his peeps. Come across an Eggstra special Easter! Love you to chunks, Mom.
  5. Like the new baby chicks, lambs, and bunnies born in the spring, I'm so heavenly to call you my baby girl! Happy Easter, Jenny!
  6. I wish our charming little peanut a very Happy Easter! Thank you for adding such compassion to our lives. Your smile, giggles, & belly laughs are the greatest!! Grandpa and Grandma love you to the moon and back!
  7. I wish you a happy Easter and a pleasant spring! Going to school from home isn't the best thing, but you can do your best anyway! We love you!
  8. I wish you all a fabulous Easter during this crazy time. Sending lots of air hugs, smiles, and fun as spring has sprung! Happy Easter! Love you lots!
  9. I hope your Easter basket will overflow with joy, peace, and giggles. I hope the weather is getting warmer and nicer and you are doing something lovely this holiday! Happy Easter.
  10. I wish the Easter Bunny an abundance of chocolate eggs and sweet surprises to fill your day with joy. Make this day extra special by offering prayers and your Easter eggs. Happy Easter.

You can make a personalized PDF card with your preferred religious wishes for Easter. You can use the SwifDoo PDF to add text content to the PDF Easter wish card and add text boxes of your liking to your card.

How to Edit Religious Easter Wishes on a Card

You can write resurrection Easter wishes for religious friends and anyone you care about with the best images in a personalized greeting card PDF. You can edit your preferred religious Easter wishes quotes, messages, greetings, and blessings online on your Easter card using the perfect PDF creator and editor, SwifDoo PDF. Moreover, you can efficiently utilize the free PDF card templates, readily available in SwifDoo PDF, to create a free Easter card image to send with your heartfelt wishes.

how to edit religious easter wishes on card

Let us find out how the SwifDoo PDF can help you write Happy Easter religious wishes, edit it, convert your PDF card to an image, and print the card. Just follow these steps:

Step 1: First, you must download the SwifDoo PDF editor and then open the easy-to-use PDF card template in the SwifDoo program;

Step 2: Hit the Edit menu at the top and click Edit All;

Step 3: Now select any of your preferred Happy Easter religious wishes from our above compilation and paste them into the prescribed text field in the PDF;

Step 4: Select the Image button under the Edit menu to paste an image;

Step 5: After completing your new PDF card, click Print on the SwifDoo homepage to send the card physically. Otherwise, you can hit the Convert button and tap PDF to Image to convert your card into an artful image.

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