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45 Easter Greetings for Cards: Write Happy Easter Wishes in Cards

By Lydia | Follow twitter | Updated on March 5, 2024
Easter is a time to send Happy Easter greetings to friends and family. It's the time when we commemorate the development and burgeoning of new life! It's a span for egg hunts, mouth-watering treats, shining colors, and bright celebrations with family and friends. It is also a sacred time to convey Easter card sayings to others.

However, many people may be stuck on what to write on an Easter card. Here is the curated list of the best messages that you'd like to convey this Easter season. You can make personalized, unique Easter greeting cards online for free using one of the best PDF editing tools, the SwifDoo PDF PDF. Let us quickly look at 45 short, happy, and religious Easter greetings.  

20 Short Easter Sayings & Messages

Whether you're acclaiming a person's spiritual beliefs and faith or just looking to express wishes of renewal, rebirth, and growth, these 20 well-compiled short Easter messages can be a good option.

  1. I hope this Easter will be as cute and special as you!
  2. This exceptional bunny is egg-cited to jubilate Easter with you!
  3. You're the cutest chick I've ever glimpsed! Happy Easter, dear!
  4. May you have a basket full of chocolate and a sky filled with bright sunshine. Happy Easter!
  5. You're the cutest little bunny I know — Happy Easter, my best mate!
  6. May you find a basket full of blessings this Easter.
  7. This Easter, may you have all the love, happiness, and peace in the universe!
  8. May you have a cracking Easter with an abundance of fun and candy!
  9. May you have a hoppy Easter! Enjoy your day!
  10. May you have a fun-filled Easter with your family and friends!
  11. Wishing a Happy Easter to my favored bunny!
  12. Wishing you a cheerful Easter and a lovely spring! God Bless You!
  13. Be fond of a great time with your family this Easter weekend!
  14. I wish you and your family the best Easter this year!
  15. May you find everything you are searching for this Easter. Happy searching!
  16. May you have a home filled with harmony, happiness, and love this Easter!
  17. I wish you to be ready for some eggs-tra special amazement this Easter!
  18. May you have a bright, warm, and beautiful Easter!
  19. My best wishes for a cheerful Easter filled with love and joy.
  20. Happy Easter! I wish you a blessed day.

Happy Easter greetings

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10 Happy Easter Greetings

Easter is a fantastic time to share positive sentiments. Here are ten best Happy Easter greetings to share with your loved ones. These encouraging messages are sure to uplift and delight.

  1. I hope your Easter is full of the sweetest things in life!
  2. During this encouraging time of year, may you and yours have the best this Easter.
  3. Enjoy your Easter time, and I hope you will be blessed with happiness this year.
  4. Sending cherished thoughts for a happy, joyous Easter.
  5. I wish your Easter basket to be filled with happiness, laughter, and peace this season and always.
  6. I wish the almighty God to lift up your heart at Easter and always.
  7. I hope the miracle of Easter comes to you with perfect peace. Happy Easter, dear!
  8. May you always feel His love gleaming in your life.
  9. May your Easter be full of the sweetest things in life! Happy Easter, Buddy!
  10. Happy Easter! May this beautiful day be an attestation to God's love and glory.

Easter greetings

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You can write down your selected Happy Easter wishes in the provided template card in the SwifDoo PDF. Also, you can edit your Easter greetings card and what to write on an Easter card to make a personalized card for your family and friends.

15 Religious Easter Card Greetings

These beautifully curated 15 religious Easter greetings are a beautiful reminder to reflect on Easter Bible verses and consider why we're celebrating in the first place. Share these special greetings and wishes with your family, friends, and even colleagues.

  1. Easter reminds us that aspiration must never be lost, for as dark as the road may seem, there always lies illumination at the end of it. I wish all your prayers to be fulfilled. May you have a great Easter!
  2. Easter is an occasion of reflection and happiness when we come out from our cocoon of doubts to fly freely with the wings of religious beliefs. I wish you a blessed Easter!
  3. Eventually, that time of the year is here. Happy Easter blessings to you, my friend. I hope the risen Lord will fill your heart with compassion, happiness, love, and ever-lasting bliss.
  4. Easter comes with fun, Easter comes with Happiness, Easter comes with God's endless blessings, Easter comes with love and the freshness of spring. Happy Easter blessings to you and your family!
  5. The risen Jesus Christ is celebrated in every opened flower, in every ray of nourishing sunlight, in every small patch of green underneath our feet. Happy Easter blessings! May God Bless You always!
  6. It's not regarding the bunny, eggs, or even attire for the church. It's regarding the hope that we have because there was an empty tomb. Happy Easter wishes!
  7. Easter reminds us of God's perpetual love for us. Let us all together acclaim and worship the Lord for His endless blessings. Have a divine Easter, dear.
  8. Wishing you and your family a Happy Easter as we commemorate our Father's greatest sacrifice through his Son, Jesus Christ. Have a memorable Easter!
  9. Jesus Christ chooses to lay down on the cross in place of us with the purpose that we can enjoy life. So great is His love for each one of us. Let us praise, sing his glory, and worship Him. Have a Blessed Easter.
  10. Easter is the celebration to spread the happiness and joy that the Lord has created into our lives to everyone we come together with. Happy Easter wishes to you and all your loved ones.
  11. Jesus Christ is risen. Hallelujah! I wish the miracle of Easter brings you renewed hope, belief, love, and happiness. Happy Easter!
  12. I hope this Easter Sunday motivates you to new hope, peace, wealth, and abundance. All are received through the Lord's heavenly grace.
  13. Easter is an outstanding time to relish all of your many meaningful blessings: family, friends, Jesus, and, of course, delicious chocolate molded into tasty bunnies.
  14. The Lord blesses all those who believe in him. I wish the light of faith in God to grow each day. May you have a blessed Easter!
  15. Let us together pray to Jesus Christ to rise into our hearts and lead us the way to new life. Here's wishing you a pleasant Easter.

Happy Easter greetings

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You can write down your choices for Easter greetings to share in the provided template card in the SwifDoo PDF. You can directly share your personalized Easter card PDF online via email or your other social media accounts.

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