Okay, so after years of slugging away on your PhD, the time has come for you to finally settle down to write your master’s thesis. This is the culmination of years of hard work, sleepless nights, endless study sessions, nerve-jangling exams, and much more besides.

Writing a PhD Master’s Thesis may seem like a daunting task, yet that doesn’t have to be the case. Sure, it’s not like you’re sitting down to write up a few study notes now, but if you take your time, use the right software, and really put some love into your writing, your bachelor thesis should read very impressively.

To help ensure your PhD thesis PDF is as impressive as it can be, here’s a look at 4 tips for writing a master’s thesis template.


What is a Thesis?

Before we can share some tips on writing your thesis, first we need to take a look at exactly what a master’s thesis really is.

A master’s thesis is much longer than a thesis for undergraduates, as this is a scholarly paper containing extensive info on a specific topic based upon what you’ve been studying for so long.

These papers are so important to write because they are there to demonstrate what you’ve learned while studying and taking your master’s. No matter what you’re studying, your master’s thesis template should lay out an idea, organize and develop an argument, provide a guide for the readers.

After writing their thesis, graduates must then defend their work in front of a panel consisting of two or more faculty members.

Thesis Writing Tips

Here are some tips designed to make it much easier to write a PhD thesis PDF.

Use a Master’s Thesis Template Online

As students will be unfamiliar with writing a thesis, a great tip here is to use a master’s thesis template online to ensure they get the layout and the format correct.

Using sites such as, you can find templates for bachelor’s, master’s and even PhD thesis’.

Use the Correct Software

When writing a thesis, students often find that the software they’re using can make a huge difference. Whereas most will begin with Word, they’ll quickly find that a PDF software reader such as SwifDoo PDF proves especially useful.

SwifDoo Converter allows students to convert Word docs to PDF, or even to directly edit a PDF via the software. This helps with formatting, it helps with the layout, and it helps make the document look professional.

Another benefit of SwifDoo PDF is the fact that you can edit PDFs directly, rather than having to mess with the formatting like you would with, say, Word documents. This saves heaps of time and makes life so much easier for the student.

Remember Your First Draft is Not Your Final Fraft

People often ask the question of do you have to write a thesis for a bachelor degree? And while the answer may be yes for that, for your Master’s, the answer is certainly yes.

Once you have written a first draft, just remember that your master’s thesis template is exactly that – a first draft.

Read any master’s thesis examples and you’ll quickly see that the first draft and the final draft are very different. Write up your first draft to get a basic idea, open up in SwifDoo PDF, edit it, make the changes you need, and keep editing until you’re happy with how your thesis looks.

Outline Your Argument

Outlining your argument in your thesis is essential if you want to get good marks, because that is such a vital component of your thesis.

Outline the argument for your topic of choice and be sure to go into each one in great detail, providing of course, it is relevant to the subject you’re writing about.



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