From social media software to productivity applications, you may often encounter a snapshot feature in many places. Do you know the function of snapshot and how to use it efficiently to speed up your workflow? Read this post by SwifDoo PDF to find an answer.

What Is a Snapshot

Snapshot has different meanings in different fields. In the photography world, a snapshot refers to a photo that is taken quickly without much preparation to capture a spontaneous moment. In the computer realm, a snapshot is a backup of the state of a system at a specific point in time. And if needed, you can roll back that state.

Speaking of a snapshot in PDFs, we are talking about a photo generated by capturing the contents on the PDF pages and you can paste it elsewhere. That snapshot tool is available in most PDF editors on the market.

When Do You Need to Take a Snapshot

A snapshot can be used as a reference with which you can make a comparison between the original content and the edited version. Before you edit your document, you can take a snapshot.

For certain reasons such as creating presentations and tutorials, you may need to extract certain sections from a PDF document. A snapshot can help you do that with ease.

If you need to print a specific part of a page of a document page, taking a snapshot also works.

How to Take a Snapshot on Windows

The most straightforward way to do take a snapshot is using the “Windows + Shift + S” keyboard shortcut. This shortcut will activate the Snip & Sketch tool and enable you to get a snapshot of any part of the screen on the Windows operating system.

Since PDF has become an essential part of today’s digital world, you may wonder how to take a PDF snapshot.

SwifDoo PDF is handy tool you can use to take a snapshot in PDF and snapshot everything on your screen. All you need to do is open a PDF file with this software, navigate to the “view” tab, and hit “Snapshot” in the secondary menu bar. Then drag and draw to create a snapshot. Except for taking snapshots of PDFs, the software also offers common editing tools to help you annotate the snapshots you take. Moreover, you can convert and compress images with it.

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