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Convert Malayalam PDF to Word Offline and Online [2024 Guide]

By Charlotte | Follow twitter | Updated on February 26, 2024
Malayalam is one of the most spoken languages of India. This language can be troublesome to copy, extract, or recognize. When you convert Malayalam PDFs to Word, the resulting files often need to be more satisfactory. As a result, you have to look for PDF to Word converters supporting Malayalam.

This article walks you through offline and online ways for Windows, Mac, and mobile users. Check how to convert a Malayalam PDF to Word now through the quick guides.

Convert Malayalam PDF to Word Offline

This part introduces the two best PDF converters for desktop computers and laptops. One is a dedicated PDF software application, and the other is a Microsoft Office program.

SwifDoo PDF

SwifDoo PDF allows you to convert Malayalam PDFs to Word or Word to PDF in a streamlined workflow. It's packed with batch conversion features if you have multiple PDFs. Arabic, Hebrew, and many other languages are available. The tiny and fast Malayalam PDF to Word converter trusted by millions of users is downloadable for all recent Windows.

Here are two step-by-step tutorials regarding how to convert Malayalam PDFs to Word documents.

Option 1

Step 1: Get into the SwifDoo PDF software app and choose PDF to Word;

Malayalam PDF to Word offline with SwifDoo PDF 1

Step 2: Drag your PDF file to the opened dialogue box and select the location for output;

Malayalam PDF to Word offline with SwifDoo PDF 2

Step 3: Click Start to begin converting.

SwifDoo PDF not only helps convert PDF to Word in Malayalam or other languages but also lets you edit, compress, and split a PDF and do many more.

Option 2

Convert Malayalam PDF to Word by OCR.

Step 1: Open your PDF document in the SwifDoo PDF converter application;

Step 2: Go to the Edit tab to choose the OCR tool;

Malayalam PDF to Word offline with SwifDoo PDF 3

Step 3: Select which pages to be converted and click the Apply button;

Step 4: When the Malayalam text is recognized, select and copy it into Word.

Malayalam PDF to Word offline with SwifDoo PDF 4

Microsoft Word

Another way to convert Malayalam PDFs to Word offline is using Microsoft Word. If you are already an Office suite user, you can do that for free. This software can also convert Marathi, Hindi, or Arabic PDFs to Word.

Let’s see how Word works as a Malayalam PDF to Word converter.

Step 1: Open any Word file, navigate to File > Open to browse, and select the target PDF to open;

Step 2: Click the OK option in the pop-up window;

Malayalam PDF to Word offline with Microsoft Word

Step 3: Wait for the conversion to be completed and save the Word file.

Convert Malayalam PDF to Word Online

To convert Malayalam PDFs to Word, you have online tools to count on. You can deem them as alternative solutions if you are unwilling to download any software on some device.


i2OCR is one of the few converters that empowers you to convert PDF files to Word documents with Malayalam font online. It doesn't ask you to sign up for an account. You can extract text from and convert one page at a time. The process isn't straightforward but workable.

The simple steps to convert Malayalam PDF to Word using the tool are as follows.

Step 1: Choose the PDF OCR menu on the website and select the language as Malayalam;

Malayalam PDF to Word online with i2OCR

Step 2: Click Select PDF to upload your PDF file to be converted;

Step 3: Tap the PDF to Images button, select a page, and click Extract Page Text;

Step 4: Hit the Download button to choose Doc or Docx.

That's how to convert a Malayalam PDF to a Malayalam Word file, and the Malayalam font PDF to Word converter is accessible from any larger or smaller screens online for free. However, there are many annoying ads around the workspace.

SwifDoo PDF Online

When you want to convert Malayalam PDFs to Word, try the SwifDoo PDF online service. With a clean and user-friendly interface, the online PDF to Word converter allows you to finish your work conveniently without registration. It’s free of charge.

Step 1: Choose Products > PDF to Word on the site;

Step 2: Click Choose File to browse and upload your Malayalam PDF;

Malayalam PDF to Word online with SwifDoo PDF Online converter

Step 3: In just seconds, you will convert a Malayalam PDF file to Word successfully and be able to download the editable document.

Why Is SwifDoo PDF Your Best PDF to Word Converter?

Whether you convert Malayalam PDFs to Word, Marathi PDFs to Word, or any scanned PDFs to editable files, picking SwifDoo PDF always brings you many benefits.

Safe and private: The software is reviewed as one of the best PDF editors on PCWorld and is thus reliable. You only work on your desktop and can keep private and confidential documents secure.

High efficiency: the UI and workflow design have no learning curve. So you can convert Malayalam PDFs to Word quickly. Batch processing several files at once is possible.

One-stop PDF solution: regardless of changing the existing text in a PDF, removing or adding watermarks, or making any other changes, there is no need to switch to other applications. Not just a PDF to Word Malayalam converter.

Best cost-performance: After a 7-day free trial with no limitations, you have super cost-effective annual and perpetual plans. Get SwifDoo PDF at half the cost of Adobe Acrobat. 


Wrong ways to convert Malayalam PDFs to Word can result in garbled text and waste your time, so go through the practical converters and methods in this post. An online Malayalam PDF to Malayalam Word converter is the optimal choice for temporary tasks. However, if you wish to conduct file conversions regularly and pursue a comprehensive software application, use Microsoft Word or invest in SwifDoo PDF.

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