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How to Make a PDF Smaller: 2 Ways to Shrink a PDF Easily for Free

By Monica | Follow twitter | Updated on October 19, 2022 | Deutsch
PDF files may become extremely large when they contain too many images and graphics. Since the disk space is limited, it's better to reduce the PDF file size when storing them. When considering how to make a PDF smaller, compressing PDF may be the first solution that comes to most people. However, do you know there’s another way to do so?

Many tools and methods are helpful when you need to make a PDF smaller. The most common way is to compress PDFs, which is also introduced in this post. However, we also have a new method to make a PDF smaller—that is, to split a PDF file into several divided PDFs.

SwifDoo PDF: The Best Tool to Make a PDF Smaller

SwifDoo PDF is a user-friendly PDF tool that can be used to reduce PDF files’ sizes. It has all-around PDF-related features, enabling you to edit, convert, compress, and annotate PDFs in seconds. Meanwhile, all tabs are presented in a simple and clear interface. Even a beginner will be clear about how to utilize this software when he opens SwifDoo PDF for the first time.

By using SwifDoo PDF, you can make a PDF smaller in two different ways. In this part, we will explain them to you thoroughly.

SwifDoo PDF: The Best Tool to Make a PDF Smaller
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Method 1. Compress PDFs to Reduce Their File Size.

Compressing is the most common way to make a PDF file smaller. Usually, it uses lossy compression to reduce PDF file size, during which the image quality is correspondingly decreased as well.

Let’s find out how to make a PDF smaller by compressing it in SwifDoo PDF:

Step 1. Download and install SwifDoo PDF;

Free Download

Step 2. Click Compress PDF on the homepage, which will open a new window;

How to make a PDF smaller by compressing

Step 3. Click Add Files to upload the PDF file that you want to make smaller;

Step 4. Choose an image quality, then click Start.

Compress PDF to make it smaller

You will see estimated file sizes if you choose different image quality options. Lower image quality will result in higher compression. So, it’s convenient for you to select the compression degree based on your actual needs.

Method 2. Split PDFs to Make Them Smaller

Except for compressing, you can also make a PDF smaller with SwifDoo PDF by using its split feature, which helps divide a large PDF file into many smaller ones. Especially when you have a PDF file that contains many pages or unnecessary information, you can split it into smaller parts to keep the needed pages.

Splitting PDF files helps better manage large PDFs, especially when you happen to want to delete or hide certain information in your documents. In addition, large files take more time to share and more space to store.

How to make a PDF smaller by splitting it:

Step 1. Launch SwifDoo PDF and open the PDF document you want to split;

Step 2. In the Home menu, click Split;

How to make a PDF smaller by splitting

Step 3. SwifDoo PDF will split the PDF into two files by default. But it offers three different splitting methods: number of files, PDF pages, and custom splitting. Select one and click Start.

Split PDF to make it smaller

When splitting, you’re allowed to determine all the pages yourself. Leaving one page alone or combining several pages together are both acceptable, which offers you great convenience when necessary.

In a word, SwifDoo PDF can perfectly solve your “how to make a PDF smaller” problem. It has good performance in all aspects, with all possible requirements considered. In addition, we must point out that SwifDoo PDF also allows you to batch compress and split PDF files, which would save you a lot of time if you have quite a lot of documents.

Things You Should Know about Making a PDF Smaller

After learning all the specific steps of how to make a PDF smaller with SwifDoo PDF, there are also some tips you should take into account when processing.

Higher compression will reduce image quality. If there are important images full of details, the compression method may not be suitable for you.

In contrast, splitting PDFs won’t compromise the image quality or file resolution. However, it may cause inconsistencies in the reading experience if you split one chapter into two files.

Why Choose SwifDoo PDF?

In this booming market, many PDF tools have come out and received countless positive reviews already. But why do we recommend SwifDoo PDF? What makes it stand out?


  1. 100% Safe & Secure

SwifDoo PDF protects users’ information and files well so that no copying or stealing things would happen. They use 256-SSL encryption to secure users’ files, and all the documents will be automatically deleted once they were completed. All sensitive and confidential information will be well-safeguarded.

  1. Use all features for free

SwifDoo PDF releases all its features for free for every new user. A 15-day free trial is offered to all people to thoroughly experience this application. Another thing that we must point out is that SwifDoo PDF won’t add any watermarks to the handled files. All free users will be treated in the same way as paid users as long as the free trial is effective.

  1. No advertisements displayed

Unknown ads displayed by a third party often result in a bad impression on the website and product. If you’ve ever opened SwifDoo PDF’s official website and desktop application, you’ll notice that there’s not even a piece of advertisement shows. The team provides users with a clean and simple environment without unnecessary information.

  1. Lightweight

Though SwifDoo PDF is powerful enough to solve all your PDF-related issues, it only requires 30 MB on your hard drive disk If your computer has relatively low storage, using SwifDoo PDF enables you to better process PDF files without causing much pressure on the hard drive.

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To Sum Up

Large PDF files are not that welcome when shared and stored. But if you have SwifDoo PDF on hand, you can successfully make a PDF smaller with the two methods mentioned above in this article. Give SwifDoo PDF a try now to learn how to make a PDF smaller easily and make your PDFs more enjoyable!

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