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Best 35 Birthday Wishes for Adult Son to Make Him Happier Than Ever

By Charlotte | Follow twitter | Updated on November 6, 2023
As your son becomes an adult or your adult son gets one year older, you often give him gifts and cakes. Importantly, you must say happy birthday to your son with the best wishes to make his big day memorable. To help you put feelings into the right words, this post has compiled 35 birthday wishes for adult sons that are available for free. Take your favorite ones or get inspiration from them to create your own expression.

Great birthday messages, greetings or quotes will strengthen the bond between you and make your son happy. They let your son know he is always loved and cherished. You can send your adult son a customized birthday card with specific happy birthday wishes for adult sons that best show your heart as well. If you like, post them on your WhatsApp Status, as captions for Instagram or anywhere you want to others to see.

10 Birthday Wishes for Adult Son from Mom

When writing birthday wishes and messages to an adult son, you can tell your excitement to see him grow up, your expectations and praise for him, and more. Check out the 10 birthday wishes for adult sons from mothers below, which can be the perfect way to say “Happy birthday”.

1. Birthday is another starting point in your life, and everything will become better from today on! Best wishes to my adult son. May you become the man you want to be.

2. Happy birthday, my dear adult son. Congratulations on growing up into an adult. From now on, you need to pursue your goals independently. Mom believes that you can do well.

3. After so many years of being your mother, I have increasingly found that there is no son who is as handsome and heartwarming as you. Happy birthday to my adult son.

4. Eighteen years ago today, you came to me to light up my world. Eighteen years later today, you have grown into such a kind, strong, and responsible adult. Happy birthday to the best adult son.

5. Congratulations on your first adult birthday! Today is your good day and ours, and I’m grateful for the precious memories you have brought. Wishing you all the happiness you deserve.

Birthday wishes for adult son 1Use This Template to Write Birthday Wishes for Adult Son

6. Happy birthday, dear son! How blessed and fulfilled it is to see you blossom into my pride. May you have more opportunities and achievements in the new year.

7. Congratulations on becoming an excellent adult! In the past years, we have spent countless precious moments, and I can't wait to participate in your future journey. Happy birthday, son!

8. The day I taught you to speak and walk seemed like yesterday, and now you are an experienced adult. Looking forward to your wonderful experience as a parent in the future. Happy birthday, son!

9. Celebrate another your adult birthday! I wish you always be safe, and healthy, the luck of finding your true love, and being loved forever. Happy birthday, my adult son!

10. Happy birthday, son! Congratulations on leveling up today. May you have the optimism and wisdom to face all challenges and difficulties.

With the list of birthday wishes for adult sons, you can copy and paste your liked ones to add text to a PDF birthday card to celebrate the unforgettable moment.

10 Short Birthday Wishes for Adult Son

If you want to post your wishes on WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook, the following short happy birthday wishes for adult sons with pics or images come in handy. Keep them simple to use in any place without the word count limit issue.

1. Happy birthday to the person who makes me feel lucky to have him.

2. Happy birthday to my son! My love for you only increases but never decreases.

3. You are the best son I have ever seen in the world! Be a happy adult!

4. Wishing you a wonderful birthday today! You are always my boy.

5. Cheers, may the new chapter of your life be filled with blessings and joy.

Birthday wishes for adult son 2

Download the Birthday Wishes for Adult Son Card

6. Congratulations on becoming the king of your own castle. HBD, my adult son!

7. Happy birthday! Embrace new adventures and surprises in the days to come!

8. Soar in the blue sky like an eagle! But you can always go home, dear son.

9. Happy birthday to my adult son! I am proud of you, all your bravery and honesty.

10. May my pride succeed in life and business. I will always be your biggest fan!

Type on PDF birthday cards the finest birthday wishes for adult sons to email or transfer via messaging apps if you are far away from your son. Show your quick care to bring a smile on his face. Or, text an instant birthday message with the quotes for a perfect adult son.

10 Funny Birthday Wishes for Adult Son

Next, you will see the 10 best funny birthday wishes for adult sons that can bring laughter to a birthday party. Instead of being serious or touching, the unexpected humorous and funny birthday wishes or quotes are distinctive and easy to remember for an adult son.

1. Congratulations to myself for getting rid of a mischievous little boy. But now there's a bigger headache: I want a timekeeper to keep you from growing up.

2. I have been looking for a gift for you for a long time, but in the end, I found that none of it was as good as my kiss. Kisses and happy birthday, my son!

3. Happy birthday to my amazing adult son! You are getting closer to the wisdom I possess. Congratulations!

4. Happy birthday to the person who has the best boss in the universe, which is me! Don't worry, I will still pay you a salary for your livelihood until you start making profits.

5. You make me feel how fantastic it is to be a father/mother, except when you transform into a maddening troublemaker.

Birthday wishes for adult son 3

Save the Birthday Card to Send Birthday Wishes for Adult Son

6. You have become an adult, and my patience has finally been exhausted. Congratulations on us. Happy birthday, son!

7. I can't believe you're already an adult. After all, yesterday you still tested my patience like a child. Happy birthday, son!

8. Congratulations on joining the older and wiser club! Don't make a mistake, your current ticket is only the age. Just kidding. Happy birthday, dear son!

9. Congratulations on leveling up! You only have one day to be a kid now. But I will always be your father/mother. Have the happiest birthday today!

10. I still remember you often asked me to treat you as an adult. You have got this opportunity now and no way to revoke it. How do you feel?

Send a few of the above birthday wishes for adult sons that you like most to your son together with his favorite gift. Or, add photos to a PDF birthday card with them for your son to read joyfully.

5 Heartfelt Birthday Wishes for Adult Son

As your son gets into adulthood, you may prefer sentimental and sweet birthday wishes for adult sons that you are proud of to convey your emotions. Then this section is here for you. Learn how to wish a heartfelt happy birthday for your son with the list of wishes quotes.

1. Happy level-up Day! You are about to step into the next stage of your life. May every your dream come true and Mom always support you.

2. To the person who occupies an irreplaceable position in my heart, I am delighted to see your incredible growth. May your birthday be as extraordinary as you.

3. Happy birthday, my adult son! On every your birthday, I want you to know how much you mean to me. I love you like my life.

4. Time flies, and you will also get married and have your own children in near future. Thank you for choosing me as your parents. May you have great children like you.

5. Although I miss your innocent smile when you haven’t been an adult, I still hope you can fly freely in the wider world and become a well-rounded individual. Happy birthday, my dear son and I love you so much.

Birthday wishes for adult son 4

Get the Card to Put Your Birthday Wishes and Images

How to Make a Birthday Card for Adult Son for Free

One of the best birthday gift ideas for an adult son is to make a customized birthday card for him. Not directly download to deliver online but design an exclusive one that completely belongs to you two. Here is a look at how to make a “birthday wishes for adult son” card using SwifDoo PDF.

Step 1: Open any card template saved from this post in the app, and go to Edit > Edit All;

Step 2: Copy or enter the free birthday wishes and messages for an adult son into the text box that appears. Set the text align method, font size, and more properties;

Birthday wishes for adult son card making step 2

Step 3: Choose the Add Image option to insert photos, resize and move them;

Birthday wishes for adult son card making step 3

Step 4: Add birthday stickers along with the birthday wishes for adult son and images via Annotate > Stickers;

Birthday wishes for adult son card making step 4

Step 5: Go to SwifDoo > Print to save the card as a printable PDF so as to print out with a physical printer.

Birthday wishes for adult son card making step 5


Your son has grown from a baby to an adult over time, but your love for him remains the same. On such an important day, the 35 birthday wishes for adult sons will help communicate your pleasure, gratitude, and everything you want him to hear with him. Your adult son will feel warm from your deep happy birthday wishes.

Also, you can make use of the best birthday messages for sons from a mother or father to create a stunning birthday card for your boy.

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