Paid users can log into their accounts to activate and run the pro version of SwifDoo PDF. For different subscription plans, the activation processes are different.

Activate SwifDoo PDF Quarterly Plan, 2-Year Plan, or Perpetual License 1 PC/2-PC

Tips: Once you've placed an order, a default password for SwifDoo PDF login and a redeem code will be included in your order email. You can use these information and the explained steps to activate SwifDoo PDF. Please change the SwifDoo PDF login password as soon as possible for your account security.

When you have purchased a plan, you will receive an email with a redeem code and a default software login password. Follow the instruction below to activate your SwifDoo PDF account:

Step 1: Check your order confirmation email for the redeem code and the login password;

Step 2: Click Sign In on the SwifDoo PDF site, and sign into your account with the login password and your email address;

Activate SwifDoo PDF step 2 sign in

Step 3: Click Redeem Activation Key and copy and paste the redeem key in the SwifDoo User Center;

Activate SwifDoo PDF step 3 redeem activation key

Step 4: Hit Submit to activate your SwifDoo PDF account and purchase plan.

You can view how many days are left to use the premium version. The plan status becomes Pro.

Note: The first time you use SwifDoo PDF as a premium user, you must log in to your account in the desktop application. Open SwifDoo PDF desktop program, hit the human icon on the top right corner, enter your email address and login password, then click Sign In.

Activate SwifDoo PDF Monthly Plan or Yearly Plan

Users who have a SwifDoo PDF Monthly Plan or Yearly Plan can follow the below process for activation.

Step 1: Open your order email to copy the default SwifDoo PDF login password. You can change the password as you prefer;

Step 2: Launch SwifDoo PDF desktop application, click the human icon, and enter your email address and the password to sign in;

Step 3: Once you have logged into SwifDoo PDF program, you activated it.

Activate SwifDoo PDF monthly or yearly plan