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Top 10 XPS to PDF Converters in 2023

By Lydia | Follow twitter | Updated on March 10, 2023 | Français Deutsch
XPS is short for XML paper specification. It is an open specification for a page description language and has an unchanged layout. However, compared to XPS documents, PDFs gain more popularity. It is necessary to convert an XPS file to a PDF when you want the file to be viewed by more people. A useful XPS to PDF converter can achieve the task swiftly with precision.

This post features a detailed introduction to 8 practical XPS to PDF converters. You can choose a desktop application to convert XPS to PDF or transform an XPS file to a PDF online.

Why You Need to Convert XPS to PDF

XPS is a PDF-like file format that maintains the layout of a file on different operating systems. However, the XPS format is far less popular than PDF. Whether you are working with XPS files or receiving them, converting XPS files to PDFs makes these documents accessible to more users. Hence, that is why you need to convert XPS to PDF.

There are various XPS to PDF converters online and offline on the market, but which one serves the best? In the following parts, we are going to introduce 8 popular tools to help you convert XPS files to PDFs and download them, including 2 desktop applications and 6 online XPS to PDF converters. Let’s dive deeper into it!

SwifDoo PDF (Offline)

SwifDoo PDF is one of the best bets when you need to convert XPS to PDF. As a proficient PDF converter application for PC, it features solutions for converting every file format you have to PDF and vice versa. The in-built XPS to PDF converter allows you to quickly and accurately convert multiple XPS files to PDFs and download them in a trice. And the user interface is comfortable to navigate and lets you easily locate the feature you need, which maximizes your efficiency.

XPS to PDF converter SwifDoo PDF

Major features:

Open your file in this XPS to PDF converter and click “Convert”. Then select “More to PDF” and choose “XPS to PDF”. Finally, click the Start button to finish the task. This XPS to PDF converter free download software will impress you.

Microsoft XPS Viewer (Offline)

As the creator of XPS, Microsoft’s default XPS viewer can act as the XPS to PDF converter. It eliminates the need to install additional desktop converters. This program is especially practical for users working with XPS frequently. Microsoft’s XPS to PDF converting feature acts quickly. Just open your XPS in its XPS viewer > “File” > “Print” > “Microsoft Print to PDF” > “Print”. Then you can convert your XPS file to a PDF.
XPS to PDF converter XPS Viewer


If you want to convert XPS to PDF online, Zamzar is an optimal choice. It is a modern collection of file management solutions available via Google Chrome, Firefox, and other web browsers. This free online XPS to PDF converter enables you to convert an XPS file of up to 50 MB to a PDF. And the processing speed will leave you with a deep impression. Besides converting XPS to PDF and downloading the file for free, it also can save MOBI as PDF, compress MP3 files, and perform other file transformations.

XPS to PDF converter Zamzar


Online2PDF is another good online XPS to PDF converter. Although the design of this website looks a little outdated, it responds to your request swiftly and it automatically downloads the converted XPS file to your local folder. More importantly, this online PDF software lets you convert XPS to PDF in batches. 20 files can be processed at the same time, which is not a common feature for most free XPS to PDF converters.

XPS to PDF converter Online2PDF

In addition to transforming XPS files into PDFs, you can use it to convert scanned PDF to Word via OCR, add headers and footers, or password-protect your PDF file from being tampered with.


FreeConvert is also a good platform that lets you convert XPS to PDF online. This free XPS to PDF converter delivers a visual user interface and dynamic interaction options. You can import your XPS files from your device, Dropbox, Google Drive, and URL. The instructions below the workspace demonstrate how to convert XPS to PDF and download it using this converter. However, it doesn’t support the OXPS format and ads are a little annoying.
XPS to PDF converter FreeConvert


Offering a dynamic UI, A1Office allows you to smoothly interact with its online XPS to PDF converter as well. It can precisely convert XPS to PDF and preserve the original formatting. What makes this application stand out is the preview feature. After converting your XPS to PDF, you can preview and edit the file online, and then download the edited version directly.
XPS to PDF converter A1Office
Apart from the online XPS to PDF converter, this web-based software provides other editing tools so that you can add text boxes to PDF, insert images, or e-sign the document.


CloudConvert is another online website where you can convert XPS to PDF for free. It doesn’t have disturbing ads or garish designs. After changing your XPS file to a PDF, it also allows you to preview the converted file before downloading. You can view the file content online or straightforwardly print the PDF double-sided on paper in this online XPS to PDF converter.
XPS to PDF converter CloudConvert


The last recommended site to convert XPS to PDF online is XPS to PDF. Just as its name implies, this online XPS to PDF converter is designed to process the conversion between XPS and PDF documents. On the one hand, it can convert XPS files to PDFs. On the other hand, this program excels in converting PDF to XPS as well. It supports both the XPS and OXPS formats, but it is worth noting that this site displays ads.
XPS to PDF converter XPS to PDF


Convertio is never strange to you if you process different files through a website. This online XPS to PDF converter supports both the XPS and OXPS formats. It can quickly convert XPS to PDF without corrupting the layout. Furthermore, it temporarily stores your converted XPS files assuming that you might accidentally delete the file.

XPS to PDF converter Convertio


The name explains everything! ToPDF excels in transforming any format to PDF. As a handy online XPS to PDF converter, it uploads your XPS file swiftly to the converter and presents the preview for you to check. With one click on the “DOWNLOAD ALL” button, it will convert XPS files to PDFs in a zip file. The user interface is pretty simple and offers easy navigation to master the tool.

XPS to PDF converter ToPDF

To Sum Up

When you need to convert XPS to PDF, try the listed ten XPS to PDF converters, and there is one option fit for you. Two offline XPS to PDF converters are listed in case you prefer desktop applications. Online XPS to PDF converting tools also have good performance and enable you to convert XPS files to PDFs and download them while maintaining the original formatting.

If you have multiple files, SwifDoo PDF can easily convert XPS files into PDFs in a blink of an eye. All your files will be securely processed and saved to your own device, instead of to the cloud. This XPS to PDF converter is free to download. You can get the most out of its 15-day free trial and start the conversion!



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