Seldom do we find a romance genre with a disability angle that shapes the story differently. Such is the case with Mia Sheridan’s Archer's Voice. It is a spicy and heartwarming love story that indulges you in a roller-coaster of emotions with grief and endless pain. It is the story of suffering, fate, love, and trust that brews between the two lead characters.

The Archer's Voice book is a gem in a romance novel that will leave you stuck with many emotions. You can get the paperback edition or download the PDF version to enjoy reading this gentle novel. Here, we have covered you with a detailed book outline comprising of summary, review, quotes, and much more. Stay with us for a hearty read!

Introduction to the Book

Archer's Voice by Mia Sheridan is a story of a woman chained in the memory of a horrifying night and a man who lost his voice in an accident. The heartwarming narration of the two finding love in each other is worth reading. Get a detailed overview of the book here. 

Author: Mia Sheridan

Publication: 2014

Main Characters: Archer Hale, Bree Prescott

No. of Pages: 338

Age Rating: 18 years and above 

Genres: Contemporary romance, adult romance 

Series and Sequel: The book is standalone but in the Sign of Love Series and  Travis is the follow-up story to it. 

Other Books by the Author: Leo, Most of all You, Kyland, Stinger, Travis, etc

Archer's Voice Summary

This book tells a story of two individuals, Archer and Bree, who have shared their traumas in life. Bree helps Archer escape his past with her kindness and love. The novel is a precise narration of two falling in love with each other. What happens when the two meet? The book is all about this. Read the intriguing story by Mia Sheridan to explore the ardent love story. 

Best Quotes from the Book

This is a beautiful novel with famous quotes. Check some meaningful quotes from Archer's Voice created by Mia Sheridan here. 

"Only you, only ever you."

"love was all about learning to speak a person's language."

"It's like, the second I saw him, my life started."

"the loudest words are the ones we live."

"There's nothing any of us can do about the possibility of loss."

Tips on Reading the Archer's Voice PDF

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Or you can read Archer's Voice online.

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An average reader may read this adorable love story in around 6 hours and 40 minutes. Read the book patiently to enjoy the story's authentic feel.

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Obtain or Buy Audiobook, Kindle, EPUB and Paperback

You can also obtain or buy the book in other formats, like audiobook, Kindle, hardcover, paperback, etc., to enjoy the book comfortably from Amazon, Walmart, Target and Barnes & Noble. 

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How Readers Review Archer's Voice

This is a book much appreciated by its readers. Check the summarized top reviews from readers here: 

The story of the book deserves all appreciation as it brings in a perfect blend of mystery, challenges, and love. The two characters and their description connect the reader to every bit of the story. The novel is a must-read book for romantic novel readers. 

Archer's Voice is a mesmerizing story of two strangers finding true love in each other. The beautifully narrated story by Mia Sheridan perfectly describes each narration of the two lead actors to connect you with the beautiful love tale. 

Mia Sheridan is a fantastic writer, and she has beautifully expressed a romantic tale of two adorable characters with her book. The heart-melting story connects well with its readers and teaches you a wonderful message of kindness and love. 


To summarize, Archer's Voice is a story of two individuals living in their reclusions. The two meet to help each other find the true meaning of life. The story written by Mia Sheridan efficiently narrates the tale of two unknowns helping each other. This book is an adult romantic comedy that is a must-read for love-story lovers. Download Archer's Voice PDF to enjoy reading it, or buy it online. 


Q:Is Archer's Voice Spicy?

This is a novel for 18+ readers with strong language and spicy content but a divine message.

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