To talk about romantic novels, you can't miss one of the New York Times's best sellers, People We Meet On Vacation. This multiple-nominee and award-winning book proves the eternal saying, "opposite attracts," all over again with a love story between two poles apart souls. Even though one first meeting drives the couple to their destination of oneness, sometimes it takes years to reach there.

So, reading People We Meet On Vacation will be a treat to meet your hidden shades of life, love, and lust. This romantic novel will take you on a rollercoaster ride of emotion, passion, insecurity, and vulnerability between two people who madly feel for each other but can't accept it. So, to relish their romance repeatedly, carrying the People We Meet On Vacation PDF version is the smart option with the flexible reading and annotation customization of the SwifDoo PDF viewer.

People We Meet On Vacation: The Book's General Info

Before getting lost in the lovey-dovey world of People We Meet On Vacation, you must have some interesting insights about this novel.

Author: Emily Henry

Genre: Contemporary Romance, New Adult, Travel, Fiction

Characters: Alex Nilsen, the male protagonist who is a serious, tall, honors student, aspires to be a creative writer. Poppy Wright, the female protagonist, a college dropout adventurous person, aspires to be a travel writer.

Published: By Berkley on 11th May 2021

Book length: 400 pages

Age Limit: 16 Years & Above

Book Formats: People We Meet On Vacation PDF, audiobook, Kindle, Paperback

People We Meet On Vacation: Summary

To get the synopsis of People We Meet On Vacation, you begin with the beginning when Poppy and Alex meet for the first time while heading to their university. After that, they move to different cities to pursue their careers as writers. They have planned a yearly vacation for the last decade to meet each other. Even though they are complete opposites, they understand each other more than themselves.

However, after their drunken kiss incident happened on vacation, they stopped talking to each other. After two years of their last vacation in People We Meet On Vacation, Poppy convinced Alex for their new vacation, and their irresistible feeling for each other was expressed on the trip. They fell into a love relationship while involved in physical and emotional intimacy. But this is just the beginning, and to know what the book is about to reveal further in its ending, you should stay hooked until the end.

People We Meet on Vacation 1

People We Meet On Vacation: Review

In the book review of one of the most talked about romantic novels, People We Meet On Vacation, you will notice that the story is more about two characters than the plot. Interestingly, the plot revolves around the characters and gradually changes the equation between them. You will know how two people share the same emotions of love for each other without self-realization from the book.

People We Meet On Vacation is worth reading as it shows how our past experiences, childhood incidents, fear of rejection, and many other hidden emotions lead us to judge our present situation and equation with others. And the ending of this story will make you realize that you don't have any choice but to accept who you are and what you feel. You can't run away from yourself.

Read & Annotate People We Meet On Vacation PDF

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People We Meet on Vacation PDF
People We Meet On Vacation

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The Book Quotes

You can feel the real essence of People We Meet On Vacation by Emily Henry through its 4 phenomenal quotes.

  • "I don't think I knew I was lonely until I met you."
  • "It’s fascinating. How so much of love is about who you are with someone."
  • "But most of us are too scared even to ask what we want in case we can't have it."
  • "It hurts to want it all, so many things that can't coexist within the same life."


If romance is your all-time favorite reading genre, the fresh feel of the Emily Henry's book People We Meet On Vacation is the most fascinating option. After reading the book for the first time, if you want to cherish the hangover of your own romantic nostalgia all over again with Poppy and Alex, keep the People We Meet On Vacation free PDF ebook on your continent devices and stay hooked to the book as long as you want. 


  1. Is People We Meet On Vacation Spicy?

There are some love-making, closed-door, and bed scenes in the book. However, they are not extremely explicit and write gracefully. So this book is steamy and semi-spicy.

  1. Is People We Meet On Vacation a series?

No, People We Meet On Vacation is a standalone novel with no sequel to the book.

  1. What are the different titles of the book People We Meet On Vacation in other locations?

In America: People We Meet On Vacation

In the UK: You and Me On Vacation

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