If you think of quality reading of real and thoughtful content, the award-winning and nominated A Little Life book is a phenomenal piece of creation with a real dynamic of life. This story focuses on some contemporary challenging issues of mental health, same-sex relationships, child abuse and many other shady aspects of life.

On the other hand, the story also evolves with the bond of real friendships, pursuing passionate careers, emotional support of loved ones and some shiny sides of reality. So, to experience the dilemma of the A Little Life book, here you go with its reviews, book info, author's insights, and how to read the PDF version with a free PDF viewer.

A Little Life: Book Info

Author: Hanya Yanagihara

Genre: Adult Fiction, LGBTQ, Mental Health

Published In: 10th March in 2015 by Doubleday

Length: 814

Awards & Achievements

Kirkus Prize for Fiction

National Book Award Finalist for Fiction (2015)

Booker Prize Nominee (2015)

Dublin Literary Award Nominee for Shortlist (2017) & many other nominees

A Little Life: Author

A novelist, travel writer, and editor, Hanya Yanagihara wrote multiple award winner and Booker Prize shortlisted A Little Life book. She was brought up in different cities in the USA. Even though her father was a hematologist & oncologist, she found her passion in writing and completed her graduation from Smith College. Her father introduced her to many British writers at a young age.

The 49-year-old writer is also an editor-in-chief of T-Magazine. In the male-dominated writer's generation, she has emerged as a most promising writer with contemporary issues and concerns. Her super successful A Little Life book is the reflection of her social concern and other challenges of human struggle across the world.

A Little Life: Summary

This is the story of four friends: Jude a lawyer with a damaged past disabled limp; Willem, an aspiring actor with a handsome personality; Malcolm, a successful architect; and JB a witty painter. Even though revolving around the struggle and joinery of these four friends and their search for a living apartment in New York City, A Little Life is more about Jude's life, struggle, suffering, pain and failure.

Because of his abusive and traumatic past, Jude started to believe that he was not worthy of love and was meant to live in pain. Even though he receives love from his father-figure professor and his wife or friend Willems as a boyfriend, he never feels worthy of it. Therefore, he always indulges himself in self-harming. At the end of A Little Life, neither counseling nor love stops him from taking his own life.

A Little Life: Review

In the A Little Life book, the author says, "there’s not an expiration date on needing help, or needing people. You don’t get to a certain age, and it stops". It conveys the message of needing and sticking to help at any moment of your life involving mental stress or physical pain. This story shows the unbearable physical pain and mental illness of Jude caused by his childhood abuse and trauma. Suppressing his traumatic past leads him to live a depressed and damaged life.

Despite facing several social challenges the four friends succeeded in their careers and achieved professional success. A Little Life also shows that our so-called social status doesn't meet our soul's satisfaction. All you need from one another is acceptance, compassion, love, respect and most importantly, a change of thoughts regarding self-growth and evolution.

How to Read A Little Life PDF Joyfully

PDF has gained great popularity when it comes to ebook format, thanks to its broad compatibility and portability. Not like a physical printed copy, a A Little Life PDF can be brought everywhere with your computer and phone without taking up your space. Perhaps you’ve found there are some digital libraries providing a PDF book for free online reading or download. When you have the free PDF, you can read it joyfully with SwifDoo PDF reader.

A Little Life PDF reading with SwifDoo PDF
Read A Little Life PDF with SwifDoo PDF

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Check what you can do while reading the A Little Life book in PDF format.

  • Switch between dark mode, full screen, slide show and various other reading modes.
  • Change the PDF theme color to relax your eyes.
  • Have the A Little Life PDF read aloud to you.
  • Do word count and search for words and phrases in the PDF.
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  • Translate an entire PDF book or specific text of the book to your native language.

A Little Life PDF reading joyfully with SwifDoo PDF

Internet Archive offers the book for online reading and PDFSeva provides A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara in PDF format for free download. Once you’ve got it, open and enjoy the fantastic reading journey with SwifDoo PDF.

Why This Book is So Popular

As we are so much contained in our lives, pain and struggle, we somehow don't notice our impact on others. While reading this A Little Life book, we can see the sufferings of others caused by someone else. This book has made an impact on your action and reaction towards situations given to you. This book opens a window to the entire society to see what we have been practicing for ages without noticing its damaging impact on us and others.

It shows that sometimes love is not enough to heal your ever-lasting wound, but love is the only way to start healing. This self-realizing and thought-provoking concept of this book has made it so popular in the last two years when people have struggled for existence due to pandemic challenges.


Reading the A Little Life book will be a thought-transforming process to get some reality check. Even though it's a functional story, this book's realistic situations and characters help the readers connect to the characters' emotions, passions, pains, and struggles. So, it has to be on your reading list to experience transformation and evolution in life. A Little Life PDF free


Did A Little Life make you cry?

Yes, so many situations in the story refer to Jude's traumatic past and painful present that will make you cry. You will also instantly feel for him while relating his pain with your pain and struggle.

What is the controversy about A Little Life?

The book has been the center of controversy because of the presentation of its male gay characters. It reflects the author's preconceived notions of homosexuality, leading her to portray a painful traumatic character with an abusive past.

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