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60 Birthday Wishes for Kids: Best Happy Birthday Quotes & Messages

By Charlotte | Follow twitter | Updated on January 9, 2024
Celebrate a kids' birthday party, and release your heartfelt birthday wishes for kids. It's truly a magical moment and a great time filled with anticipation for your son, daughter or any boy or girl you know when you wish a kid Happy birthday. You can shower them with unbound love, loud laughter, and wholehearted wishes to let them know how much you love them and what they mean to your life.

Here are some fantastic creative ideas for Happy Birthday wishes for kids to make a perfect birthday card for them, to make them unforgettable for the little sweethearts in our lives.

15 Birthday Wishes for Kids Boy

Are you out of ideas about what to say for your kids' Birthday? Here are some of the best Happy Birthday wishes for kids boy for you. 

#1. Happy Birthday to the next superstar and the sweetest little boy I know. I wish you to become a global icon. May your special day be filled with sugar candies and marshmallows. 

#2. I wish you to reach beyond the stars, moon, and sky, rockstar! May God shower all his blessings on a very special, brave-heart kid I know. Happy Birthday! 

#3. May you learn and grow more in the coming year, genius! Your kind heart makes you so special from the rest, my son. Happy Birthday to you, darling!

#4. May God bless you with the best in everything. You astound everyone with the new things you keep doing. We are waiting to see your wonders. Happy Birthday, smarty!

#5. May you become the best version of yourself. Be self-competitive and be the change you want to see in the world. Happy Birthday to you, my hero!

#6. Wishing a very happy birthday to a very intelligent boy. May your brilliance bring to you many accomplishments in the journey of your life.

#7. As He-Man, Batman, and Superman were all little kids like you one day, so you have a great heart full of love and compassion for the needy. I wish you a happy birthday. You are the most courageous boy I know.

#8. It is very difficult to choose a birthday gift for a boy who deserves everything great in this world. I wish you nothing less than a bright and happy future. Happy Birthday, my dearest! 

#9. Enjoy the sweetest and warmest birthday wishes coming your way. You are so crazy and fabulous that on your special day, I wish your life to be filled with crazy adventures. Happy Birthday, my sweetheart!

#10. Don't count the candles on your cake; see the beautiful light that they give. I hope your life is always filled with dazzling light and positivity— Happy Birthday to a very talented young boy. 

#11. Keep circulating your positivity wherever you go. You are a real blessing and inspiration to many! May a bucket full of joy come your way, and have a wonderful birthday.

#12. Birthdays are the best days for new beginnings. Set new goals on your special day, little star of the family! Wishing you a delighted birthday, little boy. 

#13. On your Birthday, I wish you to stay blessed always with all the glory and prosperity in your life. We love to see you win, little champ! Happy Birthday!

#14. Add to your birthday madness with confetti, glitter, and balloons. I wish you a fantastic year of celebration with our never-ending love, pampering, and undivided attention. Happy Birthday, my son.

#15. You filled our lives with happiness in a million ways. Your smiles make each day more beautiful. I wish a very happy birthday to the sunshine of our lives.

15 Birthday Wishes for Kids Boy

Get This Birthday Card Template to Write Birthday Wishes for Kids>>

Download the birthday card image or save the PDF to change the existing text in the PDF to write down any of the above-listed birthday wishes for male children, such as your sons. So you can make a new card using the SwifDoo PDF app. Then, share or print your card to send them virtually or physically.

15 Birthday Wishes for Kids Girl

Are you wondering about what to say in a kids' birthday card? Don't worry. We have a fabulous collection of Happy Birthday wishes for kids girls here for you. 

#1. On your special day, may you have an abundance of laughter, sunshine, and blessings. Happy Birthday to the most imaginative girl in town I know.

#2. I hope you enjoy all the candies and delicious birthday treats on your special day. Happy Birthday, my Barbie girl! 

#3. On the special day of the bravest girl I know, I wish you to be blessed with truckloads of creativity and talent. Shine on, little Princess! 

#4. I wish my sweet, naughty, mischievous little Angel a special happy birthday. May you explore, learn, discover, and do everything you want to do.

#5. Sending billions of kisses to the most beautiful birthday girl, sweeter than candies and more precious than a diamond. Happy Birthday!

#6. Happy Birthday to the most adorable little girl in the world I know. Have an abundance of fun on your special day.

#7. Happy Birthday to my lovely little Angel with twinkling eyes and a broad, bright smile. Have a fun-filled birthday party.

#8. Wishing you a very happy birthday, little sunshine! May you shine brighter than the sun, moon, and stars on your special day. Happy Birthday! 

#9. Wishing a happy birthday to the brightest shining little star. Have a special day full of fun, incredible surprises, laughter, and merry memories, Princess. Happy Birthday, girl! 

#10. I hope your Birthday will be filled with rainbows and unicorns— a very happy birthday to a brilliant girl. You are so amazing and magnificent.

#11. Toffees and candies, balloons, cake, and more, you are the birthday girl I most adore— My best wishes to a beautiful girl on her special day. Happy Birthday!

#12. I wish you happiness and sunshine on your special day and hope the sad rain clouds never come your way. You grow up to be a well-smart, pretty wise, and tough girl. Happy Birthday, my precious little girl! 

#13. You are a wonderfully fantastic kid. We are so blessed to have you. You are so tiny but have stolen the hearts of all. Happy Birthday to you, baby girl.

#14. To a very gifted, beautiful little angel born in our family on this day, wishing a bright and beautiful future and sending an abundance of birthday wishes. Happy Birthday! 

#15. You wear the prettiest smile in the entire universe, the most attractive birthday girl. May your life be full of the brightest smiles. Happy Birthday!

15 Birthday Wishes for Kids Girl

Save and Customize the Card for a Kid Girl>>

Choose any birthday wishes for a kid girl such as your daughter, from the above list, and make birthday cards by adding text boxes to the PDF cards to type these wishes words to make your kid happier. 

10 Birthday Wishes for Small Kids

Now say Happy Birthday wishes for little kids turning 2, 3, or 4. Send our fabulous collection of birthday wishes to kids to pray the purest form of blessings and show boundless love toward them.

#1. I wish you a birthday filled with so many goodies and gifts, and I pray God will direct your small steps and keep you safe. Happy Birthday, sweet little child.

#2. I wish the most adorable child I've ever seen a happy birthday. Let's celebrate your Birthday to the fullest! You are the most beautiful God-given blessing. May God keep you happy constantly. 

#3. You are more delicious than sugar candies and honey. I hope your birthday will be one of the most memorable days of my life. Have a fantastic birthday, my adorable, sweet little one!

#4. Wishing you a fantastic birthday, and may all your wishes come

true. Happy Birthday to the most lively and coolest kid I've ever met. Many congratulations on reaching a new age, champion! 

#5. Congratulations on your special day, sweetheart. Continue to bless all of them around you with your cute smile and words. You and God's tiny bit of heaven are very special to me. Happy Birthday to you, my little Angel!

#6. On your special day, please accept my kind greetings, my cute little kid who makes me laugh and smile every day without fail. May God shower you with everlasting blessings and happiness. Happy Birthday, sweetheart! 

#7. I have no words to say how much you mean to me, my most fabulous little niece! Wishing you a wonderful birthday. May your Birthday be as fantastic as you are, and you be showered with love, surprises, and gifts.

#8. Right from the day you were born, you've made our lives complete and have brought us so much joy, my beautiful little daughter— Happy Birthday to our Princess. 

#9. We're so happy to be the parents of the world's cutest girl. Many congratulations on your Birthday. May you continue to shine and improve.

#10. On her special day, I wish my little Angel a wonderful birthday with excellent treats. May God lead you to the right path and keep you safe and secure. 

10 Birthday Wishes for Small Kids

Obtain The Free Card to Send with Your Birthday Wishes for Kids>> 

Write down any of our birthday wish for kids in a birthday card to help cheer your little ones. You can also download these Birthday wishes images or PDF birthday wishes cards for kids and share them on your social media handles or print them as a keepsake for them to see when they grow up.

10 Cute, Simple and Short Birthday Wishes for Your Kids

Here are the best cute and simple Happy Birthday wishes for kids for free use. Make your kids happy and cheerful with these Happy Birthday quotes. 

#1. I wish you a lifelong supply of beautiful candies and sparkling smiles on your special day. Happy Birthday, my child!

#2. Happy Birthday to my genius kid, who is small in size and big in wonders. May you achieve greater heights in life.

#3. Your cute smiles are like a beautiful combination of sunshine and rainbows. May your special day multiply your smiles and laughter. Happy Birthday to you. 

#4. Thank you for being one of the jewels of our life. May you blossom like a beautiful flower in the garden. Have a happy and cheerful blast! Happy Birthday!

#5. Thank you for making another 365 days of fun memories with us. I wish for more for the next 365 days— special birthday wishes for a wonderful kid.

#6. Childhood days are the best days of your entire life, my son. Make beautiful, crazy memories every single day. Happy Birthday to you. 

#7. Wishing you a lot of gold and all the joy your heart can hold. Happy Birthday to you, dear. 

#8. I hope your worries go down and your happiness doubles for your special day. May all your sweet dreams come true. Happy Birthday, little champ!

#9. You are our sweetest blessing, sweetheart! Your special day reminds me of the best joyful memories of our life, my child. Happy Birthday to you. 

#10. Lots of hugs and sweet kisses and a bucket filled with warm wishes. Happy Birthday! Have a super fun birthday party, cutie! 

10 Cute, Simple and Short Birthday Wishes for Your Kids

All the listed Happy Birthday wishes to kids are beautifully compiled to send a birthday message to the little Angels in your circle and multiply their cuteness on their special days. 

Happy Birthday Wishes for Baby Boy: 30 Cute Messages

Happy Birthday Wishes for Baby Boy: 30 Cute Messages

Wonder how to write birthday wishes for baby boy to celebrate his big day? This article collects 30 best wishes for baby boy. Read on to pick one!


10 Funny Birthday Wishes for Kids

Funny wishes for kids' birthdays will make your child laugh and warm your heart. Select any of the best birthday wishes for kids messages listed hereunder to make the birthday boy or girl laugh with a funny quote. 

#1. Blow out the birthday candles and delve into your cake. Share a piece of the cake with me. Happy Birthday!

#2. This day we celebrate your Birthday even though you were very naughty last year. Wishing a Happy birthday to the naughtiest kid in the town.

#3. You are the king on this special day. Treat us as your servants, and then treat us with a great birthday party. Happy Birthday!

#4. Now it's time to splurge, and you don't yet have the license to drive. So why not go out shopping for your Birthday? Have a very fabulous birthday celebration.

#5. I hope you eat all the ice cream, chocolates, cupcakes, and marshmallows you can eat on your special day. Gobble them up as soon as you can. Happy Birthday to you, little munchkin!

#6. Forget your homework today and play all your favorite games. Have truckloads of celebration fun on your special day. Happy Birthday!

#7. Time is going fast away, and your rosy cheeks remind me of your infant time. Don't grow up in a hurry, sweetheart. I wish every day of your life would be as special as your Birthday. Happy Birthday!

#8. On your special day, cheers to another year of laughing in bursts until it hurts. I wish you a fantastic birthday, dear.

#9. Hey sweetie! Be careful on this special day. Let no one touch your birthday cake unless you cut and eat it fully. Cheers!! Happy Birthday. 

#10. I wish you a very happy candle-blowing, wish-making, and cake-eating day! Happy Birthday to you, my love!

10 Funny Birthday Wishes for Kids

Choose any of the Happy Birthday wishes quotes for kids of your liking from the above list to make a card. Or, you can write your own birthday quotes on a PDF card and create a new card on the phone using the SwifDoo PDF for Android or iOS app.

Birthday Card Design and Making for Kids: Steps to Follow

Whether through cards, social media posts, or online messages, the key is spreading positivity, love, and encouragement, making the child feel loved, supported, and surrounded by our heartfelt wishes.

When you have so much love for your child, why stop with gifts alone? Instead, make a cute card yourself using the SwifDoo PDF, write down your heart-touching, unique and special birthday wishes for kids in English like the above collection or another language you know, and give it along with the gift to make your little one understand the worth of your emotions. 

Let's check how to make birthday wishes images and PDFs for kids using the SwifDoo PDF.

Step 1: Download the SwifDoo PDF on your smart device and open the readily available template in the program;

Step 2: Go to the main Edit menu in the upper bar and tap to Edit All;

Step 3: Select any of the above listed happy birthday for kids' wishes, and add or enter them into the needed text field in the PDF. You can write your name in the name text box as well;

Birthday wishes for kids card design and making 1

Step 4: Navigate to the Edit menu and click the Image button to paste an image of your choice. Or you can click Annotate and select Stickers to paste stickers to your card and make them look more attractive;

Birthday wishes for kids card design and making 2

Step 5: Once your card is ready, go to SwifDoo and click the Print option to give the card physically. Or you can tap Convert and click PDF to Image to convert your card into a fantastic image. 

Birthday wishes for kids card design and making 3

You can also check our post for birthday wishes for baby girls to get inspiration.

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