Many platforms allow you to upload and share PDF documents, but some others only support URL links, images, and specific other types of files. A URL link is the address of a web page or an HTML file that is easy to access in any browser. Therefore, you may sometimes need to convert PDF to URL to convey the content of your document to a wider audience. So how do you perform the conversion? A PDF to URL converter might be the answer.

By sending a PDF as a URL, you don't have to worry about the file being oversized. You can send the URL to people around the world through nearly all apps. All these are the benefits of generating URL links. In this article, we will explain to you 4 ways to convert PDF to URL or HTML with offline and online converters.

Which PDF to URL Converter to Use?

There are tons of tools that enable you to convert PDF files to URL links, but the best ones should be secure and simple to learn. In light of that, we recommend the desktop software, SwifDoo PDF, for Windows users and Adobe Acrobat Pro for Mac users. You can also get the job done with the help of SwifDoo PDF Online Converter. In addition, the cloud storage service, Google Drive, is available as a free PDF to URL converter to create URL links from PDFs.

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Read on to discover how these converters work.

Convert PDF to URL with SwifDoo PDF

SwifDoo PDF is a multipurpose PDF converter that can convert documents from PDF to HTML, Word, Excel, PPT, CAD, and image files. You can use it to convert a PDF file to a URL by creating an HTML file. A top highlight of the software is that it allows you to convert a group of PDFs in one go. All the formatting and layout will be retained in the converted files. SwifDoo PDF also has PDF editing, PDF compression, PDF organizing, and more capabilities.

Follow the three steps below to convert PDF to URL quickly.

Step 1: Open a PDF document with SwifDoo PDF

Free download, install, and open the PDF software, then drag and drop your PDF into it or click “Open” on the program’s start screen to import your PDF.

Convert PDF to URL with SwifDoo PDF step 1

Step 2: Choose Convert and PDF to HTML

When the PDF is opened, tap on the “Convert” menu at the top of the software window to choose the “PDF to HTML” option.

Convert PDF to URL with SwifDoo PDF step 2

Step 3: Convert PDF to URL

After you get into the SwifDoo PDF converter dialogue box, select a folder for saving the converted file from the “Output Path” section and press the “Start” button. Then the converter will create an HTML file from the PDF in a flash, and you can make the HTML a URL link.

Convert PDF to URL with SwifDoo PDF step 3

Besides sharing the PDF as a URL link, it’s viable to directly copy and send the HTML file to somebody via a service or an app, and the recipient can click to access it on the web.

On top of contributing to PDF to URL conversion, SwifDoo PDF also has options for adding hyperlinks to PDF files. More specifically, you can create a clickable link over a piece of text or image on a PDF page. By clicking the link, any authorized reader of this PDF is able to go to an external web page, a digital document, or a self-contained page.

Convert PDF to URL with Adobe Acrobat Pro

To have a URL version of your PDF document, Adobe Acrobat Pro is a solution. The program is a top-notch PDF conversion and editing application compatible with both Mac and Windows. It can convert a PDF to a single HTML page or multiple HTML pages, depending on your needs and the file length. That means you will be able to convert your PDF to one or more URL links. Acrobat can also create internal hyperlinks for PDFs.

It takes just a few clicks to convert PDF to URL on Mac or Windows. Take a look at the how-to.

Step 1: Open your PDF file with the HTML web page generator and choose Export PDF in the right toolbar or go to Tools to select the Export PDF tool;

Convert PDF to URL with Adobe Acrobat Pro DC step 1

Step 2: Pick HTML Web Page from the exported file format options, then check the Single HTML page or Multiple HTML pages radio button;

Convert PDF to URL with Adobe Acrobat Pro DC step 2

Step 3: Click Export and specify an output location to convert the PDF to HTML web page(s).

Adobe Acrobat undoubtedly simplifies the process of converting PDF to URL and offers users rich features for editing PDFs. However, if you are not its user yet, you have to purchase its subscription plan which is a little expensive. In view of this case, an online converter and Google Drive in the next two parts are introduced to solve your issue.

How to Convert PDF to URL Using SwifDoo PDF Online Converter

Running via web browsers, SwifDoo PDF Online Converter is here to answer you on how to make a PDF a URL. It’s developed to convert PDF to HTML and several other widely used formats, such as DOCX, and XLSX, and vice versa, online for free. You can take full advantage of the converter to complete basic PDF tasks. To show you how to convert a PDF to a URL link with the online free tool, we have drafted a brief guide.

Step 1: Click Products in the navigation bar of SwifDoo PDF’s website to choose PDF to HTML;

convert PDF to URL using SwifDoo PDF online converter 1

Step 2: Drag and drop your PDF file or upload it to the interface;

convert PDF to URL using SwifDoo PDF online converter 2

Step 3: Wait for the converter to convert the PDF to a web page file automatically.

convert PDF to URL using SwifDoo PDF online converter 3

Download and save the converted HTML file so you can turn PDF into URL without paying.

Create URL from PDF with Google Drive

Google Drive is a free file sharing and storage service that’s accessible from any device (Windows, Mac, web, etc.). Its main ability is to help create, edit, and sync PDFs, presentations, and spreadsheets online. The cloud-based application is also a URL link generator, allowing you to upload PDF files to get URLs. As a unique PDF to URL link converter, it enables you to create URLs for free without a tedious conversion process.

Check out how to get a URL for a PDF.

Step 1: Log into your Drive account in any browser and upload a PDF by dragging and dropping or choosing New > File upload;

Create URL from PDF with Google Drive step 1

Step 2: Locate and right-click on the uploaded PDF file to select Get link from the context menu;

Create URL from PDF with Google Drive step 2

Step 3: Copy and save the URL link generated from your PDF.

Create URL from PDF with Google Drive step 3

To read the PDF file later, copy and paste the URL into a browser’s address bar. You can share the URL link with your friends or clients via any app or service.


Converting PDFs to URLs can save the space required to store large or heavy PDF files and let you get rid of file size or format limitations when sharing them. Regarding how to make a PDF into a URL in the best way, the SwifDoo PDF desktop application and Google Drive are the most recommended out of the four converters or URL link generators. They are more economical and fast to use.

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