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Why You Need a Box Template: Explore the Facts

By Charlotte | Follow twitter | Updated on September 26, 2022

If you are into the packaging industry, you're aware of the word box, boxing, pack, unpack, etc. In this digital era, everything is available readymade on the internet. Here is the box template. This article will show how you can attract your customers with exciting printable box template designs.


Box comes in various sizes based on the product's size, including weight, length, height, and shape. The packaging industry works with different box sizes as the industry work with multiple products. In this context, a box template is an excellent option to explore various design, cut, and finish. Therefore, the availability of rectangle box template, pillow box template, and gift box template helps to go through different offbeat designs.

In this article, we'll show you the impact of the box design template and many other impressive features. So, stay with us!

Have you ever minutely gone through the box of the parcel you just received? If not, you must observe the box and the printed information. Do you know a product box helps to get many facts regarding the product that includes:

  • Name, category of the product
  • The brand of the product
  • Manufacturing address and Distribution office address
  • Even the expiry date is mentioned on the box if it's an edible item
  • It helps the transport authority to reach the customer’s address

Thus, we can say an item needs a box during its journey from the manufacturing unit to its user’s address for its safety and security.

The Industry Associated with Box Packaging: A Glimpse

Box packaging is required everywhere, like large industries, besides iron ore or crude oil. Different sizes and shapes of boxes come with various items. As per the shape and size of the product or item, the box's design is prepared and sent to the manufacturer depot, and pack the items. If you are planning to start any business, let’s know whether you need boxes or not so that you can get a box design template for your business.

  • Food Industry
  • Farming Industry
  • Supportive Industry
  • Home Appliances
  • Games and Toys
  • Clothing Industry
  • Jewelry Industry
  • Electronic Gadgets & Technical Items
  • Stationary, Books
  • Miscellaneous products regarding personal use, Babycare, and Luxury items

These are the industries that require box packaging. As the packaging protects the items from external damaging elements, the material of the boxes plays a crucial role here. For example, while you started your own business recently and are new in this field, you need a packaging template to get an idea of how the box should be and what materials you must include in preparing the packages. Here, the box template clarifies all your conflicts, and you can select the best box design template from the template catalog according to your needs.

How Does Box Template Help Get New Design Ideas?

A pillow box template will always be different than a gift box template. Thus, every design is unique and different from the others. But how do you know what kind of design is trendy, attracts buyers, and influence their buying decision? Here are various template designs that include printable box template, gift box template, and many more. Several template design comes with different design model, shape, and look. If you check the template design, you can re-invent and add more creative techniques to make the boxes more attractive for the buyers.

Here you can keep a few key points while selecting a box template:

  • If your product size and shape are like a rectangle, select the rectangle box template to pack it effectively without damaging its cone.
  • If you have a gift item shop, you must hunt for a gift box template to attract your buyers to your products.
  • Box template always comes with trendy design with colorful stickers; you need to pick which will go with your items.
  • The user-friendly template design attracts various age people as per their needs; keep it in mind.
  • Choose the template that can go perfectly suitable with the courier service to go for long distance that looks durable and protect the item until the buyer gets the thing without damage.

Remember: The store or unit where you order your printable box, ensure they have good knowledge about the cut, shape, and design. Never compromise with the box material, as it will protect your items from damage. So select the template design that is box material friendly.

Box templates are available over the internet, and you can select as per your product’s size, shape and weight. If you notice carefully, the various online sellers use different types of packaging for other products, and the quality of the material is up to the standard. In this way, you, too, can experiment with your packaging if you plan to sell to offshore customers.

Box Template Design and PDF Format: How Can PDF Format Help You?

With the rise of movieplex theater, pop corn box template is the current trend among the young generations. If you plan to start your own cafeteria, you can go through several pop corn box template designs or rectangle box templates to satisfy your customers’ hunger pangs. If you prefer to  download and save PDF template format and try to customize and present a new creation in the market, it will be helpful for many reasons. Why? Let’s know:

  • If you download the printable box template PDF format, you can access the design from any of your devices.
  • Your pop corn box template PDF file or any other box template PDF file never changes its basic layout despite device access.
  • You can securely save the template file.
  • You can share the PDF file with password protection so that only your design team can access the file.
  • If you download the gift box template PDF file, you can customize the design as per the shape, size, and weight of your gift items.
  • The user-friendly template PDF file can easily be compressed and merged with several files to create a single design.

These all are effective PDF usage that a business person cannot deny. And suppose you are serious about product packaging. In that case, you can avail of a reliable PDF tool to perform the customization, save, share, and many other tasks that secure the growth of your business. In this context, we would like to introduce SwifDoo PDF software, a better choice for customizing your printable box template.

SwifDoo PDF Software: Design Your Own Box Design Template

Here is your well-versed PDF software SwifDoo PDF that serves you with its high-end features and allows you to customize the rectangle box template or any other box template as per your needs. With its various functions, you can create your own PDF template or edit, merge, compress, annotate or e-sign your template design.

Further, its extensive conversion features allow you to convert your PDF template file from one format to any other format as it supports all the major file formats. The ultimate lightweight software occupies less system storage. You can share your PDF file with password protection so unauthorized people cannot access it.


Why could SwifDoo PDF be your best pick?

SwifDoo PDF can perform almost all the PDF tasks and help you finish them within a second. You need stable internet service and a PC; you’re all set to do any work with SwifDoo PDF software. Its helpful features include:

  • It can help you to create your own rectangle box template PDF file.
  • You can access the PDF template from any device.
  • It offers a vast edit option that helps you change font size and background color, create a bookmark, add text or image, and many other options.
  • You can add your E-sign under every file if you want to mail your PDF with your digital signature.
  • If you want to annotate your PDF file, you can mark the specific area and highlight the design so that your design team can grasp your concept clearly.
  • You can password-protect your exclusive box template design to deny unofficial access.

Thus, you can design your exclusive gift box template or printable box template PDF to attract your buyers and close the deals. For example, if you download a PDF box template design and want to add something to your innovative ideas, SwifDoo PDF is always there to help you.

How to customize your box template PDF with SwifDoo PDF software

With SwifDoo PDF, you can edit a PDF template design the way you want. For example, if you want to create your own design, add your brand name on the box, or send any message to your customer, you can follow a few simple steps. Here we go:

Step 1: Free download and install SwifDoo PDF on your PC and run the software;

Free Download

Step 2: Click Open to open your PC folder and select the PDF template you want to customize;


Step 3: After the selection, click on the Edit menu;


Step 4: Now you can click on Edit, Insert Text, or Background to add your brand name, change the background color or font size if you want.


Once your edit is done, the PDF file will automatically be saved to your PC storage for further access. It's such a secure software that it never accesses your personal folder or keeps your personal details on its server. If you download a template design in image format, you can use SwifDoo PDF to turn the image into a PDF to edit it.

Concluded Words

Pillow box templates, popcorn box templates, and various other box templates are the new arrival on the internet that come with attractive looks and user-friendly designs. When you wrap up your product inside such beautiful design boxes, your customers will adore your sense of beauty and artistic temperament.

If you want to experiment with the PDF box template design with your own style, you can install the SwifDoo PDF tool and customize the looks and shape and make them more appealing to the customers.



Charlotte has been in the software industry for 8+ years. She works for AWZWARE now as a passionate writer. She is good at providing simple guides to use various video, office and entertainment software. Charlotte also recommends many other useful tools to make your work and life easier. A food lover too.

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