Expression is definitely the best way to convey emotions and record your own feelings. It not only becomes the outlet for people’s thoughts but also facilitates the communication and exchanges between human beings. There is no limit to expression, and various forms are available for expressing yourselves. Different genres of music, diaries, mobile phones, and paintings are all the common carriers.

In recent years, a new method of expression earns its popularity around the whole world - memes. Thanks to the easy-to-understand pictures and characters, memes find an echo worldwide, and closely connect people via the Internet, especially in the post-pandemic era when isolation across countries is aggravating.

In this blog, you are going to know the 10 best funny memes in 2022. Before we jump into the main topic, let’s know what a meme really means first.


What Does a Meme Mean?

Generally speaking, a meme is a unit of information spread by imitation within a certain culture to express an idea, attitude, or feeling. It usually carries a symbolic meaning, positive or negative, supportive or sarcastic, toward a phenomenon.

The most familiar form of meme consists of at least one funny image. People are free to transmit memes to one another and edit the memes by adding a few words and covering part of the image with others to present their feelings. Related to memes, a GIF, or a cut of a video is popular to represent people’s expression as well.

Unlike articles or other carriers, memes directly transform people’s feelings and ideas quickly. It closes up strangers and entertains others at the same time.

Where Does the Word Meme Come from?

Though the concept of meme becomes famous over the last several years, it is actually not new in the academic circle.

The term meme is short for mimeme, which originated from the ancient Greek word mimema - meaning intimated. The term was created by Richard Dawkins, a British evolutionary biologist, in his book The Selfish Gene in 1976. In his work, the definition of a meme is a unit of cultural information transmission, which could be transmitted from one person to another just like a gene does.

Based on Dawkins’ research, the study of memetics emerged targeted at the evolution of culture and information.

The Top 10 Memes for 2022

The year 2022 reaches its mid-point. Looking back at the first 5 months, the world has already witnessed some big events and new trends. We have listed the best 10 memes in 2022 so far in chronological order for you to check out. Let’s see if you understand all the meanings behind them!

1. Wordle


At the beginning of this year, wordle, a little web-based game went rival across the world. What is a wordle? It is a word puzzle game published by New York Times, and players have to guess a five-letter word with only six tries one day. One hint will be given after each try. The right letter at the right place turns green, the right letter at the wrong place turns yellow, and the wrong letter turns gray.

As wordle shows a worldwide ranking, it triggers players’ competitive spirit. Ambitious players are eager to find out the wordle answer as soon as possible. It is never boring to see someone struggling with the left chances and obsessed with guessing the wordle today.

2. Euphoria


The new season of Euphoria was released in early January after its audience eagerly awaited it for 3 years since season 1, and soon became a trending topic. Focusing on modern teenagers and young adults, this teen drama centers on the growth of high school youngsters under the great influence of the Internet, dealing with different tough issues such as identity, trauma, family, and friends.

When aptly showcasing the real context of Generation Z, the fierce plot twists presented by its main characters Maddy, Cassie, Faye, etc. serve as the best representation of what people think in their daily life. No wonder the Euphoria memes win the love of their audience.

3. I believed it was a work event


Another big news in January must go to Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister, who attempted to apologize for attending a party held at Downing Street in May 2020, when Britain was under a strict lockdown.

Boris broke the lockdown rules himself and took an excuse as mistaking the party as a work event during the PMQs. But well, it is apparently not convincing enough for British citizens to explain his acts, which leads to a massive mockery of him that sweeps to the rest of the world.

4. Vibe shift


You might be confused about it and wonder what is a vibe shift on earth? It is a word mentioned by Sean Monahan, a trends writer, which was quoted in a New York magazine’s article named "A Vibe Shift Is Coming Will any of us survive it?" In the article, the vibe shift was referred to as a sudden considerable change in culture and it will make the existing culture feel outdated for being hard to catch up with the trend in time.

However, the expression “will any of us survive it” sounds a little bit too dramatic for its readers. Hence, the ironic use of vibe shift is turned out as a popular catchphrase to indicate that one is falling behind.

5. Never ask a woman or man


This meme once was widely used in 2013 and now it makes a comeback on SNS. Its template is “Never ask a woman her age, a man his salary, or” and you put a question in the third place for the intention of your meme.

The purpose of this meme is to imply that you will never get the real answer from the three since you ask inappropriate questions about them. In the 2022 version, the meme is focusing on the things that you should not ask celebrities, more specifically, their past scandals.  

6. Elden Ring


Waiting anxiously, the fans of FromSoftware finally witnessed the official release date of Elden Ring. It is an action role-playing game from a third-person perspective to let players explore the map, collect weapons and armors, and beat the bosses following the mainline task.

Now, Elden Ring was launched on platforms including PlayStation 4 and 5, Steam, and Xbox series. And now it has been updated to the version 1.04 as patches to some bugs.

Even if it is not mechanically difficult, players still need lots of time to adapt their gameplay to react well-timely during the fight with a boss, and this process sometimes is quite arduous. You are never alone to compromise to summon the spirit for help rather than relying on yourself after repeated deaths.

7. Deltacron


Two years into the pandemic, the world remains being besieged with rounds of COVID waves. Each variant led to a surge in infection, and this year, a new hybrid variant has been reported and soon went viral on social media.

Deltacron, detected in Cyprus, is a combination of Delta and Omicron variants that both wreak havoc on this planet. Its symptoms are almost the same as flues, but the globally rising COVID numbers keep people worried about the potential infectiousness of the new variant, and the only way to take a breath might be to see the relevant memes online. Those hilarious memes serve as a relief to this tough time.

8. Will Smith


If you watched the 2022 Oscar, then you must remember the incident that happened between Will Smith and Chris Rock. After Rock joked about Jada Pinkett Smith, Will’s wife, Will walked to Rock and gave him a hard slap. The scene shocked everyone present and in front of the screen, and Will was banned from attending Oscar and other Academy events for a decade.

Though his action is unacceptable, memes of the scene flooded social media. People use the memes to either express their attitude toward what they dislike or wake up from daydreaming about the “cruel reality”.

9. Nicole Kidman


Since we talked about this year’s Oscar, it is necessary to mention another celebrity who received much attention during this period - Nicole Kidman. Her exaggerated facial expression took over the Internet, the reaction to Will Smith slapping Chris Rock. But it is a mistake, here is the truth.

This photo was taken before the show, and she was excitedly reacting to seeing Jessica Chastain. Apparently, it cannot stop netizens from countless creations to convey their feelings toward life.

10. The crypto crash


Since the boom of cryptocurrency, the boundless growth, favorable benefits, and venture-backed feature attract millions of investors. However, the tendency seems to hit a wall.

Earlier this January, the fall of global cryptocurrency has made its investors pale and anxious, and the related hashtag trended on SNS. Now, in May, investors panicked about a larger drop in their digital assets. This meme-worth news initiates a new trend of self-mockery.


The funny meme is strong in quickly spreading laughter and happiness. It sometimes can be a good platform for learning and sharing new information, but also a convenient tool to make new friends from around the world. If you feel tired or a little bit depressed, try to search for some best memes that you are interested in and get relaxed for yourself!



Lydia is now an English columnist working in SwifDoo PDF. She is willing to share her ideas and professional articles to help PDF users for problem-solving.

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