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60 Chinese New Year Wishes and Greetings 2024: Happy Lunar New Year

By Charlotte | Follow twitter | Updated on January 30, 2024
Chinese New Year is also known as the Lunar New Year. The Chinese zodiac features 12 different animals to specific years, and 2024 tags the Year of the Dragon to represent power, growth, and abundance. It's always pleasing to learn a few Chinese New Year wishes you can share with others who commemorate and observe the spring festival, even if you don't celebrate the occasion yourself.

To share and wish someone a happy Chinese New Year on this particular day, take a look at a fantastic collection of happy Chinese New Year wishes, greetings, blessings, messages, WhatsApp Status, Quotes, and Sayings 2024 for your friends, colleagues, business partners, and family. Let's check them to find the best one. 

20 Happy Chinese New Year Wishes and Greetings

Chinese people greet each other with lucky sayings and phrases to wish for health, wealth, good luck, and fortune when they meet during the Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year period. These 20 Chinese New Year wishes in English will help you to share happiness and love during the festive period.

  1. I wish there were more jokes to put a smile on your face and joys to keep you happy. Sending warm wishes to you on the occurrence of the Chinese New Year.
  2. As the new sun rises in a Pristine Chinese year, I hope it brings you good fortune, prosperity, wealth, happiness, and contentment. I wish you a great Happy Chinese New Year!
  3. Warm wishes on the Chinese New Year to you. I hope this year is full of celebrations and favorable outcomes for you and your loved ones.
  4. Wherever you go, I wish prosperity and good luck always be with you. I'm wishing you a flourishing Dragon year! May you keep inspired and full of hope throughout this new year.
  5. I wish you a very Happy Chinese New Year. On this special juncture, I wish you a year full of success, joy, and smiles. May affluence and peace never abandon your home and family life this new year.
  6. I wish you this upcoming year brings along wholesomeness, agility, vigor, and great luck. Sending you warm greetings on the juncture of the Chinese New Year to you.
  7. I wish you and your loved ones a great Chinese New Year. I hope this year will be the brightest and happiest part of your life. May you welcome the clean slate of the new year.
  8. I wish you always enjoy the divine favors of health, wealth, and righteousness. I wish you a very Happy Chinese New Year, and may it be full of beauty and bounty.
  9. I wish you a Happy Lunar New Year. I hope this year brings you blessings, progress, peace, and a winning lottery ticket! Sending you heartfelt wishes for a fun, festive, and fruitful new year.
  10. May your days be as shiny as a diamond, may your friends be as virtuous as gold, may your heart hang on as green as an emerald, and may your soul continue to exist as pure as a pearl. I wish you a blessed Chinese New Year. 
  11. I wish you a Happy Lunar New Year. I hope you Always embrace the new morning with a new spirit, love in your heart, a smile on your face, and a good line of thinking in your mind.
  12. Here's wishing you a bountiful new Chinese year, not only with prosperity but also with unforgettable memories. May the new year consecrate you with righteousness to abandon all vices and welcome all that are virtuous.
  13. I wish the Lunar New Year brings in happiness that never fades, plans that never die, and power that never weakens. May the Chinese New Year be full of laughter and good fortune.
  14. I hope you do not get restless this new year if things seem to be going slow for you; don't forget, as long as things are moving, you are fortunate. May each moment of the New Year navigate you toward a new and better direction to shape your life with all that is good.
  15. I'm thinking of you and your family and wishing you all a year that shines brighter than the rest. I wish you a great Lunar New Year! You make our family incredibly proud, and we hope for nothing but your continued success and joy. 
  16. I wish the Year of the Dragon bestows you with strength, freedom, and adventure. May the happiness of the New Year celebrations continue to exist with you all year long. 
  17. Let the Dragon deliver on incredible adventures to discover your own inner strength this Lunar New Year. May good fortune and prosperity shine on you and your loved ones in the new year.
  18. Do you know how much I admire all the good laughs and awkwardness we've shared through the years? Let's continue that tradition going and have a remarkable Lunar New Year, bro.
  19. Here's to a brand new start in the New Year: go with the same fantastic friend. Our friendship is like fine wine, and it's a new year for us to get better with age. Here's to the very best Lunar New Year, buddy!
  20. Every year on Chinese New Year's Eve is like starting a brand new novel. Here's to creating a tremendous tale and another 12 months full of happiness, laughter, and memorable memories with the best friend ever!

20 Happy Chinese New Year Wishes and Greetings

Download This Free Card to Write Your Chinese New Year Wishes>>

The beginning of the Chinese New Year is an auspicious occasion. You can make a personalized, unique New Year card PDF, type on the PDF card with happy Chinese New Year 2024 wishes and greetings, and edit to add your selected image with wishes in a ready-to-use card template PDF using the SwifDoo PDF. 

10 Chinese New Year Wishes to Colleagues

As we start this lunar new year, it's the best time to stretch out warm Chinese New Year Wishes 2024 in English for colleagues. Sending these ten thoughtful greetings through New Year cards and messages is a fantastic way to convey blessings and good luck for the year ahead. 

  1. I am genuinely proud of what we've achieved this year, team. Let's make 2024 even a better one!
  2. Congratulations on another remarkable Lunar New Year! You guys have been unbelievable. I hope your salary multiplies and your stress levels go down this year.
  3. Sending my best Lunar New Year's wishes to my best friend and the most cherished colleague at work! I hope you will achieve the peak of your career and personal accomplishments this year.
  4. Huge applause to a successful year behind us, dear colleagues! May the coming year you exceed our expectations and bring us even greater triumphs. Happy Lunar New Year!
  5. As we usher into the new year, I want to express my gratitude for the special bond we share. I Wish you happiness and fulfillment in this Lunar New Year. 
  6. With colleagues like you, work is an adventure we steer together. Happy Lunar New Year, my dedicated colleagues! Here's to more shared triumphs and learning experiences.
  7. Colleague, your motivation has been my beacon light. On this Lunar New Year, I hope your days will be as sweet as the occasion itself. Here's to a genuinely noteworthy year ahead!
  8. I'm so fortunate to have you as a colleague; I wish you a Lunar New Year bursting with joy, success, and achievements. May affluence grace your every venture.
  9. Let's embrace the Chinese New Year with passion, leave the past behind, and march confidently into a future filled with accomplishments. Happy New Year! 
  10. Working with you genuinely makes the job a lot more gratifying. Happy Chinese New Year to you, brother! 

10 Chinese New Year Wishes to Colleagues

Save the Card Template to Send with Chinese New Year Wishes>>

The Lunar New Year celebrations keep going for about a week. You can make a customized, unique New Year card PDF, replace the previously written texts in the PDF with the best well wishes for Chinese New Year 2024 of your liking, and also make changes to the font size, color, and other attributes using SwifDoo PDF.

10 Chinese New Year 2024 Wishes: Traditional Sayings

It is a traditional routine for people to greet one another with the Lunar Chinese New Year wishes, sayings and phrases to bring in blessings for the coming year. Discover the meaning in English language for what do you say for Chinese New Year to express the spirit of the season. 

  1. Gōng xǐ fā cái

English: Congratulations and Prosperity

  1. Gōnghè xīnnián.

English: A Happy New Year to you.

  1. Gōng hè xīn xǐ

English: Good luck in the year ahead!

  1. Xīn nián kuài lè

English: Happy New Year

  1. Xīn xiǎng shì chéng

English: May all your wishes come true

  1. Nián nián yǒu yú

English: Wishing you prosperity every year.

  1. Zhāo cái jìn bǎo

English: Treasures fill the home

  1. Zhùhè jiājié.

English: With the compliments of the season.

  1. Suì suì píng’ān

English: Peace all year round

  1. Cáiyuán guǎng jìn

English: Money and treasures will be plentiful

10 Chinese New Year 2024 Wishes: Traditional Sayings

Get the New Year Wish Card>>

You can now bring in blessings to the people for the coming year in a unique and personalized way. You can make a New Year card PDF by adding text boxes to the PDF with your selected Lunar Chinese New Year well wishes quotes as you want in the readily available PDF template using the SwifDoo PDF.

10 Chinese New Year Wishes for Business

The Lunar New Year as a whole represents a time of rebirth and togetherness, making it the perfect time to wish Chinese New Year greetings and blessings to people who observe it with good fortune and positively loaded phrases, wishes, and quotes. 

  1. I wish you a very warm and Happy Chinese New Year. I hope you find an abundance of joy and success this year.
  2. I wish our valued clients a warm and happy Lunar New Year, who constantly inspire us to perform better.
  3. On the juncture of the Lunar New Year, may you all have success, glory, Joy, and soundness— Best wishes on the Lunar New Year.
  4. Last year was a fantastic experience serving you, and may we make this year even better for you. Happy Lunar New Year! 
  5. Sending warm Lunar New Year greetings to our prestigious customers. We strive to work harder to make it a special one for you.
  6. This Chinese New Year has been genuinely special with your presence. May our association get stronger this Lunar New Year. 
  7. May you be blessed with the best of health, joy, and success. I wish you a prosperous Lunar New Year.
  8. We are fortunate to have a client like you, and we hope we will prosper to new heights together. Sending best wishes on the Lunar New Year.
  9. I wish you a very happy, delighted, and prosperous Lunar New Year. Thank you for choosing us. 
  10. Happy Lunar New Year! We admire your meaningful support over the past year. 

10 Chinese New Year Wishes for Business

Make it a unique opportunity for your business associates like your clients and customers. I wish them the best Chinese New Year wishes and messages for businesses from our above-listed collection. 

10 Chinese Lunar New Year Wishes

Prosperity and wealth are highly valued in Chinese culture. Find these ten well-crafted, prosperous Chinese New Year wishes to help you with how to wish someone a happy Chinese New Year. 

  1. I wish you the Lunar New Year be the year of prosperity and strength in the Year of the Dragon
  2. May your Lunar New Year be filled with abundance.
  3. Wishing you a Happy New Lunar Year. I hope your confidence will help you soar in the new year.
  4. May the Year of the Dragon bring you success in all your endeavors.
  5. May you have the Lunar New Year full of adventure and exciting opportunities.
  6. I wish your treasures are abundant and your goals are met this Lunar New Year.
  7. Wishing you this Lunar New Year brings you new passions and renewed courage.
  8. May the sun shine down on you with warmth and joy in the Year of the Dragon.
  9. As the year starts again, I hope it will bring you energy and prosperity.
  10. May the spirit of the Dragon be with you this Lunar New Year. 

It is considered courteous and appropriate to convey money-related greetings, wishes, and quotes in the Chinese New Year. Make a personalized, unique card PDF to convey your choicest, highly appealing, happy lunar New Year 2024 wishes to the desired people. 

How to Write Wishes for Chinese New Year in NY Card

You can make a personalized, unique New Year card, and write down your preferred Chinese New Year best sample wishes using one of the best PDF editors, the SwifDoo PDF. The software app can accomplish all PDF-associated tasks to express the true spirit of the New Year season. Let's have a look at the process how to work with a card template to greet your Chinese friends with these happy New Year wishes on beautiful New Year cards.

Step 1: Quickly download the Chinese New Year SMS wishes card images and PDF templates from this post and open SwifDoo PDF; 

Step 2: Find and tap the Edit All tab in the main Edit menu section;

Step 3: Choose the Chinese New Year wishes to greet and wish your Chinese friends from our well-compiled collection for the same, and add your selected wishes, quotes, and messages into the needed text bar in the PDF;

Chinese New Year wishes how to write in card 1

Step 4: Find and tap the Image tab to add an image of the New Year card PDF of your liking. Or find the Annotate section and select Stickers to add stickers to make your card look magical and beautiful;

Chinese New Year wishes how to write in card 2

Step 5: Find and tap the SwifDoo button, followed by the Print button, to grab the printout of the card. You can also send the New Year card directly to your social media accounts. 

Share this post with the collection of wishes with others who may also have Chinese friends.

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