When the rom-com Better Than the Movies book says, "Love is patient, love is kind, love means slowly losing your mind," you can assume what you can expect from this young adult romantic novel. Even though it's a romantic love story of teenagers, it involves various aspects of life, crises, emotional insecurities, and many other realistic shades of life.

This article introduces the highlights of this book with its summary, reviews, and many other things. You can have a basic understanding of this book before reading it. If you are ready to read this book, except for the paperback version, the Better Than the Movies PDF book are available that lets you enjoy the story wherever you are. Without further ado, let’s explore the book to know the details.

Better Than the Movies Book: Book Info

  • Title: Better Than The Movies
  • Author: Lynn Painter
  • Genre: Young adult, Romantic comedy, Fiction
  • Published By: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, on 4th May 2021
  • Book Length: 368 pages
  • Language: English

Better Than the Movies: Author

Lynn Painter is a USA Today and New York Times best-selling author better known for her most talked about teenage and adult romantic novel, Better Than the Movies. She lives in Omaha, Nebraska, with her beloved husband and naughty kids. She is a regular community columnist in the Omaha-World-Herald. She also writes blogs for the parenting section. She enjoys her energy drink, shot-gunning cans, and watching rom-com movies in her free time.

Better Than the Movies: Summary

The story in Better Than the Movies begins with the teenage protagonist Liz Buxbaum, who had a crush on her childhood friend Michael but had a complicated equation with her neighbor Wes Bennet. Liz and her late mother were extremely passionate about romantic movies. While following her mom's legacy and advice, Liz started believing in "happily-ever-after," like romance in real life.

So, eventually, when she tried to get hooked up with Michale, and for doing this, she asked for help from Wes in return for the favor of sacrificing parking space. However, Liz starts to feel for Wes when he sees someone else during the plans and situations of getting close to Michael. So, it would be fascinating to know whether Liz would ever find her happily ever after love ending.

Better Than the Movies: Review

To review Better Than the Movies, the quote, "Sometimes we get so tied up in our idea of what we think we want that we miss out on the amazingness of what we could actually have," explains the essence of the story. While enjoying a funny yet fascinating and fresh love story, this book will make you rethink how you perceive things in your life and surroundings. Liz's conceptual belief in perfect love and her real-life feeling of falling in love were so contradictory to each other that she didn't realize what she should follow.

Liz's dilemma in love is extremely relatable and reflects real confusion in the emotions of people's preconceived notions, ideas, and thoughts. Apart from this, the author has created the characters with real actions of natural reflexes. So, despite being a fictional love story, Better Than the Movies will give you a reality check while reading.

Better Than the Movies: PDF

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Better Than the Movies PDF
Better Than the Movies Review

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If you want to cherish a teenage love story, Better Than the Movies book will certainly make you nostalgic while relishing your own romantic journey. You can clearly relate to the characters and their dilemma about love and emotions. So, to grab this book's real essence, you must go for repeat reading with the Better Than the Movies PDF version.


Q:Is Better Than the Movies a good book?

If you love romantic novels, reading Better Than the Movies will be relaxing, refreshing and reflective. So, this light-hearted rom-com book is pretty good for an instant romantic boost.

Q:Is Better Than the Movies a love triangle?

Even though Better Than the Movies is not a love triangle in its literal sense, the story and its love equation revolve around mainly one girl and two boys.

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