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40 Birthday Wishes for Ex Girlfriend with Templates

By Lydia | Follow twitter | Updated on November 2, 2023
Modern-day relationships lack patience and unflinching trust, leading to the sudden breakdown of beautifully carved and nurtured relationships. But regardless of your romantic chapter coming to an end, breakups are not the end of the story. In fact, buds of friendship can still blossom between two beautiful souls, and you can still send birthday wishes for ex girlfriend.

Thinking of the perfect birthday wish after a breakup can be demanding, as you may run out of a suitable set of words. No matter how you look at it, your ex is still a special person in your life. Here are some lovely happy birthday wishes for ex girlfriend you can consider sending to your ex on her Birthday to reminiscence the good old days. Let's check out.

15 Short Birthday Wishes for Ex Girlfriend

Despite the separation, a thoughtful birthday wish can become a channel for heartfelt and warm emotions and a special form of communication to bridge that distance. Check out these quick and short best birthday wishes for ex girlfriend to acknowledge the beautiful memories once shared.

1. I hope that the best years of your life are yet to come. May you have a roller coaster of life ahead—Happy Birthday!

2. Our hearts may have been broken, but the memories will forever remain… Happy Birthday!

3. Sometimes, relationships fall apart so that friendships can start. Happy Birthday!

4. We aren't together anymore, but we will always be friends. Happy Birthday to my dear friend!

5. Happy Birthday to the beautiful girl who was once the princess of my world. Stay Blessed!

6. I hope the person that used to be my love has not changed. Happy Birthday to you!

7. I was so lucky to be with a woman like you. You'll always have a place in my heart. Happy Birthday!

Birthday wishes for ex girlfriend

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8. I'd be lying if I said I don't miss you. How can I not, after all that we've been through.. Happy Birthday, girl!

9. I'm grateful for all the good moments we had together. The memories are still so fresh in me. I wish you a Happy Birthday, girl!

10. I might have forgotten you as a lover, but I'll always remember you as a great friend. Happy Birthday.

11. It has taken me time to heal, but now I understand why we had to part and go our separate ways. I wish you a happy birthday!

12. Instead of calling you my Ex-Girlfriend. I would rather call you the most beautiful girl with whom I have shared the most beautiful memories. Happy Birthday, dear.

13. If I didn't wish you on your Birthday, it would be an insult to all the wonderful and precious moments that we have shared in our lives. Happy Birthday.

14. We have gone from friends to exes to friends again; life comes full circle. Happy Birthday, girl.

15. I don't care what other people say. I am still friends with my ex, and I wouldn't have it any other way! Happy Birthday.

You can use these short and sweet ex girlfriend birthday wishes and customize them using the birthday wishes template provided by the SwifDoo PDF creator to showcase your sincere and warm feelings.

15 Happy Birthday Wishes for Ex Girlfriend

Your birthday wishes for your ex girfriend can help ensure her day is truly special and leave a lasting impression of respectful understanding. Explore these happy birthday wishes for ex girlfriend and pick the one that brilliantly captures your sentiments.

1. We may not be lovers anymore, but we do not necessarily have to be haters. Sending lots of love and the warmest wishes your way on your very special day. Happy Birthday!

2. Even though the love we had for each other is no longer there, our friendship is still strong. Happy Birthday to my favorite ex! Our time together was a chapter I’ll always cherish.

3. I've seen you turn into a more mature, wise, and beautiful person with every passing Birthday. May this birthday also bring you lots of happiness, blessings, and wisdom. Happy Birthday!

4. Things may not have worked out between us, but no matter what, you'll always have a place in my heart… as a friend. Here's the first birthday wish after breakup. Happy Birthday!

5. Let us leave the past to the past. Things never turned out right for us. We are still good friends. Happy Birthday to you!

6. We cannot erase the memories we shared for so many years, but at least we can celebrate your special day just for the good old times. Happy Birthday to a truly beautiful person inside and out!

7. Here's a toast to all your lovely birthdays we have celebrated together. It doesn't matter whether I'm still in your life or not, as I'll always wish you many more splendid birthdays to come. May you find true happiness in everything that you do.

Birthday wishes for ex girlfriend

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8. Whoever said that you can't be friends with your ex has never met the two of us! Happy Birthday, dear! May your special day bring you all the happiness your kind heart deserves.

9. On this special day, I just want to let you know that if I could turn back the hands of time, I would avoid losing such a beautiful person like you. Happy Birthday, my dear!

10. Here's to our many years of great companionship. From this Birthday onward, we'll celebrate great years of friendship together. Here's wishing you a very special and happy birthday!

11. All this time, I tried to move on, only to realize that I still wanted to be friends with someone to whom I had barred my soul to. Happy Birthday, beautiful!

12. No matter where you go, I'll keep a space for you forever in my heart. Have a wonderful birthday, my dear ex-girlfriend!

13. Happy Birthday to the girl who used to be my whole world and will forever hold a special place in my heart. I wish you all the best!

14. I wish you a life full of joy, blessings, and happiness. I hope you are having a wonderful and fun-filled birthday. Happy Birthday to my ex-girlfriend!

15. Destiny had heartbreak in store for us.. But that's okay.. I'll never use that as an excuse to cuss, as I still remember the day you said 'Yes' when I asked you out. It'll be one of the most priceless memories, without a doubt. Happy Birthday.

These happy birthday wishes to ex girlfriend are sure to take her down memory lane and remember the good old times spent. You can make a birthday card using SwifDoo PDF's free templates and edit the PDF text, font styles, and images to suit your style.

10 Heart-touching Birthday Wishes for Ex Girlfriend

The end of a beautiful and romantic relationship doesn't mean the end of emotions. You can still wish your ex-girlfriend a happy birthday and keep up the good spirit. Here are some unique, heartfelt happy birthday wishes for ex girlfriend you can send on her Birthday.

1. I hope you have moved on and are smiling and laughing. Yes, we do share a complicated past, but on your Birthday, I just want you to know that I wish well for you. Happy Birthday!

2. We're no longer together in the journey of love, but I still have the right to wish you on your special day. Happy Birthday, my beautiful ex-girlfriend.

3. Happy Birthday to you, my ex-girlfriend! It was such a blessing to have you in my life. I wish you the best on this lovely day in your life!

4. I'll never forget a birthday I celebrated for so many years.. Today, things may have changed between us, but my feelings of affection toward you haven't. Happy Birthday!

5. I can't believe we are not celebrating this special day in your life together. I always thought our life was meant to last forever. I wish you the best. Happy Birthday, my dear ex.

Birthday wishes for ex girlfriend

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6. On your special day, I wish you a birthday full of laughter, fun, and happiness. May you achieve all that you ever dreamt of in life! Happy Birthday wishes to my ex-girlfriend!

7. You're one of the blessings I've received in life. You showed me how to love, care, and respect when we were in a relationship. Happy Birthday to my Ex-Girlfriend!

8. Love me or hate me; I will still keep a special place in my heart for you. Have a blissful birthday.

9. I still love you and will always do... It is a fact that I won't try to hide. But I have come to realize that we both just were not meant to be… Happy Birthday.

10. It isn't easy to get over such a beautiful and amazing person. But it's also not easy to wish your ex-girlfriend a happy birthday. Best birthday wishes to my ex-girlfriend!

Wish your ex a happy birthday with our sorted heart-touching happy birthday wishes for ex girlfriend; create a birthday card and print the PDF birthday card in color with the SwifDoo PDF creator.

If you've patched up your differences, good for you! You can quickly refer to this post to send birthday blessings to your girlfriend:

50 Best Heart-touching Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

50 Best Heart-touching Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

Need help writing birthday wishes for girlfriend? Read the 50 best heart-touching birthday wishes for your girlfriend to make her feel loved and happy.


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