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65 Happy 70th Birthday Wishes: Birthday Quotes for Friends/Family

By Charlotte | Follow twitter | Updated on January 30, 2024
Reaching the outstanding age of 70 stands as a tangible tribute to a life well-lived with learning experience and wisdom. Turning 70 is a momentous time commemorating seven decades of amusement, love, teachings, and cherished memories. Let our words, the 70th birthday wishes, express the gratitude and happiness in this milestone jubilation.

Here, we bring you a well-crafted collection of 65 wishes and messages to convey gratefulness and admiration. The sincere, happy 70th birthday wishes and quotes serve as heartfelt reminders of what to say for a 70th birthday for those who have reached this remarkable point in their journey.

Happy 70th Birthday: 20 Universal Wishes

These 20 beautiful messages can be used for celebrating the lives of outstanding people important to you, such as sisters or friends and conveying 70th birthday wishes to show how much they mean to you and how grateful you are for them in your life.

  1. Relish your birthday like a Rockstar! Exactly like you've jubilated your eventful life — with enthusiasm, excitement, and thrill. Happy 70th birthday.
  2. Almighty has taken you this far, and he will definitely make you see many more years ahead. Happy 70th birthday! 
  3. On the 70th big day of the sweetest person I know. May your day be full of happiness and joy. Happy Birthday! 
  4. My best wishes to my role model; continue inspiring us in your 70s as you did all your life!"
  5. I've never seen a more wonderful, more loving, more caring, more breathtaking 70-year-old. Happy birthday, my amazing friend!
  6. Celebrate your big day exactly like you've lived the last 70 years — with happiness, amazement, and contentment. Happy 70th birthday, my friend! 
  7. Have a fabulous 70th birthday, grandpa. On this day, I wish all your dreams come true as you celebrate with those you most love.
  8. Turning 70 is an enormous milestone! I hope today will be filled with new moments of happiness and love. Love you, Papa!
  9. Every day, I learn something new from your uncomplaining, kind, and affectionate behavior. Here's to another year of the most valuable life lessons. I love you, Grandma. Happy birthday to you!
  10. Nothing illuminates my day as much as your smile! I'm so grateful for your warm, bright, and optimistic company in my life. Happy 70th birthday, Grandpa!
  11. I wish you health, happiness, peace, hope, and love on this beautiful day. Happy birthday, my very favorite 70-year-old!
  12. Life is really breathtaking at 70. All you need to do is simply relax and relish every moment of your special day. Happy Birthday! 
  13. Honestly, 70-year-olds are the picture of health, joy, and virtue. When we look at you, we are wonderstruck by your beauty, happiness, and kindness. Happy 70th birthday!
  14. I pray to God that the 24 hours of your 70th birthday become as unforgettable as the last 70 years of your life. 
  15. You have a fine heritage behind you after 70 years, yet so much more to achieve and enjoy. I hope your 70th year will be the beginning of a new lease on life.
  16. It's your big day; we are going to commemorate the day! May it be filled with joy and plenty of love. Happy 70th birthday! 
  17. My heartfelt wishes for a memorable 70th birthday celebration. I wish your big day to be as golden and beautiful as your heart.
  18. May this special day be a reminder of all the beautiful moments you've shared over the years, and your future be as bright as your past has been. Happy 70th birthday to you. 
  19. On this milestone day, I wish you to be surrounded by love, admiration, and joy, and this day be a reflection of the incredible impact you've had on so many lives.
  20. Congratulations on reaching this outstanding age! I hope your 70th birthday will be the beginning of a new chapter filled with blessings and joy, and the years ahead will be even more incredible.

Happy 70th Birthday: 20 Universal Wishes

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Turning 70th is a remarkable day, indicating that the person has accomplished much in their life and is still going strong. You can edit a PDF birthday card and write 70th birthday wishes for your sister, brother, aunt, uncle, husband or any other special person and edit your card template using SwifDoo PDF. 

15 Humorous 70th Birthday Wishes

Laughter is a precious bestowal, and these heart-warming 15 short funny 70th birthday wishes for a friend, a man or your sister sweeten a touch of humor to celebrate 70 years. These 70th birthday quotes and wishes bring smiles and buoyancy to the big occasion. 

  1. Happy birthday! The 70s are still great for dancing in the rain and fulfilling dreams, but just don't forget to hold your grip tight!
  2. Congratulations on making history; 70 years does sound like years and years ago! So what, now you're an older man but still a man.Happy 70th birthday! 
  3. You can enjoy a rain dance if you wish to; turning seventy is still too young to fulfill desires. Happy 21st birthday!!
  4. Happy 70th birthday! No matter what they say, dash ahead, rock the day, and let your inner child Enjoy yourself and play.
  5. Don't feel low about turning 70; those who live long have more big days than those who don't. So cheers to you! A very happy 70th birthday! 
  6. Wishing you a 70th birthday! Don't be distressed if you can't race with your grandkids; you can still gorge on canned apricots.
  7. Sending the best compliments on turning 70 and greeting you for the number of years where your mind runs faster than your body. 
  8. Once you turn 70, you can again begin consuming diapers. Growing old is a boon to relish childhood again. Do what you take pleasure in the most.
  9. Sending you 70th birthday greetings and a bucket full of love. Happy 70th birthday! What you need is some beautiful time, and just be fond of your sugar-free birthday cake.
  10. Happy 70th Birthday! I want to post a selfie with my dear senior citizen and my youngest friend! 70, in fact, looks great on you. 
  11. Do you know? Nothing is more sweetened than you, so we don't need a cake for your 70th birthday. Happy Birthday, Senior Kid!
  12. Happy 70th birthday! You honestly don't look 70. But you definitely look like a 20-year-old with white hair, some wrinkles, and lots of wisdom and experience.
  13. I wish your 70th birthday to be the best ever, but if it's not, don't worry; you can even make 71 a better one. Happy birthday!
  14. Congratulations, you were born several years ago. You made history! Happy 70th birthday, you're in the vicinity of seeing another century pass.
  15. Charismatic, spirited, appealing, wonderful, brilliant, affectionate, attractive, light-hearted, extremely amusing, fabulous, and chucklesome… Well, the bottom line is that's all about me… Happy 70th birthday, Old Man!

15 Humorous 70th Birthday Wishes

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Make a personalized greeting card PDF for your loved ones to convey happy 70th birthday wishes in a funny way. You can add funny images to the birthday card PDF along with your selected birthday messages and quotes using the PDF annotator in SwifDoo PDF to print out your unique card to cheer. 

10 70th Birthday Wishes for a Friend

These well-curated ten happy 70th birthday wishes for female friends and birthday wishes to 70th males have a way of expressing sentiments and wisdom in a nutshell, which serve as tributes to their journey and the essence of turning 70. 

  1. Happy 70th birthday to my forever-young friend. Don't think of it as growing older; think of it as becoming exemplary! 
  2. I wondered if you could get finer and wiser with passing birthdays. Well, there's always next year, dear friend. I wish you a happy 70th birthday!  
  3. Happy 70th birthday, dear friend. Your warm-heartedness and benign soul have made my world shine. Here's to numerous more years of friendship.
  4. The love and affection you've shared with me over 70 years is unfathomable, and on this milestone day, I want to reciprocate all back to you. Happy birthday, my dearest friend! 
  5. As you commemorate this milestone, I wish you to be surrounded by the friendliness and affection you've given to all of us. Thank you so much, dear friend, for being you. 
  6. On your 70th birthday, you're not exactly older; you're wiser and more impressive. I hope your wisdom continues illuminating the path for those lucky enough to know you, my friend! 
  7. To the most beautiful 70-year-old I know, may your big day be as shining as the love you've shared with us all these years. 
  8. Happy 70th birthday, my dear friend! Your life journey is a library of abundant experiences; your wisdom is the key to liberating its treasures. Continue writing the story of your life. 
  9. As the sun sets on your 70th year, dear friend, I hope the dawn of your 71st year brings you endless happiness and attainment. I wish you a happy birthday. 
  10. Seventy years of phenomenal memories and life lessons – I hope your journey ahead will be just as remarkable, and I wish your future to be more extraordinary. I wish you a 70th happy birthday. 

10 70th Birthday Wishes for a Friend

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You can share, say, or send your heartfelt 70th birthday wishes for a special friend to congratulate him/her on reaching this great milestone.

10 70th Birthday Wishes for Mom

A 70th birthday is an outstanding milestone. Here are ten beautifully compiled 70th birthday wishes for moms from daughters or sons to commemorate the auspicious occasion and make the septuagenarian feel special. 

  1. Dear Mom, you finished your complete life, filling my life with happiness and joy. You earn every blessing of the Lord on this special day. Congratulations on turning 70!
  2. Even when you're 70, Mom, I'll always need you. Wishing a happy 70th birthday to the best woman in the world I know. 
  3. 70 years ago, an extraordinary jewel, my mum, was born, and 70 years later, she still dazzled as brightly as the sun. I wish a happy 70th birthday to a fantastic mum.
  4. Happy 70th birthday, Mom! Words fail me when I want to show my love for you. You are so wonderful and my only role model in life. 
  5. Wishing you a happy 70th birthday, dear Mum; you've formed me into the person I am today and provided me with a lifetime of memories and love.  
  6. Dear Mom, have I ever told you how wonderful you are? In fact, you are the best gift of the Lord. I hope you have good health and a long life— Happy 70th birthday.
  7. I wish the 70th birthday to the most fantastic Mom, woman, and grace of beauty. Your soul is as gorgeous as Mother Nature. Happy birthday to my precious gem!"
  8. Wishing a happy 70th birthday to a strong and amazing woman! I'm so blessed to have you as my Mom. I hope your day will be filled with joy.
  9. Dear Mom, on your 70th big day today, I wish you lots of jubilation, great pleasure, love, and good health. May these gifts lead you to a happy life in the coming years.
  10. As you reach this milestone of a remarkable 70 years, I would like to thank you, dear Mom, for being the best ever. I wish that God bestows upon you with a lot of exciting surprises in the coming years.

10 70th Birthday Wishes for Mom

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You can make a unique, personalized, and customized greeting card with a selected inspirational message for a female like Mom, sister, and special friend to convey happy 70th birthday wishes, and convert the card PDF to an image using the SwifDoo PDF to share it on your social media handles. 

10 70th Birthday Wishes for Dad

Discover these ten unique, heartfelt birthday greetings to convey happy 70th birthday wishes for a man who can be your dad, grandfather or someone special turning 70 to acknowledge and admire their wise words and valuable presence. 

  1. Dear Dad, I pray to the almighty God that you have calmness, happiness, and joy in your life. Happy 70th birthday to you. 
  2. I wish a happy 70th birthday to my dad, the life and soul of every celebration. Cheers to the next bouquet of brilliant years!
  3. I wish a happy 70th birthday to my dad, my friend, my mentor, and the most wonderful person in my life.
  4. Dear Dad, you deserve all enjoyment, laughter, and well-being in this world. You are like a precious gift of God to me. I wish you a serene 70th birthday!
  5. Dear Dad, it's your 70th year around the sun today, and we couldn't be more thankful to have such a heavenly dad. Happy birthday to you! 
  6. I wish you a happy 70th birthday, Dad! All who know you commemorate this fantastic day when you were born. You have dignified our lives with your love and kindness. We love you! 
  7. Congratulations on completing 70 years in this beautiful world. This is a really remarkable moment, and I must declare that you have received all the energy and are in good health! Happy birthday to you, Dad!
  8. Wishing you a very happy 70th birthday, lovely dad! You have just been an amazing caretaker. You educated me on how to make life memorable! I am excited to commemorate this milestone with you.
  9. To my Dad on his 70th big day! You're still the most humorous, intelligent, and most loveable man I've ever known, and I'm proud to be your son/daughter. Happy 70th Birthday Dad! 
  10. On your 70th birthday, Dad, may you relish every single moment. I can't thank you adequately for all you've done for us. Proud to be your son/daughter. Have a great day!

10 70th Birthday Wishes for Dad

You can make a personalized card and write down to a special person the best birthday message and an inspirational quote about turning 70. These messages will reflect the depth of appreciation and respect we hold for someone who has remarkably traversed through seven decades of life experiences. 

How to Edit Birthday Wishes for 70th Birthday in a Card

You can easily download and save the 70th birthday wishes images or PDFs that are offered for free in this post to write down your preferred heartfelt quotes, wishes, and messages. The SwifDoo PDF is the perfect choice for PDF creators to perform all PDF-linked tasks to congratulate and gratify them. Let's see the process. 

Check the guide on how to convey your personalized, unique, funny or heart-touching happy 70th birthday wishes to your special ones by editing them in a card. 

Step 1: Download the SwifDoo PDF on your handset device, computer, or laptop. Then, get the ready-to-use birthday card template PDF and open it; 

Step 2: Go and touch the Edit All tab in the main Edit menu section; 

Step 3: Select the birthday wishes to greet and appreciate your favorite special ones from our handpicked collection for the same, and add your selected wishes, quotes, and messages for the desired people into the needed text bar in the PDF;

70th birthday wishes how to edit in card 1

Step 4: Go and touch the Image tab to insert an image of your choice. Or, search the Annotate section and select Stickers to add stickers to make your card look more impressive and beautiful; 

Step 5: Save or print the card.  

70 Inspirational Birthday Wishes: Heartening Happy Birthday Quotes

70 Inspirational Birthday Wishes: Heartening Happy Birthday Quotes

Find the right inspirational birthday wishes and birthday quotes for your mom, niece, son-in-law, brother, best friend or yourself in this article.


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