If you are a loyal user of Kindle, then you might notice the change in the Kindle formats when uploading your newly downloaded eBooks. The Kindle File Format or the AZW format, now has become the mainstream of Kindle-related eBooks. When you have a problem with this Kindle eBook format, this article is ready to help you.

Kindle file format

What Is Kindle File Format

Kindle File Format is a Kindle eBook format delivered by Amazon, which is also known as the AZW format with the file extension of .azw. As an eBook format designed for Kindle devices, it is the successor of the MOBI format and implements DRM protection to safeguard the copyright of published eBooks. An AZW file saves the text in a specified format and can contain images, bookmarks, and other information.

Similar to the EPUB format, the Kindle File Format can flexibly adapt its presentation to the output device. This means that you can zoom in on the text, change the spacing, and adjust the font size. However, one thing is different: this Kindle eBook format is proprietary.

History of Kindle File Format

Along with the newly released generations of Kindle devices, Amazon is updating the supported Kindle format as well. Based on the MOBI eBook format developed by Mobipocket, the AZW format is created. In 2011, the Kindle Format 8 (KF8) was invented as the AZW3 format, which was applied with HTML5 & CSS3 features. Later, the Kindle Format 10 format was introduced as the KFK file format.

Now, since the introduction of AZW3, an upgraded Kindle File Format, AZW3 files are widely used as one of the most popular Kindle file types.

What Other File Type Does Kindle Use

Although Kindle uses many file formats, it has made some changes in 2022 so that several formats are no longer available on this device. One major change is that Amazon decided to phase out the MOBI and AZW formats. You cannot upload or email files in the two Kindle eBook formats to Kindle devices. And all the existing MOBI and AZW files will be converted to the AZW3 format.

Here are the supported formats that Kindle uses now: AZW3, AZW4, EPUB, PDF, DOC, RTF, TXT, HTML, etc.

How to Open eBooks in Kindle File Format

Files in Kindle File Format were initially created to be viewed on Kindle devices. As a result, you can effortlessly open an AZW file using a Kindle, a wireless reading device, or relying on the Kindle app on your phone or computer.

How to Convert AZW to EPUB

Since the AZW format is exclusive to Kindle-related apps, how can you read a file in the Kindle File Format on other devices? Then you need to convert AZW to EPUB. Many online converters can provide free services to complete the conversion. You can utilize Converter App, Epubor Ultimate, and FreeConvert.com can convert an AZW file to an EPUB document.



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