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40th Birthday Wishes: 45 Good Sayings for Turning 40

By Lydia | Follow twitter | Updated on January 18, 2024
Jubilating a loved one's 40th birthday is a milestone event that deserves heartfelt wishes and words of encouragement for the future. Say 40th birthday wishes to honor the expedition of the persons who reached this remarkable age and to motivate them for the exciting occurrences that lie ahead.

Happy 40th birthday messages can beautifully convey your affection, admiration, love, and support to loved ones as they enter a new chapter in their life. We have compiled 45 beautiful, well-crafted birthday messages and wishes for you to make them feel cherished and loved on their 40th special day. Let’s quickly have a look.

15 Delightful 40th Birthday Wishes for Men

Say these 15, 40th birthday wishes for men in a thoughtful gesture to let them know that you want to reflect on the achievements, memories, and milestones of their past four decades and to jubilate their achievements, growth, and offerings to others.

  1. I wish you a happy 40th birthday! I hope this milestone will be the start of a new chapter exclusively filled with joy and adventure.
  2. I wish your 40th year to be a canvas for dreams realized, goals accomplished, and moments cherished.
  3. Happy 40th! Here's to cherishing the past, living fully in the present, and eagerly anticipating the future.
  4. To 40 beautiful years and counting! May your 40s be a time of empowerment, growth, and the realization of all your aspirations. Happy Birthday!
  5. Wishing you a happy 40th birthday! I hope it will be a jubilation of a glimpse of the bright future ahead.
  6. Turning 40 is a prompt that life's best moments are yet to come. Grab this new chapter with enthusiasm!
  7. Cheers to the unbelievable memories you've gathered and the amazing ones you'll create in the next 40 years!
  8. I wish you a happy 40th birthday! Your expedition has been unbelievable so far; here's to the adventures that await.
  9. I hope your 40s are a time of new beginnings, exciting challenges, and boundless opportunities.
  10. Grab the wisdom that comes with turning 40 and let it guide you towards a future of fulfillment.
  11. Wishing a happy 40th birthday wishes to remember that age is just a number – the best is yet to come!
  12. Here's to 40 years of turning the world into a brighter place. Keep shining and motivating us all!
  13. Turning 40 is like liberating a treasure chest of experiences. I hope your days are filled with precious moments.
  14. Wishing you a fabulous 40th birthday filled with laughter, love, and memorable moments.
  15. Welcome to the fantastic 40s club! I hope this decade will be filled with laughter, love, and endless happiness.

40th birthday wishes

Free Download the 40th Birthday Wishes Card for Your Male Friend >>

Write down any of the messages and wishes for the happy 40th birthday for male friends from our above collection to make a card PDF, and download the card using the SwifDoo PDF. You can edit or annotate the PDF card to insert your own text wishes and print them to send to your loved 40th birthday man.

15 Meaningful 40th Birthday Wishes for a Lady

Here are 15 sincere messages and heartfelt wishes to greet a happy 40th birthday for female who is a little bit sentient when turning 40 to help you jubilate her turning a remarkable 40.

  1. As you jubilate your 40th, mom! Know that your affection is a treasure we hold dear. Your joy is our greatest wish.
  2. Greetings to the woman who's been our role model and rock on her 40th birthday! May your path be paved with joy.
  3. Happy 40th birthday wishes to the mom whose strength and love have been our foundation. Your expedition ahead holds boundless possibilities.
  4. I wish your 40s to be a time of self-discovery, fulfillment, and the continued hug of the fantastic person you are.
  5. May you have a birthday filled with all the happiness you've spread into your lives. Your 40s will be truly special, Mom!
  6. To the fantastic woman who's brought up and guided us, here's to a 40th year that's as wonderful as you are.
  7. I wish you a happy 40th birthday, Mom! May this milestone year be a reflection of the love and care you've given us all.
  8. As you jubilate your 40th, remember that you cherish beyond measure. Your presence lights up our lives.
  9. Sending 40th birthday wishes to your sister! I hope your 40s will be a time of empowerment, adventure, and awareness of your aspirations. Keep shining!
  10. May you have a fabulous 40th birthday, sister, filled with love, achievements, and all the fantastic experiences life holds.
  11. To the lovely sister I've shared secrets, laughter, and dreams with, here's to a 40th year that's as exceptional as you are.
  12. I wish you a happy 40th birthday, dear sister! I hope this milestone year will be a chapter of happiness, growth, and innumerable beautiful moments.
  13. With every passing year, you become more impressive. Here's to a 40th year that's as wonderful as you are.
  14. Wishing you a great 40th birthday, dear daughter! May this milestone be the start of a decade filled with joy and success.
  15. To my fantastic daughter, here's to a 40th year that's as beautiful and motivating as you are.

40th birthday wishes

Click to Get the 40th Birthday Wishes Card for a Lady >>

Write down your preferred meaningful 40th birthday messages for ladies from our list mentioned above to make a DIY birthday card PDF, and download the card using the SwifDoo PDF. You can click the annotate button, select images and stickers of your liking, and add them to your birthday card to make them look more impressive and striking.

Your spouse is your life partner and one of the individuals you must care about most. Select some lovely, heart-touching, and emotional quotes to make a DIY birthday card for your wife in readily available card templates using the SwifDoo PDF, and share it on your social media accounts or give her the card's printout:

40 Heart-Touching Birthday Wishes for Wife to Show Your Love

40 Heart-Touching Birthday Wishes for Wife to Show Your Love

Are you struggling with what birthday wishes for wife to write? Use these heart-touching birthday wishes to make your wife feel loved and appreciated.


15 Happy & Funny 40th Birthday Wishes for Friends

Here are 15 carefully crafted, unique, funny happy 40th birthday wishes friends to convey a few messages about how growing old isn't a bad idea. Encouragement and a funny side are great ways to help them go ahead.

  1. Your first 40 years were pretty damn great. Here's hoping you get at least 40 more!
  2. I wish you a happy 40th birthday, my dear friend. May you forget your age but never forget me.
  3. Four decades of wonderfulness is not fun! So here's to forty more years of joy, wealth, and health!
  4. You have been the same fantastic person for four decades. Here's wishing us four more!
  5. This wine is forty years old. It indeed doesn't show its age. As you celebrate your 40th, know that your achievements and strength are a source of inspiration to us all.
  6. Wishing all the dreams you've ever had in your life start to come delightfully true on your 40th birthday.
  7. Sending 40th birthday message to my friend! Talented, Terrific, Tremendous, and Top-Notch for 40 years.
  8. Today is the earliest you have been and the most youthful you will ever be again.
  9. Cheers to the one who shared my highs and lows on his/her 40th birthday! May your path be filled with happiness. Congratulations on four decades of sheer wonderfulness!
  10. Happy 40th birthday, dear. You don't look a day over 39.
  11. Congratulations on the 24th anniversary of your 16th birthday! Here's to many more.
  12. Life begins at 40. I hope you achieve everything you pursue. Happy 40th birthday.
  13. Lordy, Lordy, look who's 40! I hope your big day is positively amazing. Happy 40th birthday.
  14. Wishing you a fantastic 40th birthday filled with love, laughter, and all the dreams you've yet to fulfill.

40th birthday wishes

Use the Read-made 40th Birthday Wishes Card for Friends>>

Write down your selected meaningful messages and wishes to make a card PDF, and download the card using the SwifDoo PDF. You can edit or annotate the card to create your own personalized happy 40th birthday messages for your friends.

How to Create a 40th Birthday Wishes Card

Turning 40 is unquestionably an unusual milestone birthday. To highlight a pivotal moment in life, just think about crafting your own heartfelt 40th birthday wishes, from funny birthday wishes to thoughtful sentiments.

Whether you're excited for your best friend, a loved one, a fellow worker, or anybody else you like, sharing jubilant sentiments is a great way to commence this milestone moment.

You can make their milestone day an unforgettable celebration by creating a personalized DIY birthday card with your generic message and letting you express your love and encouragement for the future in a motivational way quickly and easily by using the SwifDoo PDF. Let's get started.

Step1: Start by downloading the SwifDoo PDF on your handset or other device and get the readily available card template in the program.

Step2: Search and click the main Edit menu in the upper bar of the interface on your device and open the Edit All tab.

Step3: Pick your selected 40th birthday wishes and add them directly or with more messages into the required text bar in the PDF.

Step 4: Search and click the Edit menu and open the Image tab to add an image of your liking. Or, click Annotate and get Stickers to add stickers to your birthday card PDF, making them look more charming.
Make 40th birthday wishes card

Step 5: When your card-making process is done, find SwifDoo again and get your card printed. Paste your name to the card, then send it to your desired loved one.

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