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35+ Birthday Wishes for Ex-Wife

By Lydia | Follow twitter | Updated on June 18, 2024
Ex-spouses are the people who understand you to a greater extent than the rest of the world. If you are still in contact with your ex-wife, choose from this well-compiled list of 35+ birthday wishes for your ex-wife and messages to send her your warm wishes.

Wishing your ex-wife a warm, happy birthday can be challenging because your message can be illustrated in many different ways. Depending on your divorce situation, children, and how you both have advanced, our compilation of wishes will help you write something sweet to show that you still regard the fact that you were once married.

13 Warm Birthday Messages for Your Ex-Wife

Being friends with an ex is a sense of balance between your past and future. Your decisions affect you and your future relationships. These 13 warm birthday wishes for your ex-wife will help you show regard for your preceding friendship and the fact that you were married.

  1. I wish you a heartfelt happy birthday, my lovely ex-wife, filled with joy and love.
  2. Life is entirely of venturesome things to do. All you need to do is have an open mind and a big heart. Happy Birthday, ex-wife
  3. I hope you are enjoying your life rather than waiting for me. Happy birthday, my ex-wife!
  4. Happy Birthday, and I hope your dreams come true, my dear ex-wife.
  5. It is said love is life, and you will be my love forever. Happy Birthday, ex-wife.
  6. My dear ex-wife, I wish you to move on from our divorce soon. Happy Birthday.
  7. This Birthday will begin a fantastic journey for you. Happy Birthday, ex-wife!
  8. Now is the right time to say sorry. Please pardon me for divorcing you. Happy Birthday, ex-wife.
  9. I send you positive energy and good vibes on your special day. Happy Birthday.
  10. This Birthday will start an incredible journey filled with happiness and success. Happy Birthday!
  11. Cheers to a new year of happiness, growth, and life. Happy Birthday, ex-wife!
  12. There is no need to be depressed. Enjoy your life to the fullest. Happy Birthday, ex-wife.
  13. Everyone likes to be in love, but the one who sacrifices has the most significant love. Happy Birthday, ex-wife.

Birthday wishes for your ex-wife

Download the Birthday Card for Your Ex-Wife >>

You can use the SwifDoo PDF to make a PDF card to wish happy birthday wishes to your ex-wife. You must copy your favorite messages and paste them into the program's provided PDF card template. Or, simply type the text with your warm birthday wishes for your ex-wife.

13 Heart Touching Birthday Text for Ex-Wife

Birthdays can be a perfect opportunity to reflect on the past and admire our memories with loved ones, even if they divorce you. Send a heart-touching birthday message for your ex-wife from this list to show value for the time spent together and wish them well in their journey.

  1. Why can't we become friends again as you and I get older? Ex-wife, Happy Birthday!
  2. I hope this special day brings you happiness and unforgettable moments. Happy birthday, ex-wife!
  3. On your Birthday, I miss you, and I know you miss me somewhere, too. Happy Birthday, ex-wife!
  4. You have made the most significant impact on my life. Thank you for teaching me every good thing in life. Happy Birthday, ex-wife!
  5. From the bottom of my heart, I wish you a happy remarriage and see you happy again. Happy Birthday, lovely ex-wife!
  6. Though we split up, you were my best friend before being my ex-wife, and I wish you a very happy birthday.
  7. I hope you will soon move on from our divorce. Happy Birthday, my dear ex-wife.
  8. I hope you are having a good day with your partner. Happy Birthday, ex-wife.
  9. Enjoy your day, ex-wife; otherwise, I will be filled with joy. Happy Birthday!
  10. You became a gorgeous ex-wife. I am falling in love with you. By the way, Happy Birthday, ex-wife.
  11. I hope you have the greatest Birthday ever— Happy Birthday to my ex-wife.
  12. Happy Birthday to the woman who once meant the world to me. I hope this day brings you joy and blessings.
  13. I know you don't like me, but we are humans and should at least talk to each other. Happy Birthday, ex-wife!

Birthday wishes for your ex-wife

Get the Birthday Wishes Card for Your Ex-Wife>>

You can print your PDF birthday wish card for your ex-wife using the SwifDoo PDF editor. To make her feel special, you can attach the printed card to the gift.

If you want the best short and heart-touching birthday wishes for your ex-girlfriend, this article will help you find the perfect ones.

40 Birthday Wishes for Ex Girlfriend with Templates

40 Birthday Wishes for Ex Girlfriend with Templates

Here are some birthday wishes for ex girlfriend to stay in touch. Falling in love is a beautiful experience, but breakups are a new beginning of friendship.


13 Funny Ex-Wife Birthday Wishes

For those who share a lighthearted understanding with their ex-wife, these 13 funny birthday wishes for an ex-wife will add a humorous touch to the celebration of an ex-wife's special day.

  1. Cheers to many more rotations around the sun, ex-wife. I hope you live to be old and toothless.
  2. People hope you will be calm, dignified, and earnest at your age. Let them down. Happy Birthday to my ex-wife!
  3. I feel bothered when you lose yet another year in your life. Happy Birthday, ex!
  4. Birthdays will come and go, but your youthfulness is lost forever. Happy Birthday.
  5. My deepest condolences to you for ages. Happy Birthday, dearest ex-wife.
  6. The only reason I missed you all year round is that you host fantastic birthday parties. Happy Birthday.
  7. I could make fun of you on your Birthday for your age. Happy Birthday, my dear ex-wife.
  8. If you get old so fast, no one will believe you are my ex-wife, so slow down. Happy Birthday.
  9. It would have been time to upgrade if you were a mobile phone. Happy Birthday.
  10. The only good thing about growing older is that you can demand to be mature, even though you are not. Happy Birthday.
  11. OLD is a shortened form for Obsolete, Lazy, and Dull. Congratulations on turning one year old.
  12. Age adds wrinkles and subtracts fun. Age multiplies problems and divides life's simplicity. Happy Birthday.
  13. Do you think age is a funny thing? Be patient till you look at yourself in the mirror. Happy Birthday.

Birthday wishes for your ex-wife

Get the Ready-made Ex-Wife Birthday Wishes Card >>

You can create a birthday greeting card for your ex-wife. Use SwifDoo PDF to edit your wish card and type your favorite birthday message to your ex-wife.

Write Birthday Wishes in a PDF Card for Your Ex-Wife

As your ex-wife begins a journey to another year of life, offering an optimistic birthday message to your ex-wife for the future is a way to show goodwill, hopefulness, and a genuine desire for her well-being. You can use the best PDF editor program, SwifDoo PDF, to type your favorite birthday wishes into a PDF card. Furthermore, you can add a new image to customize the PDF card template, which is available with SwifDoo PDF.

Let's learn how to write a birthday wish card for an ex-wife using SwifDoo PDF.

Step 1: Open the SwifDoo PDF software on your device. Then, browse and download the birthday greeting card template with the SwifDoo PDF.

Step 2: Hit the Edit option tab and search the Insert Text section.
Edit birthday wishes for your ex-wife in PDF card

Step 3: Get your favorite birthday wishes to send as a birthday message to your ex-wife and add them to the text bar in the PDF.

Step 4: Tap the Image option tab to attach an image of your PDF birthday wish card to customize the downloaded PDF card template.

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