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Translate Hindi to Gujarati in PDF on Windows/Online: Easy Guide

By Charlotte | Follow twitter | Updated on March 1, 2024
Now, you have a Hindi PDF document that you need to translate to Gujarati. But you want to avoid manually copying-pasting the text to fulfill the task. Then, you must agree that using a practical PDF language translator will save you a lot of stress and time. To translate Hindi to Gujarati in PDFs, you have offline and online translator software to rely on. Learn how to make things easier than ever on Windows and the web.

Translate Hindi to Gujarati in PDF on Windows

SwifDoo PDF lets you conduct Hindi to Gujarati translations on PDFs straightforwardly and effortlessly. This powerful PDF translator for Windows supports various Indian languages, a total of 100+ languages globally.

To translate Hindi to Gujarati in PDFs, two options and guides are introduced. They will meet your different translation needs.

Option 1

Step 1: Launch the downloaded and installed software and import your PDF into it;

Step 2: Select the Hindi text on the PDF and click the Quick Translation icon in the pop-up bar;

Translate Hindi to Gujarati PDF on Windows 1

Step 3: Set the input and output languages to produce the translation immediately.

Translate Hindi to Gujarati PDF on Windows 2

Option 2

You can translate Hindi to Gujarati in PDF pages by pages, not text by text.

Step 1: Open your Hindi PDF in the application and go to Document Translation under Home;

Translate Hindi to Gujarati PDF on Windows 3

Step 2: Choose the original and desired languages and change the saving location in the pop-up window;

Translate Hindi to Gujarati PDF on Windows 4

Step 3: Start translating by clicking the Translate to Gujarati button.

Before you translate Hindi to Gujarati in PDFs using SwifDoo PDF, you can also edit the existing text in the PDFs and split, compress, and organize pages with it. Download the software and get a 7-day free trial to simplify your document processing workflow. It doesn’t require your credit card info.

Translate Hindi to Gujarati in PDF Online

An online PDF file translator might be the best choice to translate Hindi to Gujarati in PDFs for convenience and easy access. Read on to discover how to translate an entire document or PDF text without downloading software.

Google Docs

Google Docs is one of the great tools for translating PDFs from Hindi to Gujarati. The cloud-based software, designed as a word processor and document editor, can open and make a PDF editable. It also translates your document into over 100 languages. It's not a direct way, but it's feasible.

Translate Hindi to Gujarati in PDFs according to the next process.

Step 1: First, log into your Google Drive to upload your PDF and open it online;

Step 2: Click Open with on the top of the PDF page and choose Google Docs;

Step 3: Go to Tools > Translate document after the PDF is opened in Docs;

Translate Hindi to Gujarati in PDF online 1

Step 4:  Click Choose a language to select Gujarati and hit Translate to generate the translated copy.


Another way to translate Hindi to Gujarati in PDFs online is using ChatGPT. Simply copy the text from the PDFs into the AI chatbot and let it provide you with an instant translation in any language you want. The system is also accessible from iOS and Android.

Translate Hindi to Gujarati in PDF online 2

Step 1: Open GPT and click New chat;

Step 2: Paste Hindi text in a PDF into the message box and type a prompt to request translation;

Step 3: Repeat Step 2 until you completely translate Hindi to Gujarati in the PDF with this web AI translator;

Step 4: Copy the output results into a document to save.

An extra way to do a Hindi PDF to Gujarati PDF translation: first convert a Hindi PDF to Word using SwifDoo PDF, then translate the Word file or copy the editable text to any text translator.  

What Makes SwifDoo PDF Your Best PDF Language Translator?

Why SwifDoo PDF is your best pick to translate Hindi to Gujarati in PDFs? Here is an overview of the benefits of using it.

  • Free, unlimited, and instant PDF text translation during a trial;
  • Advanced page and complete document translation;
  • Fast, stable, and safe without the need to upload files online;
  • A comprehensive solution to tackle all your needs, from PDF converting and editing to annotating.

Final Words

Knowing the best method to translate Hindi to Gujarati in PDFs is a valuable skill today so that you can do business with broader people and enjoy the world's literature. It’s essential to pay attention to which efficient translation software is good to go. By taking the time to text and select, the three Windows and online software will make your PDF book or document’s Hindi to Gujarati translation a piece of cake.

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Q:Can we change the language in PDFs?

You can change the language in a PDF by directly altering the original text or creating a new document. Depending on your preference, you can take SwifDoo PDF to make edits to the PDF or translate the whole document.

Q:Can Google Translate a PDF?

Google Translate lets users translate various languages, such as Hindi, German, Japanese, and English to Gujarati in a PDF. However, it has a 10Mb file size limit and only works on the desktop web.

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