Is your girlfriend's birthday nearing, and you are nervous and excited to make it memorable? If you seek unique birthday wishes for girlfriend to show your love and affection towards your special lady, you have arrived at the right place. No matter how many times you sent your girlfriend birthday wishes before, it’s always necessary to surprise and touch her again.

But as someone looking for the proper set of words to express his feelings, finding the best happy birthday wishes for girlfriend might not be easy. But hey! Stay chilled, as we have already walked the path for you.

It doesn’t matter where you plan to wish your girlfriend a happy birthday, in a message, on a birthday cake or on social media, you will need these birthday quotes from this post. Check a compilation of the 50 best heart-touching, romantic and funny birthday wishes for girlfriend to express your feelings better and a quick way to create a birthday card using a PDF editor.

15 Heart-touching Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

Selecting the right words to wish a birthday to your girlfriend can be tricky, but you can rely on our list of heart-touching birthday wishes for girlfriend to make her day as special as she is. Check the 15 options to say your birthday wish for girlfriend to express your love and affection in the most heartfelt manner.

  1. With each passing year, you become wiser, more charming, and more beautiful. I celebrate you, your compassion for others, and your beautiful heart on this day. Happy Birthday, Honey!
  2. My cutie pie, you have brought a light of happiness in my dull life with your pure love and affection. I'm thankful to God for sending you to me. Happy Birthday, sweetie!
  3. You have filled my life with so much light and color. You are the icing on my cake. I love you so much. Happy Birthday to my girlfriend!
  4. I hope your days are healthy, happy, and filled with joy and laughter. I'll always be by your side to help and support you in all you do. Happy Birthday, sweets!
  5. The thought of spending another year with you fills me with immense joy and excitement. I pray you are happy today and every day—Happy Birthday to one of God's most precious gifts.
  6. Being with you is like a sweet treat that fills me with joy. Happy birthday to the most beautiful woman I know.
  7. On this special day, I want to remind you how much I love you. May this year be even more amazing than the last. Happy Birthday, my love!
  8. Your lovely laughter and infectious smile fill me with love and joy. You are a perfect example of beauty and elegance. Happy Birthday, girlfriend. I love you.
  9. Days will pass, but my love for you will remain forever. Sending you hugs and warm wishes on your special day. Happy Birthday, my forever constant!
  10. Happy Birthday to the most incredible and fantastic girlfriend on this planet. I hope this day brings you all life's joys and God's choicest blessings. Happy Birthday, Love.

Write happy birthday wishes to girlfriend on a birthday card template and perfect the design to send out.

Birthday wishes for girlfriend 1Download Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend Card Template

  1. Happy Birthday to my best friend: my girlfriend. It's been a pleasure getting to know you over the years and cherish your presence in my life.
  2. Though we may have arguments, sometimes you'll always be my favorite person, and we are meant to be together. Happy Birthday, my love. Hugs and kisses.
  3. Thank you for filling my life with happiness and so much love. Let's make beautiful memories together on this love day. Happy Birthday my gorgeous girl.
  4. Always keep your childlike spirit alive and be cool and adventurous forever. Thank you for always being there for me. Here's to many more birthdays together.
  5. Happy Birthday to the most beautiful girl in the world. I'm so glad to have met you. Wishing your smile never fades. I love you, my Sunshine!

These birthday wishes for girlfriend are sure to melt a girl’s heart on her birthday. You can get inspiration from them to create your own expression.

15 Romantic Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

Looking for happy birthday wishes quotes for your beautiful girlfriend? So you can express how madly you're in love with her, and rejoice in her presence. Here are the 15 best romantic and heart-touching birthday wishes for girlfriend to cheer her up.

  1. Happy Birthday, my beautiful girlfriend. I love you for everything you are. May God bless you with infinite happiness, prosperity, and joy.
  2. My heart beats faster as you come closer to me. And it's beating in a rhythm to wish you all the love, blessings, and happiness on your special day. Happy Birthday, Queen!
  3. Happy Birthday, baby. I am deeply in love with you. May this special day bring all the joys and happiness today and always.
  4. Every day with you is a grand celebration filled with joy and beautiful moments. Happy Birthday, my Ladylove! Cara Mia!
  5. You are the sun and moon of my life. Life seems beautiful when you are near. You are indeed my most precious blessing. Happy birthday, my one and only!
  6. Happy Birthday to my amazing girlfriend - the rose of my life. May you bloom with lots of lovely colors in your life. Hugs and kisses! Xoxo.
  7. You are the reason I smile, my source of love, happiness, and comfort. You make my life fantastic. May your every single wish come true. Happy Birthday my sweet Angel.
  8. Today is all about celebrating YOU - your charm, beauty, grace, and everything that makes you so special to me and everyone around you. Happy Birthday, my beloved! Mi Corazón!
  9. I never thought I would ever find someone as special as you are. You make me a better person and bring out the best in me. Happy Birthday, my Aphrodite!
  10. In your arms, I have experienced unparalleled happiness and love. Thank you for loving me unconditionally through thick and thin. Happy Birthday, my Cuddle Bunny!

Birthday wishes for girlfriend 2

Get Free Birthday Wish for Girlfriend Card

  1. You are the reason my life seems abundant and complete, the one who rules my world and brings a ray of sunshine into my life. Happy Birthday, my Precious lady.
  2. I can always count on you to be there for me, and I am forever grateful. I'm the luckiest guy on the planet to have you. Happy Birthday, my Baby.
  3. Happy Birthday, my beautiful sweet peach! Thank you for being born and enriching my dull life with your unconditional love and support. I'm truly blessed to have you.
  4. I wish today brings you everything you have ever hoped for or dreamed of because you deserve all the goodness, happiness, and joy the universe has to offer. Happy Birthday, beautiful.
  5. You are my biggest dream that came true. I cannot think of a single moment without you. Happy Birthday, my soulmate! P.S. Can we keep celebrating this day together for 100 more years?

Besides long birthday wishes for girlfriend, there are also short ones. Read on to learn some snappy ways to wish birthdays to your girl.

10 Short Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

Now wish a happy birthday to your girlfriend with some short wishes you can write in a card, as a heart-felt text, or post on social apps as Instagram captions. Have a look at some short and sweet birthday wishes for girlfriend.

  1. Happy cake day to my favorite Cupcake!
  2. Wishing my love the best birthday ever! Happy Birthday, babe!
  3. I fall deeper in love with you every day. Happy Birthday, my Sugar Cookie.
  4. Today is a special day as it's the day you were born. Happy Birthday, my Joy.
  5. Taking this journey with you has been a joyride. Happy Birthday, my Princess!
  6. No one lights up my life like you! Happy Birthday, my Sweetheart!
  7. Happiest birthday to my favorite person in the whole world!
  8. Wishing the jolliest and happiest birthday ever to the light of my life. Happy Birthday, my Forever!
  9. Happy Birthday to the most beautiful and amazing person, my Sweet Pea!
  10. You are my sweetest dream come true. Happy Birthday, my Angel!

Birthday wishes for girlfriend 3

Get Free Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend Card

10 Funny Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

Even funny wishes can be special and impressive, and coming from her boyfriend is nothing less than a cherry on the cake. Cheer your girl up on her special day with these cute birthday wishes for girlfriend.

  1. Guess what goes up but never comes down? Your age! Happy birthday my sweetheart!
  2. Imagine all the beautiful things you want to hear on your birthday… and assume I wrote them here! P.S. I love you, my Honey Bun!
  3. Wishing a Happy Birthday to my friend with benefits.
  4. Happy Birthday to the girlfriend who should be grateful to have the best partner in the universe! I know your biggest wish came true when you met me.
  5. I am suffering from asthma because you took my heart away. Happy Birthday my prettiest thief!
  6. If anyone calls you old this birthday, just hit them with your walking stick. And even throw your teeth at them.
  7. Wish you the very best on your birthday. Oops! You already have me. Happy Birthday, my Boss Lady!
  8. Happy Birthday to one lucky person to have such a smart, handsome, and charismatic boyfriend! Love you, my Snuggle Bun!
  9. I wonder why your birthday has not yet been declared a national holiday! Happy Birthday, my Gorgeous!
  10. Happy Birthday to the one who's not getting older, just wiser and more experienced at being awesome.

Birthday wishes for girlfriend 4

Download Free Birthday Card Template

How to Make Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend Card

Birthday cards feel more genuine and are a thoughtful way to nurture the bond you have than receiving a text. You can easily create one with SwifDoo PDF and its freely available templates. Now it is your turn to select the best happy birthday wishes for girlfriend, write in a girlfriend's birthday card template and customize it to suit your needs. SwifDoo PDF allows you to personalize the birthday wishes text and add photos in the PDF template.

Here's how to make a birthday wishes for girlfriend card.

Step 1: Download and launch the SwifDoo PDF editor and click Open;

Step 2: Select a saved PDF template and open it in the program. Then click Edit and choose Edit All;

Step 3: Now replace the original text in PDF with your birthday wishes for girlfriend by copying and pasting;

Step 4: Insert and edit photos, and change the text font and style in the PDF as you like.

Birthday wishes for girlfriend card make with SwifDoo PDF

To Sum Up

This post has already provided you with the 50 birthday wishes for girlfriend that are heartfelt, romantic and loving, and funny. You can compile your favorite birthday message and quote to express every emotion and wish your girlfriend in all the ways to make it memorable. Then make a birthday wishes card with the SwifDoo PDF editor to double the fun and see her smile like never before.

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