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Happy Birthday in Heaven Dad: 35 Memory Quotes

By Lydia | Follow twitter | Updated on September 27, 2023
A father is a child's first superhero, a teacher, a mentor, and one who provides emotional support. Regardless of the circumstances, coping with losing a father is never easy, especially if it's one of his special events, like Birthday! Though he is up in Heaven protecting you as your guardian Angel, you can do something to cheer him up besides remembering Dad on his birthday. Celebrate and write happy heavenly birthday Dad wishes to express your thoughts as though he is still alive!

While you may fall out of words on such occasions, our post ensures to serve you with the most thoughtful happy heavenly birthday Dad messages to reflect on his life and honor the shared memories with him. Let's look.

15 Happy Heavenly Birthday Dad Quotes from Daughter

When it is your Dad's birthday, who's in Heaven, you can't help but remember the good times spent together. Celebrate their life here on Earth with these 15 happy heavenly birthday Dad wishes for Dad in Heaven from daughter.

1. Dad, I might get a lot of hugs from other people, but none of those hugs are as warm as yours. I miss you terribly—Happy Birthday in heaven Dad.

2. We may be far apart, but I always feel you are so close. I will always love you, Dad. Happy birthday, my Dad in Heaven.

3. Happy Heavenly Birthday to the world's incredibly fantastic Dad. Though you are not here in body, you are with me in spirit. I will see you on the other side. I love you!

4. I wish I could get another chance to hold you tight in my arms, and I'd never let you go. Have a wonderful birthday in Heaven, Dad. You will always be close to my heart.

5. It is impossible to regain the space your departure has created. Despite this, knowing that you are still looking down on us from above brings me great joy. Happy birthday in Heaven, Daddy!

6. Today, way up there in the heavens above, my father is celebrating his birthday. Happy birthday, daddy. Your baby girl misses you more and more each day.

7. Happy birthday in Heaven to a devoted and caring father. I close my eyes and pretend I am giving you one last hug. Your birthday will always be the day we are together, in my mind.

Happy heavenly birthday wishes card for Dad

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8. Dad, the day you left, I just didn't lose a father but a dear friend, companion, and mentor. I miss you so much, Dad—Happy Birthday in Heaven.

9. I know you're always around with a caring and watchful eye to keep me out of harm's way, and I carry that feeling in my heart everywhere I go. I wish my guardian angel a happy birthday.

10. The sky has become my favorite thing because I know you are in it, watching over me. You are my favorite star, Dad.

11. Even though you're gone, I will never forget all the life lessons you left behind. My hero since day 1. Happy heavenly birthday, Dad.

12. Dear Dad, my memories with you are filled with enough happiness, joy, and laughter to last me for the rest of my days—Happy Birthday in Heaven.

13. Happy birthday in heaven Dad. Your little girl has grown up, but unfortunately, you are not here to see it. Be happy in that kingdom of peace!

14. Every time I think of you, Dad, tears come down my cheeks like rain falls on the Earth. I miss you so much, Dad. Have a happy birthday in Heaven.

15. Happy birthday in Heaven to my superhero, my Dad. I love you and miss you so much. Even though I can't send gifts to Heaven, I'll celebrate you today and always. I love you.

Your father is your friend and hero. You can select any of our happy heavenly birthday Dad wishes as remembrance quotes and use SwifDoo PDF to print your PDF in color as a sympathy card with flowers.

15 Happy Heavenly Birthday Dad Quotes from Son

Remembering Dad on his birthday is natural, and nobody understands your equation with your Dad as much as you do. He has influenced your life and has a special place in your mind and heart. If he has left for his heavenly journey, you can celebrate his birthday with our happy heavenly birthday Dad wishes.

1. Heaven is the only place good people like you find themselves. It gained an Angel when you left us. As you celebrate today, I believe every soul in Heaven wishes you a great day. Happy heavenly Birthday, Dad.

2. I miss you every time I reach a milestone and miss you every time I see a father bonding with their kids. But I miss you more today because it's your birthday, and you are not here—Happy birthday in heaven Dad.

3. Dad, there'll always be warmth in my heart and a smile on my face when I think of our time together—Happy Birthday in Heaven.

4. I still feel lost without you, Dad, as you were always my rock and guiding light. But even though you're no longer with us, you'll always be my hero. Happy birthday, and rest well, Dad.

5. You are my first superhero, friend, and mentor. Thank you for teaching and guiding me to be a responsible person. Happy Heavenly Birthday, Dad.

6. Daddy, Angels must be celebrating you today as you are such a wonderful man. Happy Birthday in Heaven, Dad.

7. Although you aren't here in person to spend your special day with us, Dad, we know you are here in spirit today and every other day. Happy birthday Dad in Heaven!

Happy heavenly birthday wishes card for Dad 1

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8. To others, you were my Dad, but to me, you were my best friend. I love you and hope you have a wonderful birthday in Heaven, Dad!

9. If you were still here, I would've hugged you tightly for being the best Dad ever. You've fulfilled my wishes, loved me unconditionally, and imparted great knowledge to me. You were and will always be my world.

10. You always were the most incredible parent, and I know you are my guardian angel, always protecting me from the skies above. I wish you a Happy Heavenly Birthday, Dad.

11. I wish an astounding birthday to the most fantastic Dad who ever lived. I know the angels must be singing a beautiful birthday song for you in Heaven.

12. Yet one more birthday of yours since you passed, but still, I feel your strong presence around, Dad. I'm missing your hugs today—Happy birthday in heaven Dad.

13. No man will ever match up to you. Sending all my love to Heaven today. Happy birthday to my Dad in Heaven.

14. You might be gone, but you're never forgotten. We'll always be celebrating you down here on Earth until the end of days, Dad. Happy birthday up there.

15. Everything changes so quickly. But your memory in my mind remains constant always. I keep missing you even after all these years. Happy birthday, Daddy in Heaven!

You can pick any of the above-listed happy heavenly birthday Dad wishes and create wish cards on your own by adding various stickers through the SwifDoo PDF.

5 Short Happy Heavenly Birthday Dad Quotes

Even if your Dad is resting in Heaven, you can always celebrate his birthday to mark the good times you shared with our short happy heavenly birthday Dad wishes to cheer him up in Heaven.

1. You were the best Dad on Earth. Happy Heavenly birthday Dad.

2. Dad, you will be a part of me forever and always live on in my heart. Happy heavenly birthday, Dad. I love you!

3. I'll cherish every moment and memory we have together. Happy birthday Dad in Heaven.

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4. From Earth to Heaven, I'm sending birthday love to my sweet Dad. I miss you so much—Happy Birthday in heaven Dad.

5. Every moment with you is a memory I will forever treasure. Happy heavenly birthday, Dad.

You can use our short happy heavenly birthday Dad wishes, make a birthday card, and change text color with SwifDoo PDF without hassle.

How to Send Your Happy Birthday Wishes for Dad in Heaven

When you are heartbroken about losing your Dad and remembering Dad on his birthday, you can send wishes up in Heaven through a beautiful birthday card. Write down your happy birthday Dad in heaven wishes, make a card, and add stickers with SwifDoo PDF creator to celebrate your daddy's birthday and cheer him up.

Check how to add stickers to a birthday wish card in this PDF program.

Step 1: Download and open a free card template in SwifDoo PDF.

Step 2: Copy/paste or customize your happy birthday wishes for Dad in heaven.

Step 3: Click Annotate > Select Stickers, and pick any Birthday sticker you feel best.

Step 4: Click a place to add your sticker and tap OK to confirm your change.
Edit happy heavenly birthday wishes card for Dad in SwifDoo PDF

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