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42 Heartfelt Easter Wishes for Family and Friends

By Lydia | Follow twitter | Updated on March 12, 2024
Sending Easter wishes for family and friends is the perfect opportunity to show your friends how much you admire their friendship and how much they mean to you. This festive season brings with it abundant good cheer, but you might not always have the right words to express this. 

Here are 42 thoughtfully crafted Easter messages for loved ones to bring happiness to hearts and motivate a profound sense of togetherness as we welcome the true essence of this beautiful festival of resurrection. You can utilize the SwifDoo PDF to celebrate the special day with happy blessed easter wishes in a personalized way to make your family and friends happy. 

12 Happy Easter Wishes for Family and Friends 

Happy Easter wishes for family and friends are heartfelt messages that express love, happiness, and good wishes to those we care about. These 12 best Easter greetings can be shared with family members, friends, colleagues, or even strangers to circulate positivity and joy.

  1. Happy Easter, dear! We're so blessed to have you in our lives.
  2. Here's hoping you have an exciting, sunny, unforgettable Easter.
  3. Happy Easter to all my family and friends. I am sending you a warm springtime hello and wishing you a joyous Easter!
  4. Happy Easter, dear! I wish you to embrace everything the season has to offer.
  5. I wish your Easter to be filled with chocolate, excitement, and laughter.
  6. Cheers to new initiations and second chances. Happy Easter family and friends!
  7. I wish this Sunday to be as special as our friendship. Happy Easter!
  8. I wish you and your family a fantastic Easter weekend! Thank you for being such a special friend.
  9. I hope Easter blooms with abundant joy for you! Happy Easter to all my family and friends. 
  10. Our family wishes you love and peace … today, tomorrow, and always. Happy Easter!
  11. I wish the Lord to continue to bless you today and always. May you have an eggs-tra special Easter Sunday.
  12. I wish you a day filled with blue skies and Easter blooms with joy for you!

Easter wishes for family and friends

Access the Easter Card for Your Family and Friend >>

You can use the SwifDoo PDF to edit Easter wishes for family and friends to your liking in the readily available PDF template cards, then send your personalized greeting card, making their day special. 

For more Easter blessing messages, this article is right for you:

45 Easter Greetings for Cards: Write Happy Easter Wishes in Cards

45 Easter Greetings for Cards: Write Happy Easter Wishes in Cards

Discover 45 heartfelt Easter greetings to write in cards and spread joy this season. Find the perfect Happy Easter wishes for your loved ones!


15 Easter Wishes for Family 

Easter Sunday is all about conveying Easter wishes and messages. Welcome the cheerful season of Easter with heartfelt messages that summarize the spirit of renewal and hope. These well-crafted 15 Easter wishes for family serve as the perfect channel to convey our warmest messages and greetings and share in the spirit of love and faith.

  1. Commemorate Easter with a heart filled with love and cheerfulness. Happy Easter, dear! 
  2. Happy Easter to all my dear and near ones. I hope for God's grace upon all of you. 
  3. Can't wait to commemorate Easter with you and create memories of a lifetime. Happy Easter to you and your family. 
  4. On this special holiday, may your life be filled with good health, anticipation, and loads of love! Happy Easter, dear! 
  5. My beloved one, may you be surrounded by sunshine, chocolates, and flowers on this special holiday. Happy Easter!
  6. I wish you a blessed Easter, my dear friend! May the light of God always beam on you, and may His admonition help you throughout. Stay blessed always!
  7. I am sending my warmest wishes for Easter. I hope this Easter will be filled with love, happiness, and peace. Happy Easter! Enjoy your day!
  8. I wish God to bless you and your family with all the joy of the universe for now and always. Happy Easter, everyone!
  9. From the moment you entered my life, I have been forever grateful to God. Happy Easter, my precious! 
  10. Wishing you a fantastic Easter! I hope you will be blessed with affluence, happiness, and peace in this lifetime and beyond.
  11. Wishing you a Happy Easter! I hope you will have a great time with your family and be entertained by a lovely Easter Holiday.
  12. May happiness never leave your home on this joyful occasion. Happy Easter, sweetheart!
  13. This Easter holiday, I wish the miracle of Easter brightens up your life with happiness and joy! Happy Easter, dear! 
  14. Wishing a very happy Easter to you and your family. I am sending you the warmest wishes and plenty of gifts this Easter. 
  15. Thinking of you on this Easter holiday! My warmest wishes for Easter and the season ahead. Enjoy your day!

Easter wishes for family and friends

Download the Easter Wishes Card Template for Free >>

You can write happy Easter messages for loved ones and print the template card PDF provided in SwifDoo PDF to convey your personalized greeting card, making their day great. 

15 Easter Wishes for Friends

With holidays just nearby, it's significant to reflect on what we're commemorating this Easter season— new beginnings and all the happiness, hope, and love that comes with them. Finding the right words can often be difficult, but here is a beautiful collection of the best 15 Easter wishes for family and friends to help you express what the heart feels.

  1. I wish you to enjoy this day encompassed by friends, family, and an abundance of chocolate! Happy Easter, Buddy!
  2. During this hopeful time of year, I wish a happy Easter to you and your family. 
  3. May you and yours be the best this Easter. I wish you lots of sweet treats on this Easter day.
  4. I hope your Easter is full of the sweetest things in life! Happy Easter, my best pal!
  5. I wish you all the love and joy that only Easter can bring. Have a joyful jubilation with your family! Happy Easter, my best friend!
  6. I wish you a season packed with peace, happiness, and beautiful things. Happy Easter, my favorite buddy!
  7. Happy Easter to my best friend with an abundance of love, chocolate, and sunshine. 
  8. May you enjoy your Easter and be blessed with happiness this year.
  9. It's such a cheerful time of year, and I hope you have every good thing at Easter and always.
  10. I am grateful to God for friends like you on this special occasion. Happy Easter!
  11. I hope your Easter basket will be filled with peace, fun, happiness, and joy this season and always.
  12. Sending the warmest wishes for a joyous Easter. Have a blessed one!
  13. The spirit of Easter is all about the bright side, love, and happy living. Happy Easter to you and your family
  14. Sending warmest thoughts to you and your family on this great holiday. Happy Easter!
  15. Happy Easter! I wish this day to be as unique and beautiful as yours.

Easter wishes for family and friends

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You can write Happy Easter my friend, and add other Easter messages of your choice to the Template Card PDF provided in SwifDoo PDF to make your personalized greeting card. 

How to Create an Easter Wishes Card for Family and Friends 

You can make a personalized Easter wishes card online for free and write down your preferred Easter wishes for family and friends in a readily available card template PDF using the perfect PDF editor, the SwifDoo PDF. You can do all PDF-related tasks to make an Easter wishes card image for your family and friends in a few steps. 

Here's how you can quickly utilize the SwifDoo PDF to make a beautiful card:

Step 1: You should start by installing and getting the SwifDoo PDF on your smartphone, computer, or laptop. Then, download the easy-to-use PDF card template. 

Step 2: Search and tap the Edit All tab in the main Edit menu section.
Edit Easter wishes card for family and friends in SwifDoo PDF

Step 3: Choose your preferred Easter blessing message from our compilation mentioned above for the same, and add the messages, wishes, and quotes of your choice into the required text bar in the PDF. 

Step 4: Search and tap the Image tab to add an image of your preferred message card PDF. Or search the Annotate section and select Stickers to add stickers to give your card a fantastic touch.

Step 5: Search and tap the File and Print buttons to print the card. 

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