If you are looking for a book that will make you feel all the warm, giddy, mushy feelings, The Love Wager is certainly your jam to help you become invested rather quickly. Lynn Painter's The Love Wager is a treasure trove of romance tropes. It is an enjoyable read and perfect for fans of books with the friends-to-lovers, fake dating, miscommunication, and "he falls first" tropes.

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Introduction to the Author: Lynn Painter

Lynn Painter is a USA Today and New York Times Bestselling author who usually writes romantic comedies for both teens and adults. She lives with her husband and pack of wild kids in Omaha, Nebraska. Lynn is a community columnist for the Omaha World-Herald and a regular blogger for their parenting section. When she isn't reading or writing, the odds are good: she's watching rom-coms, eating her feelings, and shotgunning cans of energy drinks.

Painter is known for her witty banter and hilarious exchanges between characters. Her writing is addictive, fun, breezy, easy to read, full of banters, and enjoyable without crazy dramas. Lynn Painter has written over ten books, including Better Than the Movies (2021), The Do-Over (2022), Mr. Wrong Number (2022), Betting on You (2023), and many more.

The Love Wager is a sequel to the Mr. Wrong Number book series but can also be read as a standalone novel. Her romance chick-lit contemporary fiction book, Happily Never After, is set to be published in March 2024.

Summary of The Love Wager

The Love Wager Book Cover

The Love Wager follows the story of the fun-loving and successful Jack Marshall, a landscape architect, and Hallie Piper, a corporate tax accountant. Jack is ready to get engaged to his girlfriend, Vanessa, but miscommunication occurs, and instead, they break up. Soon, Hallie, the wedding bartender, finds herself crawling out of a hotel room after a drunken and steamy one-night stand with Jack and feels like she has hit rock bottom, thinking that she will never see him again.

Hallie is desperately searching for a boyfriend as her ex, Ben, will be the best man at her sister's wedding. She sets out to find one and is soon surprised to see Jack on Looking4TheReal, a dating app. They match and decide to be friends and help and encourage each other to find their soulmates. They even make a wager on who can find true love first for added motivation in the dating scene.

Hallie is looking for a guy who likes her more than anyone else. But she isn't interested in dating someone with whom she had a one-night stand, so she signs up for the idea of finding one from the dating app.

However, Jack tells her he is ready for someone important in his life. He knows he does not get relationships as well as he might. For instance, Jack couldn't see that he and his ex, Vanessa, didn't have much in common. He has realized he was only in love with the idea of being in a relationship and wanted to be in one so bad.

During the process of finding suitable soulmates, their dates with the potential candidates don't go well. Instead, after each date, Jack and Hallie send texts to each other to discuss how their respective dates went and meet up for tacos.

But after weeks of fun and flirtatious texts and calls, one or both of them might have some real feelings growing, and neither of them is prepared to risk their friendship to find out.

Now, Hallie needs a date for her sister's wedding, and somehow, Jack steps in, agreeing to be her "fake boyfriend" for the weekend. This fake dating is the push that these friends-to-lovers couple needs to give in to their feelings. But will their search for potential dates end with each other realizing they have already found the One?

Key Takeaways from The Love Wager

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The Love Wager is a terrific romantic comedy, a delightful contemporary rom-com told from a dual point of view. Themes present include love and heartbreak, family, fate versus free will, growing up, communication or lack thereof, commitment, and death.

The Love Wager perfectly balances romance, humor, emotions, and conflict. The chemistry between Hallie and Jack was clear from the beginning, but their friendship was even stronger. They were great together, and their banter was so much fun to read.

Plenty of humor can be found in having characters go on a myriad of what are basically blind dates. There's also a speed-dating event in this, which gives plenty of opportunities for laughs and awkward getting-to-know-people moments.

Even though Hallie and Jack hook up almost immediately in a one-night stand at the beginning of the book, after that, time is taken to establish them as friends, the attraction between them doesn't go away, but they want to maintain their friendship, and not ruin it by falling into bed together again. Their banter is laugh-out-loud funny, their friendship is genuinely charming, and their chemistry is scintillating.

The use of technology is wise as the two main characters converse a lot of text messages. Lynn took Hallie and Jack's texting conversations and made them fun and flirty. The character's personalities shined in their messages, and it was great to see Hallie and Jack's relationship deepen during these exchanges. Dating apps also play a big part in this story.

Hallie and Jack were fabulous characters who were great separately, as friends, and as a couple. Their upbeat and quirky attitude percolates to all aspects of their lives. Even though these two are fun, their characters still have a lot of depth, and they both have some issues to work through before they can become a couple.

Read/Annotate The Love Wager PDF

The Love Wager was published on 14th March 2023. It is a fun, flirty, and timely read with likable characters. The book is also easy to read and get into since it flows nicely with an engaging plot. The romance in the story was well thought out and had just the right amount of humor, spice, and charm.

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